Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Speed Scrap tomorrow night!!

Hey there readers. First off, I have to just say a great big huge THANKS to all the wonderful people who have taken time out of their lives to write to me and give me suggestions, tips, advice and help planning our Disney World trip. The response has been out of this world!! But keep it coming! I need all the help I can get!!!! (I knew my DIS girls would be excited!! hehehe I think almost all of you have written me already!) hahaha.

I'm still making my way through the emails, but if for some reason I missed writing you back a thank you, its not because I don't appreciate the email!! I love you all and I'm so grateful for all your help!!

So - tomorrow night is a Speed Scrap at SM (including an incredible prize from Sahlin Studio). I'm going to be there, I feel like I haven't Speed Scrapped in forever. SO - I hope lots of you will come too!! (and I heard that Disney will somehow be involved in the Speed Scrap so that'll be fun!!)

Today I spent the day at Lagoon (a little amusement park here in Utah) with my cousin who is in town from Arizona and her two adorable little daughters. Gracelyn who is three, was a little scared of the rides she had to do on her own, but anything she could ride with one of the adults, she did great on. Addie is only 2 months old, so she mostly slept in her stroller the entire day. haha. We had a ton of fun, even in the heat. I'm so happy they are in town!!! We'll be spending the 4th with them too! YAY.

OK I think that's all for tonight. I'll post tomorrow with some LOs and whatnot. See ya! . . .

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