Wednesday, March 4, 2009

{new movie reviews and more}

So I'm feeling better since my last post. Thanks for all the upbeat and awesome comments. I have the best readers. :) But I have to keep focusing on what makes me happy. 

So this is what made my happy today . . .

- America's Next Top Model is back in my life. Tyra lost her mind like 7 seasons ago, but I don't care!
- Josh didn't make me warm up leftovers for dinner! He offered to order pizza instead! YUM!
- Seeing a movie in the middle of the day with 2 ladies I love
- Exchanging some SUPER comfy sweatpants for a pair that didn't have a snag and finding out they were ever MORE marked down and actually getting money BACK!
- Listening to Pandora Radio "Mates of State" channel.
- My "DING" Southwest Airlines desktop program that sends me these special little messages about once a day telling me about ridiculously cheap flights (giving me hope that we can take another trip soon - I'm such a trip-aholic).
- cutest video of my niece ever was posted on my SIL's blog today. Her blog isn't public, but I'm going to ask her if I can post it on my blog too because you guys have GOT to see it!!!!!

Ok - I decided it was time for a couple movie reviews and I also have a couple new pages to share. Let's start with the movie reviews.

My mom, my aunt, and I went to see "Confessions of a Shopaholic" this afternoon. Leaving work to see a movie in the middle of the day is one of those delicious simple pleasures in life that I just adore. It feels like playing hooky and I LOVE IT. Too bad this movie didn't thrill be as much as going to a mid-week matinee. I give it two stars.

OK - "Shopaholic" is about what'd you expect from seeing the previews: cute, silly, full of FABULOUS over-the-top clothes, shoes, and bags.  Isla Fisher could not be more adorable. She was funny and did a good job. BUT that's about where the goodness ends. The writing was pretty lame, many of the other actors in it are pretty bad too. Her roommate! How did she get cast in this movie?? I thought she was awful. Lots of random SNL people pop up with small rolls. The usually hilarious Fred Armison has a role playing a SERIOUS character. Really? I kept waiting for the jokes, but he didn't have any. It was so bizarre. I'd suggest that you don't pay full price to see it. If you like fun fluffy movies, just wait and get it on Netflix. Really - no substance here. But I guess it was a good time. Sorta. My mom and my aunt really liked it. They kept saying how "cute" it was. On a very positive note, I LOVE that it was rated PG! Thank you Hollywood for making something where I don't have to squirm in my seat while watching with my mom.

OK this next one might get some people up in arms, but I'm sorry . . .

Coraline. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . . oh sorry. I just fell asleep thinking about what to say about this bore of a movie. I know, I know. . . it's got all these amazing reviews, and its this amazing feat in stop-motion animation. But I do NOT UNDERSTAND WHY ANYONE WOULD LIKE THIS MOVIE!

Before you decide you hate me and delete this humble blog off your Google Reader, hear me out. I LOVE stop-motion animation. Josh and I are nuts about Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, all that dark twisty stuff. So we went into this movie ready to LOVE it. Granted, its pretty cool visually and the animation really is amazing. But that wow effect wears off in like 5 minutes and you realize this movie is BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Josh fell asleep 3 times and I didn't even bother to wake him up. We should have walked out. AND I NEVER WALK OUT OF MOVIES! I usually have to know how they end, but I didn't even care.

It's scary (I wouldn't take my little kids to it), and it reads like one of those scary German "Cautionary Tales for Children". **In my best scary old German Grossmutter voice** "You better love your boring old neglectful parents or else the evil "Other Mother" will catch you in your web, sew buttons over your eyes and keep you forever as ghost children in her evil "other world." Yes - this is what "Coraline" is about. It really felt like a short story that was DRUG out into a full length film.

Believe me, I wanted to love it. I really did. I mean - look at that beautiful movie poster. I gave it 1 star for being initially cool looking. I was SO DISAPPOINTED.

Ok - enough of that. Let's move on to my pages.

Last night the Speed Scrap was a lot of fun. I didn't do a lot of chatting. I was lying low and focusing on my page. And its a good thing I did because I almost didn't finish!!! I've had this vision for these photos of putting them on brass carousel poles but just didn't know how I was going to make it CUTE. I think I did it!!!! I'm so proud of how it turned out . . .


And I also created this fun page today with a brand new ADORABLE kit by MiraDesigns called "Happy Land". And I can't wait to use the kit again - its that awesome. AND its 20% off right now!


My adorable Joshua in the most hysterical St. Patty's Day hat ever at Disneyland last year. hahaha So funny.

Anyway - this kit isn't totally a St' Patty's Day themed kit. You really have to check it out!

So its 11:30 pm now and my husband is up in Salt Lake at a work meeting still. Isn't that so stupid?! Because they're retail, they have these ridiculously late meetings clear up at corporate after the stores all close . He just texted me saying the meeting (which started like an hour and a half ago) is still in full swing and now its started snowing up there so it will be a slow and scary drive home. I just HATE these late meetings. It just seems crazy to me to make your employees who have to be at work at 8:30 tomorrow morning be at a meeting until midnight the night before . . . ok sorry. That was quite a rant.

OK - I think its time for me to get in bed now. I'll see you tomorrow with a SNEAK PEEK of my new kit coming out Friday!!!!!



  1. Britt, I'm so glad you're doing better! That's a long happy list!! :) I would hate the late meetings too! :-/

  2. I am glad you are feeling better!! Even when you are "sounding off" your blog makes my day!!

  3. YAY! I'm glad you're feeling better! I'll be praying that you keep moving in that direction! :) LOVE that you got money back on your exchange! That gets me excited too!
    Great Job on the SS! It's so cute! And that sun from the Happy Land kit is so cute! Hope Josh made it home ok and can't wait to see the sneek peak!

  4. Your blog is the best! I love it! Your pages are amazing!

  5. When I saw the previews for "Coraline" I told Jer there was no way I going to see it. It looks scary!! I want to ride Jingles, the lead horse!!

  6. You didn't like Coraline?!?!? EEP!!! I LOVED IT!!!
    Glad you are doing better, awesome layouts as always. Heehee. You rock. ;)


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