Sunday, April 5, 2009

{blessings 49 & 50}

Well - after a totally uplifting and inspiring Conference Weekend I'm here to post my last two week's blessings. I didn't post one last week, so I had to do two today to catch up!!

{credits here}

{credits here}

We celebrated Eden's 2nd birthday today! She's not actually 2 for a few weeks, but they are leaving for the summer AGAIN next week, so we celebrated early. It was an Ariel themed party and Eden was simply in heaven. Here she is opening the gigantic Ariel coloring and sticker book Josh and I gave her.

She loved it. She and all her little friends had fun coloring in it right away! She was quite possibly cutest birthday girl EVER.

It was a really cute party! I can't believe she's 2 already!!!

One last thing - because you can NEVER have too many prayers - I just wanted to ask everyone to please pray for Josh's dad.  He's been in the hospital since Friday.  We weren't sure what was wrong at first, but it turns out he has some blood clots in his lungs.  He's on blood thinners and oxygen and is doing better.  Thankfully he was moved out of the ICU today, but we could still use all the prayers we can get!!  Thanks so much!

Well - that's it from me. See you later!!!!


  1. Sending you and your family my positive thoughts and prayers for Josh's Dad!! Glad to hear that he's moving up and out of ICU...that's a good sign!!
    And yes, Eden, is just too cute!!

  2. Keeping Josh's dad in our prayers.


  3. Keeping Josh's Dad and family in my thoughts!
    I can't believe how big Eden is, she's lost that baby look. What a cutie!

  4. I will be praying extra for Josh's dad! :) My grandpa is waiting for test results tomorrow...he may have cancer again. This time it's in the lungs, and at the site where he got his kidney removed from the cancer last time.'s pretty serious I guess.
    I also love how Eden's party was Ariel themed! :) Ariel was my favorite when I was her age. :)

  5. General conference is such a blessing! Love the layouts as always! Looks like it was a fun 2nd birthday for Eden!

  6. Wow! Eden has grown so much! She looks like a big girl now. I love your new blog cute!


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