Friday, February 27, 2009

{we're home!!}

So - we're home from Disneyland.  We had a whirlwind trip!!  As we were driving home Josh and I both realized that it went by WAY too fast.  Of course, I got sick. I always get sick when we go. I'm guessing it has to do with the elevation change wreaking havoc on my sinuses. Josh says its because I stress out getting ready to go and then it all releases once we get there. It's probably both!! I was fine the first day and a half we were there and then - BAM - it hit me. Icky sinus infection. I took all the meds I could, and actually did ok. We all walked and walked until our feet felt like they'd fall off. One of my feet is STILL stiff and sore. AND I lost my voice (its still lost). But WHO CARES?! We'd jump back in the car and drive the 10 hours back right now if we could. On the drive home, Josh and I were trying to figure out when we could go back.

I'll write up a whole detailed post on the haps of the trips. But right now its time for new products and show offs!!

New in the shop today (there's not much since I just got back to work yesterday):

"Oscar Winning Alpha"

The Oscars were last Sunday, while we were away, but we Tivoed them and watched it last night. I thought it was one of the better Oscar nights I can remember.  Anyway - I was inspired by the glitz and glamour of the event to make a little Oscar alpha. I hope you enjoy it!!

Look at this cute LO that Denise created with it!!

And now to show you all the wonderful Show Offs that came in while I was out of town:

I was just floored by the amazing pages that came in this week. Thanks so much everyone!! All the Show Offs this week are getting my new "Oscar Winning Alpha" as their gift.

If you'd like to be a Show Off, its really easy. Just send me an email (designerbrittney at gmail dot com) with the subject like "Show Off" and include a link or attach a layout you've created over the current week (current LOs only please - no saving up) using ANY Britt-ish Designs product before midnight Thursday night. On Fridays I'll show your layout off and then send you a thank you gift!! Easy as that.

I'm going to go work on editing my trip photos now so I can post a few. Josh pretty much took most of the photos this trip. I was busy leading and coordinating our huge group of 33 people!! haha It was such a blast.

Alrighty - until later!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

{let's get down to business}

Good morning!! Let's get right to business. I have a new template pack out today . . .

"Creative Block Templates 3"

These are my original layouts that I turned into templates for this pack!

Check out what my team scrapped up with these fun new templates. . .

{LO by Krista}

{LO by Denise}

I have a few more to show you but FIRST I have to tell you about my SPECIAL!! While I'm gone to Disneyland I'm having a "Don't Forget About Me" sale. Don't forget about me while I'm on vacation, but that's also what a couple of my older kits are crying out!!

Both of my kits "Lil' Brudder" and "Brown Eyed Girl" are on sale for 20% off while I'm gone! If you haven't put these in your stash - NOW is the time to do it!

Just to show you what adorable kits these are, my team has scrapped up some ALL NEW pages with them!! (Aren't my Britt Girls great?!)

{LO by Krista}

{LO by Kelsy - using the NEW template pack}

{LO by Erica - using the NEW template pack}

{LO by Kate - using the NEW template pack}

{LO by Kelly - using the NEW template pack}

{LO by Paige - using the NEW template pack}

Also new today . . .

"Black & White Basics"

An awesome new paper pack with those basic black and white papers you ALWAYS need!!

Are you ready for some Show Offs? I know I am!

Thanks so much for sending in your Show Offs this week!  I was mucho impressed.  You're all getting my new "Black & White Basics" paper pack as your gift this week! I'll be back from my trip in plenty of time, so send in your Show Offs for next week, just like any other week! :)

Hey - there's a Saturday afternoon Speed Scrap tomorrow if you wanna go! I'll be gone but it should be really fun. The prize is donated by yours truly. Click here to see it and get the full scoop.

One last bit of business before I'm finished. Have you ever dreamed of being a digi-scrap designer for ScrapMatters? Well - we have a new "Design Star" competition starting at SM on Monday (while I'm gone).

Check out this thread for full details. It's quite an awesome opportunity, so I encourage all of you who are interested to try it!!

And that's it!! My work is done. I'm headed out for a few days in the Happiest Place on Earth! See ya when I get back!!!!!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

{drumroll please . . . }

I'm sooooooo excited to make this post!! After 46 pages (no I'm not kidding), I am FINALLY finished scrapping my Jan. '07 Disneyland trip! And I did it in just over 2 short years. Here are my final 2 pages (I actually have a 3rd, but I can't post it yet because the designer of the kit I used hasn't released it yet).



Whew . . . I'm DONE. Man that feels good. Now to finish the next 6 - wait counting my trip this weekend make that 7 - times we've been to Disneyland since then. I'm still not kidding. Wow - when I put it that way I really do sound like a crazy person. Wow. Ok - I've gotta go back.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

{FREEBIE for you & a speed scrap TONIGHT!}

Hello hello!! Just wanted to pop in and make sure you knew about the Speed Scrap tonight at 7pm Mountain Time. Andrea (chia) is hosting, so I'm positive it will be a good one. Plus - the prize (donated by Jeni Hopewell) is pretty rockin' too. Hope to see you there! I'm taking time out from work and our Disneyland trip preparation to Speed Scrap! I'm so excited.

Megan Turnidge has a new collab. kit with Tracie Stroud called "April Showers". It's so cute! Here is what I scrapped with it!!

{full credits}

It's fun to start getting into the Spring kits. Even though it snowed here yesterday! haha!  I also scrapped this page for one of the Grand Theft Layout challenges at SM. For this challenge we're all lifting one of my new Britt Girls, Krista (sahlink). Her gallery is so inspiring.

OK - about the freebie. I decided I wanted to give out a random freebie to celebrate my upcoming trip! I just felt like it! haha I started making these to use on my own pages and thought - why not just make 'em into a freebie for one and all! So - enjoy!

Enjoy! Say a little hello if you download.

OK - gotta get back to work!! I cant believe we leave on Friday! TTFN.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

{blessing no. 43}

Here I am again. Another Sunday. Another blessing layout. I can't believe how the weeks fly by! My blessing today is: trust.

{credits here}

I've been thinking about trust a LOT this week. About how lucky I am to have it, how hard it is to keep it. Do people trust me? Am I a trust-worthy person? Do I put enough trust in other people? In the Lord? I'm a pretty controlling/planning/scheduled person. It's not as easy for me as it may be for some to just be trusting. I feel so insanely blessed to be able to trust Josh so whole-heartedly. Trust is just a CRAZY thing and has kept my mind busy all week long.

Putting trust in others is a good thing. But, there is great risk in trusting human beings. Those we trust might end up disappointing you. So is it REALLY worth the risk? (my personal answer is yes) When we put our trust in the Lord he will NEVER disappoint us in the end. Then why is it so hard to give him our complete trust?!

Gosh my brain hurts when I try and think about all this. And its a little too deep for a blog post, so forgive me. I am blessed to trust and be trusted. That is my blessing this week.

Ok - on to lighter subjects. There's a new "My Story Matters" challenge up at ScrapMatters today! It's all about our names. How we got them, what they mean, etc. Here is my page:

{credits here}

And I never posted my Speed Scrap layout from this past Thursday. It turned out pretty cute I think, but it was scary there for a while during the Speed Scrap. I just could not get it together. There was one point where I looked at my screen and cringed!! Haha BUT I just kept pushing through and didn't give up. And this is what I got:

{credits here}

These are pictures from when I finally got to meet one of my favorite online friends, Ashley, and her awesome family in real life!! It was a blast.

Did everyone have a nice Valentine's Day? Josh and I did!! It was snowing and windy and FREEZING here though! But we braved the storm and went to a movie. Josh took me to "He's Just Not That Into You". I've been DYING to see it, and he knew that. He's a good hubby. And then, we didn't really have other plans so we decided to see ANOTHER movie and make it a double header. HAHAHA!! We went and saw Coraline. ***BIG EYE ROLL*** I'll give it a proper review later. After that we went to Steak Out and got DELICIOUS steak dinners and took them home. We ate and snuggled and had a cozy night in!! It was really fun. We watched the NBA Skills Contest and Dunk Contest too. (I'm a good wife, huh?!). It was a really fun day! I'm a little sad though because we didn't take one single picture of ourselves the WHOLE DAY!! :( Isn't that heart breaking? I'm so dumb. No photographic memories of Valentine's Day 2009. I feel sheepish calling myself a scrapper. hahahah

Ok - that's enough rambling from me today. See ya 'round.


Friday, February 13, 2009

{THRICE as nice!}

So - as most of you know - today is the big release of the ScrapMatters "Twice as Nice" collab. kits. Most of our designers have paired up, but I got to be in the only group of THREE. So our kit is a "Thrice as Nice" collab!! HAHA!! I teamed up with Jeni Hopewell and Fluffy Bunny Feet Designs to bring you . . .

"Tiny Dancer"

This kit is FULL of my favorite color - PINK! But with pops of black, purple and a lovely gold. It's got LOTS of dance themed items, but also has plenty of non-themed items as well so you can use this kit again and again!!

Don't forget!! "Tiny Dancer" is 20% off TODAY ONLY! Check out the rest of the "Twice As Nice" collabs all at 20% off as well. You're not going to believe how gorgeous they all are!!

Here is what I scrapped with this kit:

Let me show you what my CT scrapped with it . . .

See how versatile it is?! You're going to love it if you pick it up.

And. . . Jeni Hopewell has a set of matching glitter styles in the shop today too!!!

I also have this fun little element pack new in the store today . . .

"Just Enough Flair"

A big handful of colorful, funky, fun flair! And as usual, they all recolor really easily. Check out what Denise scrapped with them!

Cute, right?! Thanks Denise!!

That's all the news for today! Let's enjoy the Show Offs before I wrap things up.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful layouts this week. All the Show Offs are getting my "Just Enough Flair" pack today! Watch your email inboxes. I can't wait to see what comes in next week!!

Hope you all have something fun planned for this Valentine's Day weekend!! Make sure you hug your loved ones, family, and friends tight.

See ya!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

{a sneak peek as promised}

I'm back with a sneak peek at the "Twice as Nice" collab kit I have coming out tomorrow!! I can't tell you who I collaborated with yet, but I'm so excited for tomorrow!

Don't forget, Friday the 13th is your lucky day!!  This kit and ALL the Twice as Nice collabs are 20% off tomorrow!!

Ok - so I scrapped this really fun ATC with Tangie Baxter and Sugarplum Paperie's new collab "Hopelessly Devoted".

{full credits}

I couldn't help myself once I heard the name of their kit! haaha In High School - or what it Jr. High? - hmm I can't remember! - anyway - I used to LOVE Grease. I probably still know every word. ATCs are fun to make because they don't take too much time, well some of them do, but you get to just create artistically and you don't have to stress about it being perfect or messing up your precious photos. You know? It's just a creative outlet. I love it. I don't know if I'll ever print mine out and do any trading or anything else with them. Right now its just a fun thing to create.

Oh - ok so just when you think you've seen enough Valentine's Day kits, Mira Designs releases her new kit "XOXOXO"!! It's sooo unique and beautiful and fun. I had a BLAST scrapping with it.

{full credits}

Such an awesome kit. FULL of perfect papers and elements. And its 20% off today!

Ok - 1 movie review. Then I gotta get back to work!!!

"The Duchess" rated PG-13

This was one of the chick flick Netflix I got and watched recently. I gave "The Duchess" 3 stars because its not bad, its not incredible, its just what you'd expect. A well acted, visually beautiful period movie. AND its soooo sad and depressing. I mean - its based a true story, so I guess you can't expect it to be like a fairy tale, but gosh, its just one sad thing after another. BUT as a costume designer I was drooling the entire movie. The wigs, the gowns, it was all absolutely incredible. Ralph Fiennes as the Duke and Keira Knightly as The Duchess, Georgiana are both incredible in it. Actually - all the acting was great. It REALLY bothered me that Georgiana's "love" interest, Grey, was so NOT HOT!!!! I couldn't even care about her feelings for him because he was so weird looking!

So - overall - see it if you like period dramas with awesome acting and costumes. Don't expect a feel-good romance!

Alrighty - gotta run!!! See you tomorrow for the big "Twice as Nice" release!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

{challenge yourself}

Before I get to the challenge news, I have to start by telling you about the exciting Friday the 13th that is coming up THIS FRIDAY. A BUNCH of the ScrapMatters Designers have teamed up for some "Twice as Nice" collab kits. A total of FIVE collabs in all. My team's kit is seriously FABULOUS and I can't wait to show you.

AND . . . on Friday for 1 day only all the "Twice as Nice" collabs are going to be marked 20% off. You will not want to miss this sale. The kits - I am not exaggerating - every single one of them are incredible. You're going to be drooling all over your keyboard come Friday!!!  I'll be back tomorrow with a sneak peek at the kit my team made!!!

Ok - on to other news . . .

I am hosting some new challenges that started this week at ScrapMatters. One of them is for the "Past Matters" challenge. It's a heritage challenge. I have never scrapped a heritage photo before, but somehow I ended up hosting a heritage challenge!! HAHA But - since Feb. is the month of love I thought it would be fun to scrap a love story of someone in your heritage. I did my mother's parents because I've ALWAYS loved this photo.

{credits here}

So - dig out an old photo and play along! It was a really fun page to do and got me in that lovey spirit of Valentine's Day. Another girl had her mom write their love story and she included that journaling in her mother's words on her page. I thought that was such a NEAT idea!!

The other challenge I'm hosting that started this week is the new "Everyday Magic" challenge. This week we're scrapping about our cars and transportation! It gave me the motivation I needed to actually WASH my filthy car and take some photos.

{credits here}

I was thinking about making this one of the Everyday Magic challenge when I came across a photo of my parents leaning up against my dad's old Chevelle back when they were dating. I thought - how fun will it be to see our cars 20, 30, 40 years down the road! So - come play along!

I scrapped this page for the DIS challenge last week. The challenge was to scrap pics having something to do with Pooh or his friends. These photos were the first thing I thought of!

{credits here}

AND . . . one more page. My friend Erica Zane came out with these cool new "EZ Masks" that I'm just lovin'. I haven't been one to use this kind of look in the past, but I love how my page turned out and I can't wait to use them again. Next time I'm going to try masking a paper to them! I think that would look COOL!

{credits here}

Don't miss the Speed Scrap tomorrow night (Thursday Feb. 12th) at 7:00 Mountain Time. I'm planning on being there. The ever-so-talented Melanie (melanie3boys) is hosting, so it is sure to be fun.

I have had sort of a weird week (on the personal-side of things), so I haven't done any movie reviews. I know I said I'd do some, and I will. But probably not right away. I dunno - we'll see . .

The Amazing Race starts this Sunday and I'm sooooooo excited! I LOVE the Amazing Race. It's probably my favorite show. I can't wait!!!!!!

Ok I have to toot my own horn a little bit - my "Little Miss Sunshine" layout I posted on Monday made it to the Gallery Standouts blog AND won Layout of the Day at Elemental Scraps! Isn't that cool? I don't win those things very often, so I was jumping for joy when I found out!!!

Ok - that's it from me. I'll see you tomorrow with the sneak peek!

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