Monday, August 31, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

Hi!! Just wanted to let you know that I have another classic Britt-ish Designs kit marked down to 50% off today! And today's bargain kit is . . .

"Hey, Daddio"

I still love the stampy alpha, funky retro stickers, and scalloped ribbons in this kit! The argyle paper isn't too bad either!! :)

Have fun shopping the Manic Monday sale!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

30 days!!!!

YEAH BABY!! My Disney World counter is down to 30 days! I can't believe it. Woo hoo!!

I just wanted to pop on to the blog today for a couple reasons.

First - attention all Facebookers!!

I personally am not on Facebook. But my Britt Girls so graciously run my Britt-ish Designs Facebook Page. If you're on facebook, become our friend for updates on new products, sale info, and much more!

And secondly - I wanted to post some of the pages I did in the past week.






And one last one. This is for my new "My Story Matters" challenge that started today. How is your My Story Matters album coming along?


Have a great Sunday!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Fishy Friday

Hello there, readers! Wow. I can't believe its Friday already. This week FLEW by! I have a fun pack of extra fishies to release today. My team all asked for more Fish Friends, so I gotsta give the people what they want!

"More Fish Friends"

Here's my layout with these extra fish friends!

And here are more from my Britt Girls!

Hope you guys like these little friends. I had a lot of fun drawing them.

Ok - time for Show Offs. Everyone must have been really busy getting ready for back to school or something this week because this is BY FAR the smallest group of Show Offs we've had in a really long time! But I really loved looking through all these LOs. Enjoy the slide show.

All my Show Offs this week are getting my new "More Fish Friends"! I'll email those to you this morning!

If you want to know about how you can Show Off and get free stuff too - read the end of this post.

And that's all from me today. Hope you guys have a fantastic Friday!!

Peace out.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Attention Digi-Scrap Shoppers. . .

There's a BIRTHDAY SPECIAL for Erica Zane at ScrapMatters today. Run, don't walk to her store and snatch up all the Erica Zane goodies you've had your eye on!! (the sale price will appear at checkout)

A few of my favorite kits from Erica Zane:

"Fizzy Fridays"

"Sail Away"

"Tropical Escape"

"Woodland Fantasy"

And there are so many more!!

Have fun shopping the sale!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ohhhh Pinocchio!

Let me show you what a I speed scrapped tonight! I'm really happy with the way it turned out!

{credits here}

Do you like the little Pinocchio hat I made? I just modified the Peter Pan hat from my "We Can Fly" mini-kit and made it into Pinocchio's hat!! Thanks for the great idea Yzerbear!

If you'd like Pinocchio's hat, you're welcome to it!! Click here, and then just save the PNG.


And with this page I only have ONE MORE PAGE to scrap from this July 2007 trip! HOLY COW. I'm stoked. Then I can move on to the next trip and try to get that one done.

It was fun chatting with those of you who came tonight!! have a great evening!

Speed Scrap TONIGHT!

Let's meet up and chat and scrap tonight! See you there.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Manic Monday Sale!

Did you know that ScrapMatters has a Manic Monday sale EVERY Monday? It just started a few weeks ago. You can really grab some great stuff at a majorly discounted price!

In the shop, there's a category on the left-hand side that pops up every Monday called "Manic Monday". Some products are 50% off, and some products are marked down to $2!!

The product I have on sale for 50% off today only is . . . .

"Tiny Cowgirl"

Get this stinkin' cute kit for only $2.75 today!

A couple of my Britt-Girls recently used Tiny Cowgirl with my new "Pocket Full of Templates 3".



Happy Shopping!

(P.S. Only 36 more days 'til Disney World!!!!!!)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fish Are Friends. Not Food.

So its finally Friday. Which means I can release my new kit!!!! That is . . . if you can 'FIND' it!

Here it is!

"Fish Are Friends"

I am 100% selfish in designing this kit! I REALLY needed that perfect Nemo/Subs kit to scrap my first big ride on the new subs back in '07. It was the summer the subs finally came back to Disneyland and we were there to ride the brand new "Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage"!

HOWEVER this kit is perfect for SOOOO many memories (as you'll see in my Britt Girls' LOs!) Sea World, the aquarium, the beach, scuba, pool parties, your pet fishies, and so much more!!

Awesome, right??? And yes, there is a freebie in store for you at the end of this post. So make sure you grab it before you go!

Also new in the store today, I've got a little template pack!!

"Pocket Full of Templates 3"

Check out what my Britt Girls scrapped with these!!

I love my Britt Girls! Thanks so much ladies for your amazing work!

So . . . you all know what time it is. Time to enjoy some Show Offs.

Thanks to everyone who showed off this week. You'll all be receiving my new "Pocket Full of Templates 3" as your gift this week. If you aren't showing off yet, why not start now?? To find out more about being a show off, read the end of this blog post.

Ok - here is your "Fish Are Friends" freebie add-on! ENJOY!!

Download here!

Hope everyone has a beautiful Friday and a happy weekend! On Saturday night Josh and I are going to "Dancing Under the Stars" at a local outdoor theater with my parents. It's past So You Think You Can Dance stars who formed a group and are going around doing shows!! Thanks Mom, for hearing about it and getting us tickets! It's going to be SO FUN! I can't wait! Hopefully they'll let us take our camera in so I can post pictures and tell you guys all about it!

See you later!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is it tomorrow yet?

I seriously CANNOT wait 'til tomorrow. For 3 reasons.

1) My Disney World Trip counter is going to go into the 30s!!!!! That is like so soon! I can't believe the time is flying by like this. I thought it would drag on and the trip would never get here. And look! We're like 5 and half weeks away now!

2) It's FRIDAY. Which is almost the weekend. We have a couple of really fun things going on this weekend. So I'm anxious for the weekend to get here.

and 3) I'm releasing a new kit that I'm SUPER EXCITED about!!!!!!! Wanna peek?

Seriously - soooo stoked to release this kit!!!!!

So - until tomorrow! TTFN.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Speed Scrap tomorrow afternoon!

Come speed scrap with me a ScrapMatters tomorrow afternoon.

Stefanie is hosting and the prize is an ADORABLE Erica Zane mini-kit. Check it out.

See ya tomorrow!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What Happened??

Once upon a time, I was a proud member of the No Cavity Club. My dentist happily awarded me a certificate and the nice hygienists took my picture year after year. But now as an adult, those happy days are over. My teeth are full of cavities, fillings and as many of you may remember, I even have a crown now! What happened to that great time of no cavities? Oh what I would give to be in the No Cavity Club today!

{credits here}

What were your childhood accomplishments? Come scrap 'em in my latest "My Story Matters" challenge. You don't need photos to scrap these memories, so don't use the excuse of "I just don't have any of my childhood photos"! You can record the story, even leave a spot for a photo to add later. It's just fun (not to mention important) to write down your personal history.

Have a happy day.

Friday, August 14, 2009

alphabetize your pages!

OK - so I write these posts on Thursday night so they'll post early Friday morning - so I avoid having to wake up early!! haha BUT its 11 pm now, we just got back from our date, and I'm so tired. This post is gonna have to be quick and painless. SO - let's get right to it.

I'm releasing a VERY fun new alpha today!!


Here's what I scrapped with it:

And here's pages from the fabulous Britt Girls!!

Aren't they great? I love them. This alpha is a lot of fun, I see myself using it a lot!

Ok - let's enjoy some Show Offs!!

Thanks for the wonderful Show Offs this week! You're all getting my new alpha as your gift!! If you'd like to find out more about being a Show Off, read the end of this post!!

And that's it from me! Have a great day!!

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