Wednesday, January 21, 2009

{food poisoned}

Monday night Josh and I got food poisoning from some pizza we bought for dinner.  :(  We were sick through the night and then we were both sick in bed all day yesterday. Poor Josh was way worse than I was. Luckily we're both feeling a lot better today. Our bodies were able to get rid of the bad food. But yeah - it was a really horrible experience.

I'm so excited for this Friday. I have an AWESOME collab. kit coming out. I really think you guys are going to love it. I'll show you a sneak peek tomorrow. :)

That's what I've been busy with. The collab. AND getting my big group trip to Disneyland planned, booked and organized. We're going with a big ol' group (about 30 people as of right now) to Disneyland at the end of February, and I'm the ring leader. I have the hotels booked, everyone's rooms figured out, the tee shirts designed, all the sizes collected. Now I just have to go out and get all the shirts ordered and finished. And I have to get the scavenger hunt done. We spend a big chunk of one day doing a crazy/fun scavenger hunt all through the park! We did it last year and had a ton of fun, so we're doing it again this year. I'm so excited!!

Let me show you a few layouts I've done recently . . .

I did this one for the daytime Speed Scrap on Monday. It was really fun. I've been wanting to scrap this little story for a while now.


I did this one using an incredible new collab. kit from Flergs and Tangie Baxter called "17 Cherry Tree Lane". I'm always excited when kits come out that are perfect for Disney photos!!


And this last one I did for the evening Speed Scrap last week.


For "iRock" I used our awesome Daily Download kit that we're just giving away at ScrapMatters! Are you guys collecting it? It's so cute!!

I just love the Speed Scraps. They are such a great way to get pages done. There is another SS tonight at 7:00pm Utah time and I'm excited! The prize is AWESOME.

OK - one little movie review and then I'll say good bye for today.

"The Queen"

Josh and I LOVED "The Queen". But - I will warn you its not for everyone. It's very slow. But I personally don't mind a slow movie as long as its interesting. And for me, The Queen was definitely interesting.

It's about what the Royal Family did during the few days following the death of Princess Diana. Tony Blair had just barely been elected Prime Minister and it also follows how he tries to influence the Queen in her response to the trajedy. Helen Mirren is outstanding. Her Oscar and Golden Globe for this performance were well deserved.

The movie gives you this intimate look into Queen Elizabeth II's struggle to do both what she felt was proper and right, what was best for Charles and Diana's young sons, and also respond (or not respond rather) to the public's outcry for her to show signs of mourning and sympathy. I loved the movie. It was complex and compelling and nothing like any movie I'd ever seen before. I definitely recommend it if you like this sort of movie.

Ok - that's enough from me!! See you 'round.


  1. First, LOVE the LOs!
    Second, what is this "Say it with Bling" kit?
    Third, great movie review! I've been wanting to watch, but DH probably wouldn't like it. I'll have to do it next time he's out of town. :)

  2. Oh no! So sorry you got food poisoning! That is no fun at all!
    I love all of those layouts, but the second one is just too cute!!!

  3. Oh! I forgot! Sorry about the food poisoning! that really sinks!

  4. Hope you're feeling better!

  5. Glad you are feeling better; food poison are NO fun! Really do miss the speed scraps, but I do need my sleep at night now that I'm back at full time work ;) Hope to join in the evening (or as you call it: daytime...) soon, though! Great LO's you made :D

  6. Remember when you and I got food poisoning from Cabo Grill? AAAHHHH!! I feel your pain! Love the new pages!

  7. Argh there's nothing worse than food poisoning!

    I love your designs, love Disney and have agreed with your movie reviews so far.... we must be kindred spirits!

  8. Oh geez! I'm glad you are feeling better now, at least!

    I loved the Queen, I caught it while surfing the channels one night, and was glad I found it!

  9. Oh Britt, I love your family & laughed to myself as I read the journaling on your splash mtn. page! I miss seeing them, so tell your Mom and Dad hi for me! Sorry to hear that you were sick! Glad you guys are feeling better!

  10. OH no!! From pizza huh?? Hope your feeling better.

  11. Oh Britt, I just love that bobsledding layout! What a crackup! I just laughed when I read your journalling! And I absolutely love Helen Mirren. I haven't seen the movie yet but just loved her in British Prime Suspect series. And I hope you guyys are feeling better after your pizza. poisoning ain't much fun!

  12. Eeep- how horrible! I'm glad you two feel better. Your group trip to Disneyland sounds like a blast... I love it there.
    And I must say, I only saw the end part of The Queen and it made me cry. It made me think about where I was the night Princess Diana died.


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