Sunday, February 15, 2009

{blessing no. 43}

Here I am again. Another Sunday. Another blessing layout. I can't believe how the weeks fly by! My blessing today is: trust.

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I've been thinking about trust a LOT this week. About how lucky I am to have it, how hard it is to keep it. Do people trust me? Am I a trust-worthy person? Do I put enough trust in other people? In the Lord? I'm a pretty controlling/planning/scheduled person. It's not as easy for me as it may be for some to just be trusting. I feel so insanely blessed to be able to trust Josh so whole-heartedly. Trust is just a CRAZY thing and has kept my mind busy all week long.

Putting trust in others is a good thing. But, there is great risk in trusting human beings. Those we trust might end up disappointing you. So is it REALLY worth the risk? (my personal answer is yes) When we put our trust in the Lord he will NEVER disappoint us in the end. Then why is it so hard to give him our complete trust?!

Gosh my brain hurts when I try and think about all this. And its a little too deep for a blog post, so forgive me. I am blessed to trust and be trusted. That is my blessing this week.

Ok - on to lighter subjects. There's a new "My Story Matters" challenge up at ScrapMatters today! It's all about our names. How we got them, what they mean, etc. Here is my page:

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And I never posted my Speed Scrap layout from this past Thursday. It turned out pretty cute I think, but it was scary there for a while during the Speed Scrap. I just could not get it together. There was one point where I looked at my screen and cringed!! Haha BUT I just kept pushing through and didn't give up. And this is what I got:

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These are pictures from when I finally got to meet one of my favorite online friends, Ashley, and her awesome family in real life!! It was a blast.

Did everyone have a nice Valentine's Day? Josh and I did!! It was snowing and windy and FREEZING here though! But we braved the storm and went to a movie. Josh took me to "He's Just Not That Into You". I've been DYING to see it, and he knew that. He's a good hubby. And then, we didn't really have other plans so we decided to see ANOTHER movie and make it a double header. HAHAHA!! We went and saw Coraline. ***BIG EYE ROLL*** I'll give it a proper review later. After that we went to Steak Out and got DELICIOUS steak dinners and took them home. We ate and snuggled and had a cozy night in!! It was really fun. We watched the NBA Skills Contest and Dunk Contest too. (I'm a good wife, huh?!). It was a really fun day! I'm a little sad though because we didn't take one single picture of ourselves the WHOLE DAY!! :( Isn't that heart breaking? I'm so dumb. No photographic memories of Valentine's Day 2009. I feel sheepish calling myself a scrapper. hahahah

Ok - that's enough rambling from me today. See ya 'round.



  1. hey, we went to "He's No That Into You" as well as ate steak, and didn't take a single pic. Weird. Glad you had a nice V-day

  2. Trust, I love that blessing topic.

    SIX days...!!! Give Mickey a hug from us, we miss that guy already! :)

  3. I can't believe we were there for five days, and I still didn't get to take Izzy on everything I wanted to... that's rainy Disney for you... We still loved it!! I hope you have a great time, I love that place!

  4. I'm a little jealous of all you Disneyland people!!! Well... a lot jealous. HAHA You will be glad to know that I just got a scanner and I will be scanning and emailing that picture of you from when we went to Disneyland our Jr. Year. You look so cute and happy in it, you will love it!!! :) Hope you have fun... and I love reading all your blessings and scrap pages you do.. just FYI.


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