Friday, May 29, 2009

Can you feel the heat?

It's Friday people and its HOT HOT HOT at Britt-ish Designs. I've got island fever, and there's only one cure!! The release of my new kit!!!


I've had a lot of requests over the past year for a "Lilo and Stitch" inspired Hawaiian kit. And this week I felt inspired to explore paradise with a bright happy sun-filled kit!! And this is what I ended up with! I quite like it. I had so many ideas, the kit sort of got enormous! But oh well - the more goodies the merrier right?! AND I have a very sweet bonus alpha, FREE with every purchase of "Ohana" during the next week!

That's a pretty sweet deal! And as usual, I have a freebie add-on at the end of this post. So make sure you read ALL the way through.

NOW - let me show you what my team and I scrapped with "Ohana"!!!!

By Me:

Yes, I added parrots to this kit simply because I wanted them for this page! HAHAHA I had to have some cute little Tiki Room birds!

And by my fab team:

I know I say this every week, but aren't they just great??! They blow me away EVERY single week with their beautiful and creative work!

So - let's take a break from our happy little luau we're having and check out this week's Show Offs!!

So fun, right?!!

This week I've been updating my store to make sure to include all my word art packs. Since the move last fall, a few sets went missing. But they're all in the store now, so this week I decided to give the Show Offs their pick of any one of my Word Art packs!

If you were a Show Off this week, watch for your coupon to be emailed to you today!

If you'd like more info about how YOU can be a Show Off and get free stuff from Britt-ish Designs too, read the end of THIS POST.

Ok - here is the "Ohana" add-on I promised you!!!


Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy your "Ohanas" (Ohana means family) and get outside and enjoy the sunshine if you have it where you are.  OOOOH and I hope to see lots of you at some of the SM Speed Scraps going on this weekend!  It should be a lot of fun!!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

root canal survivor!

The root canal is done. But the fun is not over, my friends. I still have two more hellish appointments that I'm sure will be even worse than this last one. Root canals are NOT as bad as you might imagine though. You are totally numb and there is less drilling and horrible noises than getting fillings. THANKS SOOO much for the iPod idea. It helped immensely. My endodontist's office actually has iPods there you can use if you don't bring your own, so that was nice.

The worst thing about it was the taste! No one warned me about this horrible chemical, poisonous taste you get!! I was seriously gagging. They kept having me swish to try and get it out but it wouldn't go away. But they weren't too worried about it. The closest thing I can describe it to would be having a mixture of bleach and chlorine poured down the back of your throat. It seriously felt like something you should NOT be swallowing!! And the disgusting taste lasted ALL DAY yesterday, making eating a real trick. Luckily I woke up with just a tiny hint of it, but after a brushing it was gone. THANK GOODNESS!!!! I have no idea what it was from. The medication on the root, the temporary filling. No idea.

One thing I can brag about . . . my endodontist said he had never seen such long and curvy tooth roots EVER. I officially have the longest roots he'd ever seen. WOO HOO! I should get a trophy or something, right?

Ok - enough tooth talk. Want to see a sneak peek of the new kit I have coming out tomorrow?!?!?!

It's bright! It's fun!! I can't wait for tomorrow to release it!

One quick LO to share before I sign out - this is my niece Eden this past Halloween!

{credits here}

Isn't this a cute kit!?! It's called "Safari Sunset" by Mira Designs and it just came out today. I have been waiting for a kit with a cute lion to come along so I could scrap these pics!!  Eden was really into Lion King and Simba, so Marci dressed her up like a little Lion Cub for Halloween.  She was adorable!

Alright - that's it. Thanks for all the sweet emails and comments about my root canal. Like I said, its not as bad as you think it will be. At all. As much as I royally HATE getting dental work done, I recommend getting on a good 6 mo. schedule for cleanings and just get your teeth taken care of. Stop putting it off. You end up like me, root canal and a ton of cavities!!!!  It's so not worth it.  Plus, as soon as I'm done, I can stop worrying about it and not have it nagging at me in the back of my mind.

See you tomorrow!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

root canal today

In less than an hour I'll be on my way to the Endodontist to get my root canal. OH JOY! Thanks for the tips and words of comfort people! I'll definitely be taking my iPod - that sounded like a great idea, since part of what's so horrible about dental work is the sound! I've loaded my little pink shuffle full of music from my "happy place" (Disneyland). Hopefully it will help take me there and away from the drilling!!! (I am a tiny bit excited for the gas!)

Well, I guess I better go eat and get ready. They told me to eat before because I'm going to be so numb, I'm not going to want to eat for a while. Sigh . . .

See you on the other side!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

First thing I have to tell you. I didn't realize this when I made my original post about Glee, but thanks to one of my blog readers, I now know that there aren't going to be any Glee episodes until the FALL! It was just a teaser to get you excited about the new fall series. Isn't that lame?!?! So - sorry if I got all of you excited for another episode. It won't be until the fall!!! Lame.

Just wanted to plug our MARATHON of Speed Scraps coming up at SM this weekend! There's our regular weekly speed scrap on Thursday night, and then a whole host of them over the weekend to wrap up our May Queen of Scrap '09 contest! I don't know if I'll be to all of them, but I will definitely try and be to some! HOW FUN!

I don't think I scrapped one thing over the weekend. Oh - well I did scrap one page, but its for one of my CTs and I can't post it yet. (Get excited about a DANG cute new kit by Mira Designs coming out on Thursday).

Oh I did post a new "My Story Matters" challenge. I made my page for it a while ago, in preparation, but I haven't posted it here yet!!


This challenge (as I'm sure you can guess) is to scrap about your "style" as a kid. Not a teen, or young adult. A KID. You should see the other entries we've had so far! SO awesome.

So - I hope you are all having a happy Memorial Day weekend. Where Josh works in retail, he doesn't have the day off. So no big plans for us.

Before I go, I wanted to show you a few REALLY cute LOs I've already spotted in the galleries using my new collab. kit with Sya's Blueprints,  "Sisters For Life"!!

Ok - that's it! Just wanted to share the cuteness!

See you 'round!

Friday, May 22, 2009

sisters for life!

Happy Friday! I'm so excited to release my first ever collab. kit with Sya's Blueprints!! Sya and I bonded over our love for the show "Greek" and decided we should do a sorority kit!!

"Sisters For Life"

Of course, we packed the kit will all-out girly goodness. So - while it has lots of great "greek" items (full greek alphabet, sorority word art, etc.) its perfect for all your everyday girly girl pages as well!!

Here's the page I scrapped with it:

And from the wonderful Britt Girls:

Make sure you keep reading through the end of the post! I have a freebie add-on for you and so does SYA!!

Also new today, I decided it was high time I released another date stamp pack!!

"We're Just Dating v.1"

Here's a page by Melissa using them!

You can also see 'em in action in Erica's "Sisters For Life" LO above! Fun, huh??!

Ok . . . ready for Show Offs? Here we go . . .

Thanks for all the show offs this week!! A whopping 70 LOs came in! All the show offs are getting my new "We're Just Dating v.1" as their gift this week! Watch those email inboxes for my email.

If you want to show off, you can read all about how to do it at the end of this post.

Alrighty - time for the promised freebie add-on! Hope you enjoy it!

Download my freebie HERE. Then hop over to Sya's Blog and grab her freebie add-on too!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

sneaky peek for ya

Hey there! Just popping in to give a sneak peek of my new release tomorrow. I've teamed up with a fab designers, who shall remain nameless until tomorrow, to create a GREAT new kit that I'm REALLY proud of!!

So - get excited for tomorrow!!

Did anyone watch the new show "Glee" that started this week? Well, I did and I really enjoyed it. It's on Fox on Tuesday nights. We'll see if it is really as good as its pilot episode, but based on this episode, I think its going to be great! For me, it was a little bit whimsical like "Pushing Daisies". A little bit sarcastic, a tiny bit teenage guilty pleasure. I read online someone describing it as "the anti-Gossip Girl" and that's the perfect description! Nothing against "Gossip Girl".  "Glee" is just sunnier and more joyful.  Most of all, the writing was sharp, I liked the acting, and the music was AWESOME! If you missed this week's episode, go watch it online and then set your tivo to record next week!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

{my poor teeth}

So - I had to go to the dreaded dentist today. I have a great dentist, so its not his fault (he's my uncle). It just sucks to go. You know? AND it had been WAY too long and I knew I was gonna have problems cuz I have a few sore teeth when I eat. And sure enough, I have to have a ROOT CANAL and a crown put on, plus 6 other cavities. :( SAD!!!!! And of course, Josh, who hadn't been to the dentist in WAY WAY WAY longer than me, only has three little cavities. So not fair. I'm totally bummed and DREADING it. It's going to suck so bad.

On a happier note, I have a BUNCH of LOs to post. This first one is for the new "Everyday Magic" challenge that I just posted over at SM. It's a "top ten list" challenge.


This one I did at the daytime Speed Scrap yesterday at ScrapMatters.


BTW - there's another SS tonight at 8:00 Mountain Time! I'm planning on being there, hope you are too. The prize is an ADORABLE mini-kit from Erica Zane. Check it out!

Here's a LO of my cutie niece Ella. My brother and sister in law moved to Denver for the summer and I'm SERIOUSLY missing these sweet cheeks right now.


(This cute kit I used is called "C is for Chandelier" by Tangie Baxter and its on sale for just 4 bucks right now! - just FYI. I'm a sucker for chandeliers.) We get to go visit them in Denver one month from today. I can't WAIT!!!

This page is from LAST summer at our family reunion. Gracelyn was just being so gosh-darn cute with her popsicle.


I did this next page for the "tumble challenge" on Dani Mogstad's team blog and it WON! woo hoo!!!  I can't get enough Dani Mogstad kits, so I'm very excited!!!


Are you sick of my pages yet?! Cuz I still have TWO MORE! haha

I have to do a HUGE FINGER POINT at this kit called "Enjoy the Moment" by the new Sahlin Studios. Krista Sahlin is one of our fabulous new Design Stars over at SM, and this new kit just has my name all over it. It's inspired by her own magical memories created at the Magic Kingdom!!! If you're a Disney-nut YOU WILL NEED TO BUY THIS KIT.

Here's my page with it:


And it will NOT be my last LO using "Enjoy the Moment". This kit is my new favorite Disney page staple!!!!

Ok - last page. This one I did with Erica Zane's cute new "Underwater Escape" kit! Oooh and I also used a fabulous template for one of the Tuesday Template challenges at SM!


Isn't that a cute kit!!? As soon as I realized it had a jellyfish in it, I knew what photos I had to scrap with it!!

OK - whew!! What a post! Sorry it was a marathon. Hope y'all have a great night. For those coming to the Speed Scrap at SM, I'll see you there!


Friday, May 15, 2009

{Viva Las Vegas!}

It's FRIDAY people and I'm just dying to release my new kit! So - without further ado, I give you . . .


It's Vegas, baby!! And so much more. Wait until you see all the different uses my Britt Girls came up with for using "Jackpot".

Plus, I'm throwing in a bonus pack of word art for FREE when you purchase during the first week. After that it will be in the store separately (and be sure to read to the bottom of this post for an add-on freebie!!).

Here's what my team and I scrapped with it:

By me:

These photos were taken just 4 weeks after Josh and I started dating, clear back in 2004. I was moving to LA for an internship (yep, I moved away from the man of my dreams less than a month after we'd met - am I a genius or what?!) Josh drove me out to LA and on the way we just HAD to stop in 'fabulous Las Vegas'!

Ok - here are the Britt Girls' LOs.

Aren't they awesome?! From girlfriends to beaches, they were so creative with this kit!!

Also new in the store today:

"Pinky Dinky Alpha"

Here's a cute example of the alpha scrapped by Aly:

You can also see how well this alpha recolors, in Erica's 'Jackpot' LO above.

Alrighty - are you guys ready for some Show Offs??

Thanks to everyone who turned in a Show Off this week! I really enjoyed them all. You're all getting my new "Pinky Dinky Alpha" as my gift to you this week! Watch your email inboxes.

For those who are asking themselves, "Whats a Show Off?" or "How do I get a free gift?", let me explain.

Every week you're I invite you to email me at designerbrittney at gmail dot com and either attach or share a link to any LO you've created during the week using a Britt-ish Designs product (they have to have been created during the current week. No saving them up!). Freebies, templates, anything Britt-ish Designs. Make "Show Off' your subject line and make sure your LO is sized to approx. 600x600. Then on Fridays I'll include you in a Show Off slideshow here on my blog and send you a little gift as a thank you for showing off! It's as simple as that.

OH MY GOSH!!! I totally forgot about the add-on FREEBIE!!!!

Download it HERE!!!

Wow! Sorry 'bout that. I am such a ditz!

Alrighty folks, I think I'm going to be done with the blogging for the day.

See you 'round!!

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