Sunday, January 4, 2009

{fastest post ever}

I'm so tired.  My hubby is tired.  We are in need of bed time badly, so this is going to be one short and sweet post.  I'm just poppin' in to post my weekly blessing LO.  This week my blessing is my calling as a nursery leader at church!

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Do you like our attempt at getting a group photo last Sunday?  It was just NOT happening.  This is the best we got! hahah!!!  I LOVE my calling. I love that I get to have a calling with Josh! I LOVE these little ones. MOST of our nursery kids moved on to Sunbeams today and it was bittersweet. I will miss their little faces, their hugs, and their enthusiasm, but today was like the nicest, quietest most fun week we've ever had in nursery with just FIVE little youngin's instead of the usual 10-15! Plus we switched to 9:00 church!! YESSSSS!! It's so much better than 1:00. 1:00 is just too late! Today was a totally sweet relaxing awesome day!

ok - peace out. my bed calls.


  1. What a sweet page Britt! I never thought about scrapping about my calling - I should totally do that! I love 9 am church too - even with 3 kids and no husband around to help. It's still SOOOOOO much better than church during naptime - YUCK! I can't wait until we change back to 9 in August. Glad you had a great and quiet day!

  2. We rotate between 9 and 11. Nine is OK, but 11 ROCKS! Time to prepare BEFORE meetings--more relaxed mornings. The worst was 2 til 5 :(

  3. You are amazing! I wish we were in your Gigantor could spend each Sunday with YOU TWO!! :)
    Great blessing...

  4. One of my best friend's ward had 1:00 church last year and OMG, with kiddos, that's impossible. I can't imagine how people juggle that naptime schedule! You guys are just too cute!

  5. What a sweet LO. I am so glad that you love your calling - believe you me not everyone says that about nursery. It is one of the hardest positions in primary to fill. Your primary presidency must be so happy to have you guys!

    We just moved to 1:00 Church and it is the pits. 1:00 is so bad for kids. Even though we had to leave like at 8:30 to make it to church on time I like 9 better.

    Glad you are still doing your blessings book - I just started mine and am so excited. Thanks so much for the idea!

  6. That's my calling also. I did have my hubby in with me up until the new year. I miss spending the time with him, but still love being in there with all those crazy little kids. We still have about 10 kids in our nursery, not many moved up to primary.

  7. sweet LO! I loved being the Kid's ministry leader at my home church before moving to Japan! It was so much fun!

  8. I'm glad you can appreciate those sweet little angels... my sweetie and I teach the Sunbeams, this will be our fourth year and we love it sooo much. What other calling is rewarded with so many little kid hugs?


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