Sunday, July 19, 2009

Magical Autographs Album

I'm just smackin' myself upside the head right now!! I totally forgot to tell you guys about this AMAZING hybrid autograph book that Kimberly (GeekyDiva Designs) created with my Disney-inspired kits. When she approached me about the idea, I was ALL IN. I've seen her awesome work and I knew an adorable autograph book was just what every family heading to Disney needed!!  And its in the store just waiting for you . . . 

"Magical Autographs"

This set of pre-designed tags comes with 32 printable tags and 21 coordinating clustered frames. So - assemble your tag album (using the Luggage Tag Album by Kaiser Kraft - now available for purchase at ScrapMatters!!). Then while at the parks, have the characters you meet sign on their matching tag and snap a pic of you and your new friend. Then when you get home, add the adorable frames to your pics and stick 'em to the tags! 

I seriously can't imagine how cool it would be to have an amazing keepsake of my own like this from when I was little! I am soooo going to do this when I have kids someday. AND since its all designed and ready to go, its not going to take you a month to create this awesome project! It's a SNAP!

Well, hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!! Yesterday we went to a parade in my hometown to cheer on my little bro who was marching with the marching band. We cheered so loud and he totally heard us, even though he didn't break form and smile or laugh. He did GREAT!!

You'll notice that they were not playing when they passed in front of us. Of course!! Oh, well. We heard them in the last two parades we were at. But my mom was DETERMINED to hear them play. She looked at me and said, "Well. I'm just going to have to chase them". And off she went. Chasing after the band, down the parade route.

She's a nut.  I love it.  AND one of my BFFs' little boy won a baby contest, so she was in the parade too, riding on the back of a flatbed truck!! YAY FOR YOU SHAN AND ETHAN!

He's stinkin' cute, huh?! It's no wonder he won!  

After the parade Josh had TWO soccer games in the scorching heat. I think it almost reached 100 degrees here!!! Then we had a YUMMY dinner at one of our favorite spots - Happy Sumo. Mmmm. All in all, it was a fun Saturday.

Today we are headed to church to teach our new Sunday School class. Two weeks ago we were released from our jobs teaching the little tots in nursery and got put into teaching the 13 and 14 year olds in Sunday School. Talk about a big change!! These kids actually LISTEN to us and learn and have actual comments to make on the lesson. HAHA! We were pretty nervous and scared, but once we met the kids and made it through our first lesson we went from nervous to excited. It's a lot of fun. AND one of the moms stopped us in the hall on our way out the door afterwards and said her daughter told her that she "has the coolest new Sunday School Teachers". YESSSSSSSS. SEE!! I told you guys I was cool. HAH!! Sooooo good to hear that we won at least one of them over.

Have a happy day!! See ya later.


  1. ha ha love how your mom ran after the band! I thought it was you running.
    If we go to Disney like we plan to in Nov I'm going to do the autograph album.
    hey is scrap matters broken?

  2. I totally recognized Shantell in the parade, I just couldn't figure out why she looked so familiar LOL! I actually got to hear the band play from my spot on the parade route :)

  3. How cool that your bro's in the AF marching band -- I had cousins in that band! They are totally good. I am a former bandie as well -- not AF (I'm not from Utah) but I did do my student teaching there.

    Congrats on your new calling -- that second-hand compliment is awesome!

  4. Yeah, I would be so excited to be in your Sunday school class. How fun. I was browsing scrap matters and saw that album, it is so cute, I want to go back to Disneyland just so I can make a cute autograph book.

  5. I love marching band pics! I'm former bandie! (Arizona State, GO Sundevils!) I miss the parades.

  6. Loved the band pic and kudos to your brother for not crackin' up! My hubby is a band teacher at a Jr. High and it doesn't take much to get them off task...I'm sure you see that in your new Sunday School position!!! Congrats! I taught Jr. High in the public school for 7 years and then "graduated" to the high school for another 5! I got to teach both levels online last semester and am trying to get hired on again for the fall! I love that age group! I am still friends with a lot of my previous kids that are now grown, married and have kids that play with my daughter!!! =) It's GREAT!

  7. I love the pictures from the parade. Your mom is too cute!

  8. Make that tag autograph album for when you go to WDW!! Don't wait til you have kids LOL!!!

    Great photos...I miss my band days, too & congrats on the new "job"...I'd be running for the hills!! LOL!

  9. Wow that is adorable! I'm trying to figure out how to scan in the autographs and make this with the pics from our Jan 09 trip.

    You are going to do awesome in your new calling but I'll be you are going to miss those wee ones too.

    I still owe you an email with WDW tips and tricks. We've been gone I'll do it soon i promise.


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