Wednesday, April 29, 2009

{addison joy is here!}

Today was the big day!  Little Addison Joy was born today and man-oh-man is she a beauty.  Fair and soft, with her mommy's nose, cheeks and lips, she is just a stunner.

Isn't she gorgeous? I couldn't stop looking at her today. I can't wait to go back and see her tomorrow too.

(Dumb Aunt Brittney left her card reader at home, so all my photos are stuck on my camera and I only have photos from my phone to share!!!  ARGH.  Oh well - I'll have more when I get home.)

My job today was to entertain Gracelyn all day until Morgan was out of recovery and Addison was settled and ready to meet her big sister. Then I got to bring her over to the hospital for their first meeting. It was really, really precious. Gracelyn wanted to hold her for a REALLY long time. One of those truly magical moments in life. I was so happy to get to see it, I was almost in tears.

It's getting late now, and Gracelyn decides its a good idea to get up at 6 am. So . . . I better hit the sack so I'm ready for my 6 am wake up call.

See ya later!!

OHHHH one quick plug!! Don't forget THIS awesome shin-dig going down this weekend at ScrapMatters. I'm all over it as soon as I land in Utah!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

{having fun in phoenix}

Well, things here in Phoenix are going great. I've been playing with my little Gracelyn girl non-stop. She wants me to play with her every moment she can get and I LOVE IT.

She got a new swing set for her birthday so we've been outside having lots of fun outside. Thankfully it hasn't been very hot this weekend in Phoenix. Morgan keeps tellng me how much we lucked out on the weather! :)

{I used Chelle's Creation's "Make a Splash" kit (recolored)}

We went to the Mates of State concert on Saturday night and it was incredible! We were right up by the stage for most of the concert. They are so amazing live. We came home with headaches, ringing ears, seriously sore feet, and smelling like sweat and incense, but it was an awesome night! When I can get the video and pics uploaded, I'll post some.

Gracie's really into singing these days, so we've taught her a few new songs while we're here. Being the Red Sox fans that we are, Josh and I had to teach her this one:

Sorry for the bad video quality. Its from my phone!  Josh had to go home to go back to work yesterday and Gracelyn wanted to sing him the song and send it to him.

Anyway - she's a total cutie and I'm having a great time. It's been a totally relaxing but totally fun vacation so far. It's just what I needed.

Tomorrow is the big day!! The day Morgan's going in for her C-section. We're all so excited!!! I'm sure I'll be back with photos of baby Addison very soon. Later!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

{what. a. week.}

Ok - this has been the craziest week I've had in a LONG LONG time. But the best thing that happened this week was, my SIL had her baby on Tuesday!! She was scheduled to be induced on Thursday, so it came as quite a surprise to get a phone call on Tuesday saying she was at the hospital. My new little niece is BEAUTIFUL! Her name is Ava. She's tiny and has tons of jet black hair!!!

And in just a few hours, Josh and I are leaving for Arizona to visit my cousin who is about to have her second little girl!! I can't wait. Lots of babies coming into the world these days! You'd think it was spring or something.

BUT . . . before we head out on our trip - I've got a couple new items in the store to tell you about.

First up . . .

"Inspired by Christy Templates"

One of my newest Britt Girls, Christy (aka TheWerners, or DisneyCruiser) agreed to let me take her BEAUTIFUL creations and make them into templates. Here are the original LOs I was inspired by:

Aren't they great? Let me show you what my Britt Girls and I did with them . . .

By me:
{full credits}

By my fab Britt Girls:

It amazes me how just a simple change to a templates makes it look like a completely different page! Thanks so much, girls, for your amazing work!!!

And also new in the store today . . .

"Hottie Tottie Alpha"

What was previously the participation prize at my daytime Speed Scrap this last week, is now in the store available to one and all! :) This alpha recolors like a dream (see Wendy's LO above!).

And that's it for new products!! Now . . . let's enjoy the Show Offs!

All of this week's Show Offs will receive my new "Inspired by Christy Templates" as my gift this week!! I hope you enjoy them. Watch those email inboxes.  And there WILL be Show Offs next week, so send 'em in!!

If you want free gifts too, all you have to do is Show Off. Just email me (designerbrittney at gmail dot com) any LO you create during the week that uses any Britt-ish Designs product. Make "Show Off" your email subject line and make sure your LO is saved around 600x600 in size. Or you could always just email me a link to your LO in an online gallery. Then next Friday I'll put you in the slideshow and send you a gift!! Nothin' to it!

Many of you already know this, but ScrapMatters is currently moving servers and its taking WAY longer than we were originally told it would.  The store and forums are reopened this morning, they just close down overnight.  And HOPEFULLY the gallery will reopen this weekend.  Sorry for the inconvenience its been all week!!  Believe me, I'm just as anxious for it to be finished and working properly.  So hang in there with us, we're doing our best!!!!

Ok - well - I better run. Still have a few last minute things to do before we leave, like PACK! I hope you have a great week and I'll see you all next weekend during [inter]National Scrapbooking Day!!! It's going to be so fun. ScrapMatters has a TON of great stuff going on. :)

See you then!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

{blessings 51 & 52!!!!}

Holy cow. I can't believe I am posting my final 2 blessing layouts! I completed an entire year. Wow!! I missed last week, just got too busy. So - here are my final two blessing pages.


and . . .


I have to say, I'm pretty proud of myself for finishing an entire year! I really encourage everyone to try this 52 Blessings project. If you don't scrap, just write them down or blog about them each week. It's really made me a more positive and grateful person. :) I can't wait to get my book printed now!!

Alright - its late, so that's it from me tonight! See ya!

Friday, April 17, 2009

{an eastern breeze has brought us . . .}

Good morning! Happy Friday to you all. I'm seriously excited about my new release today, so I'm going to cut to the chase!! I bring you . . .

"Imperial Girl"

This kit was seriously such a blast to create!! I had so many ideas, and was so fun to make them all come to life. Obviously inspired by all things Chinese, I was also obviously inspired by my favorite Chinese cartoon!! :) hee hee

Let me show you what my team and I scrapped with this kit and then at the end of this post, I also have a little freebie add-on for you as well!!

By Me:

And from the awesome Britt Girls!!!

Aren't they incredible?! I love how they showed the range of photos and events that can be scrapped with "Imperial Girl".

Staying with the Chinese theme, I also have this little guy who is new today (which you can see used in Paige's LO above) . . .

"Good Fortunes"

As the preview states, this fun pack of word art fortunes contains 20 unique fortune cookie fortunes, 1 blank strip so you can customize your own fortune, and 2 fortune cookies.

Alright . . I think its time for some Show Offs and then a freebie!!

Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful LOs with me this week!! We had another smallish week (I'm thinking lots of people are on Spring Break??), but I loved seeing each and every one of your Show Offs. As my gift this week, all the Show Offs will be receiving my "Good Fortunes" element pack!

If you'd like to Show Off and receive free gifts, all you have to do is email me a LO you create over the next week using any Britt-ish Designs product (templates, freebies, anything) to designerbrittney at gmail dot com before midnight on Thursday. Attach your LO saved about 600x600 at 72dpi or send a link to your LO online. That's it!! Then next Friday I'll put your LO in the Show Off slideshow and email you a gift!!

Alright, alright. The promised freebie!!! Here it is:

Download HERE!

Enjoy!! Hope you like the new kit and fortunes!! Hope your day is a lucky one and I'll see you later.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

{sneak peek}

As promised, I'm here to give you a peek at what's coming tomorrow. I will warn you - this is probably the cutest sneak peek ever! hahahah

Excited?!?! I am!

Let me show you what I speed scrapped last night. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!


Since I finished by Jan. '07 trip to Disneyland, next up is my 1-day quick visit in July '07. It was my niece Eden's FIRST TRIP. She was only 3 months old! You'd think 1 day would be easy enough to finish. But we took a LOT of photos!!!!

Another page from that trip I haven't put here on the blog . . .


For this page I used this adorable new Tinker Bell inspired kit by Megan Turnidge called "Little Pixie". It's a MUST HAVE kit for Disney scrappers!!!! 

Here is another page I just posted. Erica Zane just released this awesome collab. kit called "Tropical Escape". It's soooo cute! These are pics of my cousin's little one, Gracelyn from last summer.


Isn't she so cute?!! Josh and I get to go visit her in 1 week!!!!!!! WOO HOO!  I can't wait.

I scrapped this one last week.


This is from our FIRST DPOTD trip.  Our big group picture from this year makes our '08 group look so tiny!! haha  But it felt big when we were there!

Ok just one more! This one is for the new "My Story Matters" challenge I started this week.  If you haven't started this series of challenges, you should start now!!  This is me and my best childhood friend!! Can you tell which one is me? hahaha


Alrighty - well that's it from me folks. I gotta get back to work! Hmm I'm hungry too. Maybe an early lunch . . .

See ya tomorrow!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

{you've gotta be KIDDING me!}

It's snowing.  Right now, on April 15th, its SNOWING.  What a joke.  It's supposed to be SPRING!  Beautiful, sunny, warm, breezy, even rainy is fine, SPRING.  Not SNOWING!!!!!!!!  Wow - that is super annoying.

Well, there's a Speed Scrap at SM tonight.  I'm planning to be there.  It should be a lot of fun, and the prize is neat too.  Not your average SM prize, that's for sure.  You can check it out HERE.

I've been glued to my computer the last few days working on my new kit for Friday.  I'll show you a sneak peek tomorrow.  I'm VERY VERY excited for this kit.  I mean, I love all my kits and get excited with each release.  But this one - I'm sort of jumping up and down excited!! :)

Josh and I watched the best movie last night.  It's a documentary (ok I said the D-word.  But, don't tune out, it was TOTALLY ENTERTAINING).  

Yep, I gave it 5 stars. Recommended to us by Josh's friends, this movie is about competitive retro-arcade gaming. Apparently there is this entire sub-culture of retro-gamers and world records are a huge freaking deal. When Steve Wiebe looses his job, he finds Donkey Kong. And he finds a world record he thinks he can break. It's intense, its funny, its so awesome, you couldn't even write this stuff. The characters seem almost too hilarious, awesome, or geeky to be true. You won't even believe this stuff is actually real.

If you have Netlifx, this movie is available on "Instant Queue". Which, for us, meant we could watch it right from our Tivo (so awesome)! I recommend "King of Kong" VERY HIGHLY. It's clean, its fun, a little stressful and intense in parts. But I seriously loved it.

Ok - better get back to work. See some of you at the Speed Scrap tonight! See everyone back here tomorrow for my SNEAK PEEK!! YAY!

Friday, April 10, 2009

{new release Friday!}

Good morning and happy Friday! I've got a new template pack to release today, so let's get right to it!

"Hang' Em High Templates 2"

I decided it was time for another round of one of my best-selling template packs, the original "Hang "em High Templates". This new set is based on a few of my own LOs as well as one that is a new invention. :) I hope you like 'em! Here is what I scrapped with them:

{credits here}

And here are the creations the Britt Girls have cooked up!

OK - are we ready for the Show Offs?

A smallish week of LOs, but all of them just beautiful. Thanks so much for Showing Off everyone! Please enjoy my new "Hang 'Em High Templates 2" as your gift this week. Watch your email inboxes for that download.

Well - I'm going to head back to bed I think. Or at least to the couch. I still feel crappy and tired. I soooooooo don't want to be sick!!! ARGH!!!!!! Hope you all have a great weekend and a VERY happy Easter. See you 'round!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

{new britt girls!!}

Unfortunately, I lost a few Britt Girls in the past month so I had some spots to fill! And it just now occurred to me that all these spots went to some of my most faithful Show Offs!! haha That's funny. So - without further ado - please help me welcome my three newest Britt Girls:

Christy (TheWerners or DisneyCruiser)
Wendy (wenrob)
Michelle (mhreen)

And they've started out with a bang - wait 'til you see what they've created for my new release tomorrow.

On a personal note, I've been feeling REALLY crummy today. My mom's been sick with a virus for a while and I'm totally freaking out that I somehow caught it. I slept like ALL DAY today. Totally missed today's speed scrap. I'm trying to rest as much as possible, drink Airbourne and pray that I'm not getting too sick.

Josh's dad came home from the hospital today. We haven't heard exactly how he's doing other than he's tired and needs lots of rest. Thank you so much for your prayers for him!

I guess that's pretty much it for tonight. See you tomorrow for new release Friday!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

{monday, tuesday HAPPY DAYS!}

I have the theme song to Happy Days stuck in my head. And here's why . . .


My good pal Erica Zane is one of the guest designers at The Digi Chick this month and tonight she released the CUTEST new kit/bundle called "Fizzy Fridays". It's a full kit, and then there are TWO of the CUTEST date element packs that you can get in a bundle with the kit for way cheap. It's seriously THE CUTEST kit. You've just gotta check it out!!!!!

Let me show you what I speed scrapped last night:


It was a VERY fun speed scrap (thanks Stacy)! There's another one tomorrow at noon (MDT) too hosted by Mary. Hope to see lots of you there!!

Josh was at a work meeting tonight, so I decided instead of working that I'd just relax and scrap a page. Just thought I'd share. It's from Christmas!!! haha I know - random. But I wanted to use this new kit I got (won) from Dani Mogstad called "Frosted Flakes". It's a super cute kit!


Ok - thats it from me! Peace out.

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