Sunday, December 21, 2008

{weekend wrap up}

Hello there. Our weekend is winding down, so I thought I'd give you the wrap up. :) Basically its been a whirlwind of holiday preparations and whatnot. I pretty much finished up the last few things I had on my Christmas gift list on Friday. I was really tired, but I was glad to get it all done. We stayed in Friday night. I worked on some gifts I was making, we ordered pizza. It was fun.

Saturday I shipped a couple presents, and pretty much wrapped presents for the rest of the day! I LOVE to wrap presents, so it was an awesome day. And now I have a nice pretty pile of presents to look at until Christmas! :)

Last night we got together with Josh's family to celebrate my birthday. Its our tradition to go out to dinner for each birthday. I picked Brick Oven, a yummy pizza/pasta place for who don't live 'round these parts. :) haha

It was really yummy and a very fun time. I appreciate the family taking me out dinner during this BUSY BUSY time of year.

After dinner Josh and I drove around some ritzy parts of town and enjoyed the Christmas lights! I was bummed we dropped the camera off at home because there were some amazing houses. Maybe we'll go back with the camera one night.

After lights we went to a late show of "Bolt". Ok - I know I'm a little biases because I love Disney, but seriously Bolt was SO ADORABLE!! I really enjoyed it. We were laughing so hard at some parts! It was a really great movie. I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it yet! Oh - AND the Pixar short before the movie was AWESOME too!

That's pretty much our weekend. I'm just about to go make dinner. We didn't go to my parent's house for dinner tonight because my mom is having my dad's whole side of the family over tomorrow for dinner. So that should be fun. We pretty much have something every single night from now through the 26th. Busy but lots of fun things to do!

ANYWAY - here is my blessing for today. I got to take some family pictures of my SIL and her adorable boys for their Christmas card this year.

{credits here}

(This little mini-kit I used is called "Vintage Inspired Christmas Set #2" by Tangie Baxter and its only 2 bucks!!  It's a great deal.)

I feel so blessed to be related to AND to be friends with this sweet family. AND they are expecting their first GIRL! I'm so excited!! A girl in the mix will be so fun for them! So this will be their last Christmas card with all boys! haha funny.  

Alrighty - well I am hungry so I better go start dinner.

Don't forget the 50% off sale I have on last year's holiday products ends tonight at midnight - so pick up the stuff you want while its on sale!

See ya!


  1. I love, love, love Brick Oven. The best homemade rootbeer and the pizza is fab as well. We used to go there late for dinner when I was at school - you got a deal for all you could eat pasta bar if you went after 9 or something like that - perfect for poor college students. Love that place!!

    Hope your holiday parties all go well. Love your cute little tree and all those pressies around it.

  2. Mmmmm Brick Oven is the best. Oh by the way I love the new header.

  3. What a fun weekend! I love to wrap presents too and I love to see them under my tree. Too bad I can't have this year due to my little man. Our tree has already fallen on him once this month. Anyways I'm glad you have such a great SIL it's so nice to have in-laws that you get along with. I love ya!

  4. I love the LO of your SIL! The ornaments behind the photo is great! Look s like you had a great weekend!

  5. GREAT job on that family photo Britt!
    And how fun that they are having a girl! My SIL's are some of my best friends too...isn't it the best?

    I'm so glad that you were able to get so much done and still have a fun weekend! What a great time of year!!

  6. Love the layout Britt and I wish I had some money cuz that kit is 2 die 4!

  7. A belated birthday blessing to you, Britt! (Try saying that five times in rapid succession, LOL). You are well appreciated!


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