Thursday, May 21, 2009

sneaky peek for ya

Hey there! Just popping in to give a sneak peek of my new release tomorrow. I've teamed up with a fab designers, who shall remain nameless until tomorrow, to create a GREAT new kit that I'm REALLY proud of!!

So - get excited for tomorrow!!

Did anyone watch the new show "Glee" that started this week? Well, I did and I really enjoyed it. It's on Fox on Tuesday nights. We'll see if it is really as good as its pilot episode, but based on this episode, I think its going to be great! For me, it was a little bit whimsical like "Pushing Daisies". A little bit sarcastic, a tiny bit teenage guilty pleasure. I read online someone describing it as "the anti-Gossip Girl" and that's the perfect description! Nothing against "Gossip Girl".  "Glee" is just sunnier and more joyful.  Most of all, the writing was sharp, I liked the acting, and the music was AWESOME! If you missed this week's episode, go watch it online and then set your tivo to record next week!


  1. I'm loving the colors in this....can't wait to see the whole preview! =)

  2. Sooooo EXCITED!!! I am sure it will be AWESOME!!!

  3. Is it sad that I was trying to read the words to guess what the theme is..? Can't wait! And I LOVED Glee!! LOVED IT!!

  4. oooh. love the sneak peek. i am so excited for tomorrow! and yes, i watched glee last night and LOVED it. i think your description is perfect. although, i do also love gossip girl. hehehe.

  5. hehe, you both posted at the same time and were next to each other on my Google Reader. I'm excited...

  6. Sneak peek looks cool - can't wait!

    I did watch Glee and I LOVED IT!!! Even saved it to watch a second time with hubby because he wasn't home that night.

    Have you ever seen the movie Election? The main characters in the Glee club (the football player and the brunette girl) remind me of characters from Election - Paul Metzler and Tracy Flick.

    I think its going to be a GREAT show... but.... its not back until the Fall... not next week lol. Oh well, I can wait!


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