Sunday, January 18, 2009

{blessing no. 39}

Ok - I'm now on week 39!  I can't believe I'm already on 39!  Crazy.  So . . . here is Blessing #39.

{credits here}

Today was Stake Conference and we were lucky enough to get to hear from L. Tom Perry. It was so amazing to hear an apostle speak to our stake in person. They said that the last time a member of the 12 came to our stake was like 20 years ago or something like that. It was so neat to get to be there! I was just overwhelmed with gratitude for our Church leaders. So I knew just what to scrap for my blessing today!

Ok - well I'm off. See ya later.


  1. WOW that is awesome! What a great experience!

  2. so cool brittney!!!
    ps: I've missed you!

  3. L. Tom Perry is fabulous! He spoke at our Regional Conference about 7 years ago. He is a giant of a man, truly an apostle of the Lord! Thanks for sharing your blessing!

  4. What a great blessing! I finally posted two new layouts!

  5. How totally cool to see L. Tom Perry! Although we did get the Presiding Bishop at our last Stake Conference, but wow, I would love to see L. Tom Perry! Thanks for sharing and making me think about him!!

  6. That's an awesome page. He walked by me one time at BYU and I stuck out my finger to touch his back, just so I could say I touched him! (what can I say, I was young...)


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