Friday, February 20, 2009

{let's get down to business}

Good morning!! Let's get right to business. I have a new template pack out today . . .

"Creative Block Templates 3"

These are my original layouts that I turned into templates for this pack!

Check out what my team scrapped up with these fun new templates. . .

{LO by Krista}

{LO by Denise}

I have a few more to show you but FIRST I have to tell you about my SPECIAL!! While I'm gone to Disneyland I'm having a "Don't Forget About Me" sale. Don't forget about me while I'm on vacation, but that's also what a couple of my older kits are crying out!!

Both of my kits "Lil' Brudder" and "Brown Eyed Girl" are on sale for 20% off while I'm gone! If you haven't put these in your stash - NOW is the time to do it!

Just to show you what adorable kits these are, my team has scrapped up some ALL NEW pages with them!! (Aren't my Britt Girls great?!)

{LO by Krista}

{LO by Kelsy - using the NEW template pack}

{LO by Erica - using the NEW template pack}

{LO by Kate - using the NEW template pack}

{LO by Kelly - using the NEW template pack}

{LO by Paige - using the NEW template pack}

Also new today . . .

"Black & White Basics"

An awesome new paper pack with those basic black and white papers you ALWAYS need!!

Are you ready for some Show Offs? I know I am!

Thanks so much for sending in your Show Offs this week!  I was mucho impressed.  You're all getting my new "Black & White Basics" paper pack as your gift this week! I'll be back from my trip in plenty of time, so send in your Show Offs for next week, just like any other week! :)

Hey - there's a Saturday afternoon Speed Scrap tomorrow if you wanna go! I'll be gone but it should be really fun. The prize is donated by yours truly. Click here to see it and get the full scoop.

One last bit of business before I'm finished. Have you ever dreamed of being a digi-scrap designer for ScrapMatters? Well - we have a new "Design Star" competition starting at SM on Monday (while I'm gone).

Check out this thread for full details. It's quite an awesome opportunity, so I encourage all of you who are interested to try it!!

And that's it!! My work is done. I'm headed out for a few days in the Happiest Place on Earth! See ya when I get back!!!!!



  1. Beautiful paper pack. Thanks so much for the show off gift! Have a great time at DL!

  2. Great to have you back, Britt. :)


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