Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

First thing I have to tell you. I didn't realize this when I made my original post about Glee, but thanks to one of my blog readers, I now know that there aren't going to be any Glee episodes until the FALL! It was just a teaser to get you excited about the new fall series. Isn't that lame?!?! So - sorry if I got all of you excited for another episode. It won't be until the fall!!! Lame.

Just wanted to plug our MARATHON of Speed Scraps coming up at SM this weekend! There's our regular weekly speed scrap on Thursday night, and then a whole host of them over the weekend to wrap up our May Queen of Scrap '09 contest! I don't know if I'll be to all of them, but I will definitely try and be to some! HOW FUN!

I don't think I scrapped one thing over the weekend. Oh - well I did scrap one page, but its for one of my CTs and I can't post it yet. (Get excited about a DANG cute new kit by Mira Designs coming out on Thursday).

Oh I did post a new "My Story Matters" challenge. I made my page for it a while ago, in preparation, but I haven't posted it here yet!!


This challenge (as I'm sure you can guess) is to scrap about your "style" as a kid. Not a teen, or young adult. A KID. You should see the other entries we've had so far! SO awesome.

So - I hope you are all having a happy Memorial Day weekend. Where Josh works in retail, he doesn't have the day off. So no big plans for us.

Before I go, I wanted to show you a few REALLY cute LOs I've already spotted in the galleries using my new collab. kit with Sya's Blueprints,  "Sisters For Life"!!

Ok - that's it! Just wanted to share the cuteness!

See you 'round!

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  1. Love your LO!!! Didn't we all THINK we were stylin'?!? lol I had a pair of forest green corduroy bell bottoms when I was about 9 , they were my favorite...I just giggle about in now:) Wish I had a picture!


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