Tuesday, May 5, 2009

{2 days left}

Hey guys!!  Let me just get this little piece of business out of the way . . . You only have Wednesday and Thursday left to snag Britt-ish Designs products at 30% off. Just two days left to snag the bargains. Two days left to pick up my NSD Grab Bag. On Friday I'll reveal the contents and put each item in the shop individually. So go grab it now!

OK - I have a head's up for you on an ADORABLE free kit from Megan Turnidge who sells with me at ScrapMatters. You can get this for FREE:

Just click HERE. (I think you have to be signed up at digiscrapaddicts to get it, but I'm not sure.) Isn't this sooo cute?!  I can't believe its free.  Megan (pronounced Meeeegan if you didn't know) is competing in a "So You Think You Can Design" contest at digiscrapaddicts.com to win free advertising for a whole year!! So - leave her a comment when you snag her adorable kit! Good luck Megan! I think you'll go far!!

Let me show you the one page I scrapped today for Mira Designs (I'm seriously so behind in ALL my CTs! It's amazing what taking a week off will do). For this layout I used Mira Design's May Grab Bag which is full of fun items!!

{full credits here}

As you can see, I'm just having a blast scrapping the cute photos I took while I was in Arizona. :) :)

Ok - does anyone out there watch "Greek" on ABC Family? I sort of happened upon it by accident last fall and watched a marathon and got HOOKED. Now I totally love it and look forward to it every week. I know its sort of cheesy and totally not the highest quality show as far as the acting goes, but I love it anyway. And how you can you not just love Rusty? He's just so nerdily cute and loveable. I almost squealed watching this week's episode where things sort of developed with him and Jordan. 

Ok - I'm done geeking out. I know this show is NOT geared toward my age or demographic. But who cares?!! It's like living out the fun parts of college all over again vicariously in the Greek system. It's just fun!

OK - time for bed. See ya later!


  1. Britt, I've been watching Greek too!! Love that show.. And yeah, I did squeal during the Rusty/Jordan scenes. So cute!! And oh, I'm in love with Cappie.. :D

    I know it's cheesy too but hey, it's entertainment and it's fun, so who cares? Not me, for sure.. *grins*

  2. THANKS Britt!!! :D You are a doll for posting about my kit. ;) hehe

  3. Thanks for the reminder about the sale! Picked up yur grab bag and a few other items. The grab bag is fabulous!!!


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