Friday, January 30, 2009

{inspired again!}

It's Friday!! Time for new releases!!

I have another template pack inspired by the lovely Melissa (Yzerbear). I love Melissa's pages and her scrap-style.  I was so happy when she said it was ok to share her fab style with everyone else!

"Inspired by Melissa Templates"

Here are the awesome original layouts I was inspired by . . .

And let me show you what the awesome Britt Girls and I scrapped with these new templates:

{LO by Denise}

(using "My Toes Are Cold", "White Christmas", "Electric Pop")

{LO by Kelsy}

(using "Itty Bitty", and "Hang In There")

{LO by Melissa herself!!}

(using "Used and Abused", "The Bright Side", "Let's Kick It Bonus Alpha", & "Mermaid Lagoon")

{LO by Jess}

(using "Let's Kick It")

{LO by Kate}

(using "Itty Bitty")

{LO by Erica}

(using "Monstrosity" and "Plastickle Me Alpha")

{LO by ME!}

(full credits here)

(Woo hoo! More pics from the Jan. '07 DL trip! I'll finish that trip yet!!)

Isn't this a fun and versatile template pack?! I love how different all the finished pages are! I hope you guys enjoy it!!

Let's enjoy some Show Offs now!

And you guessed it, all the Show Offs are getting the new "Inspired by Melissa" template pack!

If you email me your Britt-ish Designs layouts (make your subject line "Show Off") before next Friday I'll put you in the Show Offs and send you a gift too!!

Thanks so all the fab show offs this week!! We had another record week! 74 Show offs!! Woo hoo! Amazing. I went back and looked and my first week of Show Offs I had like 4 Show Offs. Not exaggerating. :) Things have changed since then!! haha And . . . I'm actually tickled to death to say that TWO of those original Show Off girls are now Britt Girls!! Isn't that crazy??

Anyway - have a fun Friday!

Oh - one quick little thing before I finish. All of the February Speed Scraps have been scheduled and are posted on this thread. Mark your calendars!!

Ok - peace out.


  1. Great templates, I love them, thanks! I loved all the show offs this week too!

  2. I LOVE Melissa too! Thanks for doing these templates and to Melissa for inspiring them! :)

  3. Thanks Britt - looking forward to using this, always love Melissa's work.

  4. YEAH I LOVE YOUR TEMPLATES! AND I am sooo glad you came out with the itty bitty kit... I have a page all laid out but nothing on it cause I couldn't find the right kit and yours is PERFECT! I promise one day I will get it done and post it!! AND one of these days I want to do the Speed Scraps too!


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