Thursday, February 12, 2009

{a sneak peek as promised}

I'm back with a sneak peek at the "Twice as Nice" collab kit I have coming out tomorrow!! I can't tell you who I collaborated with yet, but I'm so excited for tomorrow!

Don't forget, Friday the 13th is your lucky day!!  This kit and ALL the Twice as Nice collabs are 20% off tomorrow!!

Ok - so I scrapped this really fun ATC with Tangie Baxter and Sugarplum Paperie's new collab "Hopelessly Devoted".

{full credits}

I couldn't help myself once I heard the name of their kit! haaha In High School - or what it Jr. High? - hmm I can't remember! - anyway - I used to LOVE Grease. I probably still know every word. ATCs are fun to make because they don't take too much time, well some of them do, but you get to just create artistically and you don't have to stress about it being perfect or messing up your precious photos. You know? It's just a creative outlet. I love it. I don't know if I'll ever print mine out and do any trading or anything else with them. Right now its just a fun thing to create.

Oh - ok so just when you think you've seen enough Valentine's Day kits, Mira Designs releases her new kit "XOXOXO"!! It's sooo unique and beautiful and fun. I had a BLAST scrapping with it.

{full credits}

Such an awesome kit. FULL of perfect papers and elements. And its 20% off today!

Ok - 1 movie review. Then I gotta get back to work!!!

"The Duchess" rated PG-13

This was one of the chick flick Netflix I got and watched recently. I gave "The Duchess" 3 stars because its not bad, its not incredible, its just what you'd expect. A well acted, visually beautiful period movie. AND its soooo sad and depressing. I mean - its based a true story, so I guess you can't expect it to be like a fairy tale, but gosh, its just one sad thing after another. BUT as a costume designer I was drooling the entire movie. The wigs, the gowns, it was all absolutely incredible. Ralph Fiennes as the Duke and Keira Knightly as The Duchess, Georgiana are both incredible in it. Actually - all the acting was great. It REALLY bothered me that Georgiana's "love" interest, Grey, was so NOT HOT!!!! I couldn't even care about her feelings for him because he was so weird looking!

So - overall - see it if you like period dramas with awesome acting and costumes. Don't expect a feel-good romance!

Alrighty - gotta run!!! See you tomorrow for the big "Twice as Nice" release!!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing, I enjoy seeing your layouts and reading your stories. The new Mira Designs kit was just too tempting, I had to pick it up.
    I'll be sure not to pick up "The Duchess" but I want to recommend "My best friend's girl." Didn't expect to really like it, the acting is ok, but we could not stop laughing and I felt especially blessed that I found the right guy quickly.

  2. Well, I just DVRd "The Queen" so I could watch it. I'll be sure to do the same with "The Duchess" when it comes on tv too! lol. Ok, I hav to admit that your post sent me straight out to check out some other blogs and see what I might find out about tomorrow! I'm so excited! I just hope I have enough in my PayPal account this week! lol.

  3. Hehe, I was curious so I looked around and found her.. she blogged the sneak peek too! ;) The kit looks great!! Can't wait to see it tomorrow! :)


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