Tuesday, June 16, 2009

so sexy

Oh yeah! You know numb-face is sexy! As you might have guessed, I just got home from my THIRD dentist appointment. It was not pleasant, but oh well. It's over and that's all that matters. I'm SO SAD to report that I have to have one more appointment. To fill one last little cavity and get my crown permanently cemented. **SIGH** I was really hoping today was the last one. :( Oh well.

How was everyone's weekend? Josh planned such a fun surprise over-night date for us. On his way home from work he called to tell me to quick pack an overnight bag! Woo hoo!! I was hoping his surprise was an over-night! First, we went to Ikea and bought a cute new comforter, then we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner (it was our first time and we loved it so much we drove all the way back out there again last night!! HAHA). Then he drove us to Salt Lake City to the Little America to stay overnight. It was such a fun thoughtful surprise. Thank you, Baby!!!

In the morning we slept in, went to Mimi's Cafe for breakfast and then came home so Josh could play in his soccer game. We had some crazy stormy weather this weekend, but luckily his game ended just as the black clouds rolled in and dumped rain on us! We all went running for our cars!

So this weekend was great. AND I'm soooo excited for this coming weekend because we are flying out to Denver to visit my brother and his family!! It's been about 2 months since we've seen them and we're sooo excited. 

A few scrapbook pages to share and then I'm going to say goodbye and go rest on the couch while my face regains feeling!!




One last thing before I'm done. Ashley asked where I'd rather be right now. I know my answer comes as no surprise. Instead of sitting at home with a numb face, I'd rather be at the Happiest Place On Earth.

Have a great day!!


  1. Oh Britt, your weekend sounds heavenly...
    (Nice hair-cut Josh!)
    I'm so excited for you to be able to visit your brother. DH served his mission in Denver. We are going to have to get our little family out there one of these days! Enjoy!
    Good luck with the dental work recovery. Hopefully you have some good tv to keep you entertained.
    And seriously, I miss DL so badly! I love that shot of you~ it's perfection.

  2. I hope you're feeling better soon! I have to say that the last photo is just TOO cute! I really love it!

  3. Denver?!! It is so exciting just to hear you say you are coming to Denver even though I don't expect you to make a special visit for me during your family time. (although I would never say no to a surprise visit!) BUT-I will be in UT the WHOLE month of July & can't wait to see you!!

  4. What a SWEET Hubby you have!! You really are a Princess:) Glad you too had so much fun! Sorry about your numb face and all those filling...YUCK! Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for sharing your LO's they are so cute and love the pic of the back of your head with you ears on!

  5. That's an awesome pic (the DL one, not the dentist one ;))

  6. Oh you poor baby! I'm sorry you've had to spend s much time at the dentist. No fun! That is so funny about Texas Roadhouse...Josh and I just went there on a date for the first time last week too! We also LOVED it and went back again last night! Now, we will have to go there together next time we see you!

  7. Hi! I just wanted to say that I really love your blog! I found it some weeks ago via Google. I was looking for Disney layouts...

    Hope you're feeling better right now! Visiting the dentist is so terrible!

    Greetings from Germany, Silvie

  8. Hope you are having fun in Denver. Sorry to hear you need another dentist appointment. I need to make one and I know that will result in a few more appointments. I just LOVE that last photo of you at Disneyland - what an awesome photo.


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