Saturday, May 2, 2009

{FINALLY - the Show Offs!!}

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HELLO! I'm finally back with the Show Offs. I was at a friends wedding today, which was a 3 hour drive round trip. So . . . I wasn't able to get these done as soon as I hoped!!

ANYWAY . . . here they are!! All 57 of 'em!

If you sent me a Show Off last week and you don't see it in the slideshow or you don't receive your gift email tonight, email me and let me know!! I had to organize a little differently this week, as I was out of town. So . . . I just don't want to have missed anyone!!

So . . . you're probably wondering what all of the Show Offs are getting this week. Well, let me show you:

In the store now, for those of you who must have it, but forgot to Show Off!

Hope everyone's having a fun NSD weekend so far. I have been so busy catching up and attending that wedding I mentioned before, I haven't had as much time to shop, scrap and enjoy as much as I was hopping for. :( But that's ok. There's still tomorrow. Hopefully I'll find a little time to scrap and play.

I did do a Speed Scrap this afternoon. My one indulgence today. I probably shouldn't have done it, I have way too much to do. BUT OH WELL! Here's the page I ended up with:

I used Megan Turnidge's NSD Grab Bag for this page from my niece Eden's 2nd Birthday party. Megan's grab bag has some AMAZING party goodies inside. I totally love it! I totally recommend picking that one up. It's quite a steal!!

Alright - before I go - I MUST show off some pics of my cousin's sweet new baby Addison. She's seriously BEAUTIFUL. I'm so glad I got to meet her.

Ok - gotta get back to work, so much to catch up on . . . sigh. 

Have a great night!


  1. sooo sweet!!! can't wait to have you back around... I hope you get some time to scrap tomorrow! ;)

  2. What a precious baby! Thanks for the Glitzy Spills and Thrills. They're so cute!

    I'm amazed that you got this out what with new babies, Phoenix and a wedding. I'd say you're really on top of things!

  3. You so totally rock - busy schedule and juggling it all. Thanks for the glitters!
    Oh, and LOVE the baby pictures, congrats Aunt Britt!

  4. Ohh, look at her sweet lil' baby feet!!

  5. What a CUTE baby! Her mommy must be so proud! :) I can't wait to see ALL your pictures!! No pressure! Gracelyn already misses you. She asked for you yesterday morning when she woke up!

  6. Wow! How lucky they were to have you there! Take care of big sis and take amazing pics! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I swear you have the most beautiful family Brittney-and the babies come out looking gorgeous! And that flower on the hospital hat-now that is just WAY too cute! Congrats and thanks for the goodies!

  8. britt, can i just say that you are the most awesome friend. Thank you so much for taking that long long drive for such a short visit. I wish we could've spent more time visiting but...what can ya do in that situation? but thanks again, it really meant a LOT

  9. Thanks for having Show Offs! They are a great inspiration and okay... I love the great stuff we get for sending something in too!

  10. beautiful baby pics!! and thanks for the Glitzy Spills and Thrills, they are awesome!!

  11. Sweet baby toes to nosh on - beautiful! Congrats, Britt.


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