Friday, January 30, 2009

{inspired again!}

It's Friday!! Time for new releases!!

I have another template pack inspired by the lovely Melissa (Yzerbear). I love Melissa's pages and her scrap-style.  I was so happy when she said it was ok to share her fab style with everyone else!

"Inspired by Melissa Templates"

Here are the awesome original layouts I was inspired by . . .

And let me show you what the awesome Britt Girls and I scrapped with these new templates:

{LO by Denise}

(using "My Toes Are Cold", "White Christmas", "Electric Pop")

{LO by Kelsy}

(using "Itty Bitty", and "Hang In There")

{LO by Melissa herself!!}

(using "Used and Abused", "The Bright Side", "Let's Kick It Bonus Alpha", & "Mermaid Lagoon")

{LO by Jess}

(using "Let's Kick It")

{LO by Kate}

(using "Itty Bitty")

{LO by Erica}

(using "Monstrosity" and "Plastickle Me Alpha")

{LO by ME!}

(full credits here)

(Woo hoo! More pics from the Jan. '07 DL trip! I'll finish that trip yet!!)

Isn't this a fun and versatile template pack?! I love how different all the finished pages are! I hope you guys enjoy it!!

Let's enjoy some Show Offs now!

And you guessed it, all the Show Offs are getting the new "Inspired by Melissa" template pack!

If you email me your Britt-ish Designs layouts (make your subject line "Show Off") before next Friday I'll put you in the Show Offs and send you a gift too!!

Thanks so all the fab show offs this week!! We had another record week! 74 Show offs!! Woo hoo! Amazing. I went back and looked and my first week of Show Offs I had like 4 Show Offs. Not exaggerating. :) Things have changed since then!! haha And . . . I'm actually tickled to death to say that TWO of those original Show Off girls are now Britt Girls!! Isn't that crazy??

Anyway - have a fun Friday!

Oh - one quick little thing before I finish. All of the February Speed Scraps have been scheduled and are posted on this thread. Mark your calendars!!

Ok - peace out.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

{work work work}

I feel like I'm constantly working these days. Which is weird, because for the first time ever I have products designed ahead of schedule. But the work seems to just keep piling on. Yesterday I worked all day. I hardly left the computer at all. ScrapMatters is just bustling and its tough to keep up with it all. But I'm not complaining. I promise I'm not. My job rocks. And I get to take little breaks in the middle of the day to do "CT work". I totally consider it work because I get paid in product, so I feel like I owe it to the designers to really work for them!

Like today - I did this LO for Molly. She's got a rockin' new kit out today called "Movie Night" and I love it!! I've been hanging on to these pics forever because I never had a kit that was just right for them!!


I think this would be a cute kit for Disney's Hollywood Studios pics.  I've never been there, but I know a lot of you Disney World nuts out there are alway lookin' for good kits for your pics.

The pics I scrapped with "Movie Night" are from a movie premiere I attended back in '06. It was for a movie I costume designed, back when I was a costume designer. :) A former life. haha

Yesterday, Minna released as seriously cute kit called "Winter Forrest" that I had a blast playing with.



If it seems like all I'm scrapping these days are Disney pics, its because I am!! haha It's my goal to totally finish scrapping my Jan. '07 Disneyland trip BEFORE we go back to Disneyland again at the end of February. I have SOOO many photos of Disneyland trips to scrap, it would be nice to know that at least ONE of them is 100% done. I know it seems silly that I haven't finished a trip we took in '07!! But - that's life!!! I have a hard time scrapping in order and getting a whole trip completed. But I'm determined to get this one done. I can see the light! So, I've been scrapping the last little batch of pics from that trip a LOT lately!!  

At the daytime Speed Scrap yesterday I did one of my new FAVORITE pages. Every once in a while I'll do a page that I'm so happy with I'll keep opening it up to look at it throughout the day. Yes I'm a dork.


I had a few people ask me how I did the background. In the kit I used ("I'm a Fanpire - Revamped" by Tangie Baxter) there is this really cool black and grey cloud/sky paper, and I just enlarged my photo to the height of the paper and turned the blending mode of the photo to "Overlay". That's it!! It just happened to work out beautifully. I was actually surprised how great it looked when I did it. One of those happy accidents!

There was 1 page from this trip I did a long while back (for a CT I'm no longer on) that I just did not love. Sometimes those pages happen. For that reason I never did print it. I tagged it as needing a makeover. I finally took the photos from that page, combined 'em with a few other "on our way" pictures and made a new page that I like a lot more.


Ok I know it seems like I did a gazillion pages in the last 24 hours, and you're probably thinking "DUH BRITT! Thats why you were so busy!" But I did all the Mira Design pages a while ago when she first gave us the kit to play with. But yeah - I guess I did scrap a lot. Again - I'm not complaining. I love my work. It makes me happy.

I have to have a computer break. I'll go watch our Thursday shows (The Office and 30 Rock) with my guy. Then I'll finish getting everything ready for tomorrow. I know - its 9:00, how am I not ready yet?! haha


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

{wednesday already}

I meant to blog Monday. I meant to blog Tuesday. Here it is Wednesday and I'm finally getting around to it.

First of all - there's a speed scrap this morning in about an hour. 10:00 Mountain Time. Should be fun!!

Last night's speed scrap was fun!! But for some reason I REALLY struggled with my layout. Eventually, I got it to a point where I was pleased, but it took me a lot longer than usual.

{full credits here}

I started a new "Everyday Magic" challenge this week at SM. It's a really easy one. The only prompt is the word 'simple'. You interpret that in a layout any way you want. This is what I scrapped . . .

{full credits here}

These are some older pics from back in '06 when Josh and I drove to Phoenix.

Tangie Baxter and sherrieJD came out with an incredible new altered art kit called "Curious Adventure" inspired by vintage Alice in Wonderland storybook illustrations. I LOVE all things Alice, so I was really excited to try scrapping something with it!

{full credits here}

These are also pics from '06! This is me and Josh on our first trip to Disneyland together! This is our first of many tea cup rides together!!

And some more pics from that same trip to Disneyland.

{full credits here}

Ok - any my last LO for this post. This one I did on Saturday with my new collab. kit "Itty Bitty".

{full credits here}

This is my beautiful niece Ella on the day she was born. She is such a pretty baby!!!

Ok - well - I better go get some work done before the speed scrap! TTFN!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

{blessing no. 40}

This Thursday I finally got to meet one of my favorite web friends, Ashley (OneHappyMama)! Her family came to town and I got to have dinner with them all! Josh got to come and meet them too! It was really fun and I'm so happy we finally got to meet!!

So, this week my blessing is Ashley and all of my awesome web friends, who are all so kind and supportive to me AND to my work.

{credits here}

I really do feel blessed to have so many friends and supporters out there!! :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

{an itty bitty release}

Happy Friday! It's finally the day I get to release my collaboration kit with Erica Zane! We haven't worked together on a kit since "Sprite", so we were eager to get together again and see what we could come up with. The result?

"Itty Bitty"

Erica and I went baby crazy! This is a MEGA kit, packed full of awesome papers and unique and realistic elements.

The great thing about this kit (as I try to do with all my kits) is there is TOTALLY enough stuff in there that is not themed or baby-ish. So you can use the kit for so many other things in addition to baby pages!!

And make sure you guys read to the end of this post because Erica and I BOTH have add-on freebies for you!

My Britt Girl's along with Erica's CT girls made some AMAZING Quick Pages for us using "Itty Bitty". And when you purchase the kit during this first week of release you get the 14 page QP Album FREE!

Let me show you some of these amazing "Itty Bitty" LOs, up close and personal!

{LO by me}

{LO by Erica}

{LOs by Denise}

{LOs by Ashley}

{LO by Paige}

click to enlarge

{LO by Kate}

{LOs by Melissa}

{LO by Jess}

{LO by Kelsy}

Isn't my team amazing?! They just knock my socks off each and every week!!!!

Also new today I have a pack of word art. . .

"Edge 2 Edge Word Art"

Check out this awesome LO that Erica did using "Itty Bitty" AND "Edge 2 Edge Word Art"

And here is one from me using my kit "The Bright Side" and "Edge 2 Edge Word Art".

{full credits here}

And here is one from Paige! I love these colors!!

Fun stuff, huh?!

Ok - before I give you the freebie, let's watch the Show Offs!

So many wonderful LOs this week! You guys sent in SEVENTY LOs this week!! That's a new record!! The highest we've ever had before that was like 62. Thanks so much for sharing them with me.  All of this week's Show Offs are getting my new "Edge 2 Edge Word Art" as their gift!

If you want to get gifts too, all you have to do is Show Off. Just email me (designerbrittney at gmail dot com) - with "Show Off" as you subject line - any layout you create during the week you create it that uses ANY Britt-ish Designs product. Freebies, templates, anything! Send them to me before midnight on Thursday, and on Friday morning I'll Show Off your LO in my slideshow and email you back a gift! Easy as that!!

Ok I think I've made you wait long enough - here is your freebie add-on to "Itty Bitty":


Now, go to Erica's Blog and grab her "Itty Bitty" add-on too!

And that's everything!! HAVE A TOTALLY RAD day and I'll see you later!

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