Wednesday, April 15, 2009

{you've gotta be KIDDING me!}

It's snowing.  Right now, on April 15th, its SNOWING.  What a joke.  It's supposed to be SPRING!  Beautiful, sunny, warm, breezy, even rainy is fine, SPRING.  Not SNOWING!!!!!!!!  Wow - that is super annoying.

Well, there's a Speed Scrap at SM tonight.  I'm planning to be there.  It should be a lot of fun, and the prize is neat too.  Not your average SM prize, that's for sure.  You can check it out HERE.

I've been glued to my computer the last few days working on my new kit for Friday.  I'll show you a sneak peek tomorrow.  I'm VERY VERY excited for this kit.  I mean, I love all my kits and get excited with each release.  But this one - I'm sort of jumping up and down excited!! :)

Josh and I watched the best movie last night.  It's a documentary (ok I said the D-word.  But, don't tune out, it was TOTALLY ENTERTAINING).  

Yep, I gave it 5 stars. Recommended to us by Josh's friends, this movie is about competitive retro-arcade gaming. Apparently there is this entire sub-culture of retro-gamers and world records are a huge freaking deal. When Steve Wiebe looses his job, he finds Donkey Kong. And he finds a world record he thinks he can break. It's intense, its funny, its so awesome, you couldn't even write this stuff. The characters seem almost too hilarious, awesome, or geeky to be true. You won't even believe this stuff is actually real.

If you have Netlifx, this movie is available on "Instant Queue". Which, for us, meant we could watch it right from our Tivo (so awesome)! I recommend "King of Kong" VERY HIGHLY. It's clean, its fun, a little stressful and intense in parts. But I seriously loved it.

Ok - better get back to work. See some of you at the Speed Scrap tonight! See everyone back here tomorrow for my SNEAK PEEK!! YAY!


  1. I'm glad you posted this, 'cause I thought it was the 14th. Then I thought you'd made a mistake when you said it was the 15th. Then I realized that I was wrong. So thanks for saving me some embarrassment later (although I guess I wrote the wrong date on a check this morning; oops).

    I just put the movie recommendation on my hold list for the library (yes, my library carries movies! Love it!) Thanks for the recommendation; I love documentaries (I guess I'm nerdy like that!)

  2. Can't wait for new release Friday!!

    I also LOVED this movie - so funny!! And even funnier because it turns out that he lives just down the street from me. If you liked this one try Wordplay - another good documentary about the world of Crosswords. You can get it from Netflix but it isn't an instant play. Have you seen Monsters vs. Aliens yet? We are thinking of taking the girls this weekend and would love to get a Britt review :)

  3. Seriously, why is it snowing!!! Okay, it just stopped here, and that better be the END! I like documentaries,too--thanks for the recommendation :)

  4. I love when you do movie reviews... that actually sounds like a movie Trev would LOVE! I'M so excited for FRIDAY NOW! WHI WHOO!

  5. I can't wait to see the sneak peek! Thanks for the reminder about the speed scrap. I'm going to try and be there!

  6. My husband is video-game-aholic, so I'm totally going to Netflix now and adding it to our queue!! Thanks for the recommendation!!

    Oh yeah, and as always, I can't wait to see what the new kit is!!!

  7. We loved this movie, too. So very interesting. It's almost like a Christopher Guest movie, but totally real. :)

    AND, yes what is with the snow. I drove to Chuck-e-Cheese in Orem today, just to get the kids out of the house during 'spring' break...and it was a blizzard. Happy snowy spring break. :)

  8. Hey :)
    Can't wait to see the sneek peek! I always try to guess what it might be :) It keeps me wondering until the unveiling! :) Also-I haven't seen that movie, but I am definately going to now! :)
    Thanks for the suggestion :)

  9. Yea! I can't wait to check out this movie! We have been in such a movie funk lately. I was even considering canceling Netflix because we are just wasting our time watching stupid movies. I'll let you know how we like it!


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