Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ohhhh Pinocchio!

Let me show you what a I speed scrapped tonight! I'm really happy with the way it turned out!

{credits here}

Do you like the little Pinocchio hat I made? I just modified the Peter Pan hat from my "We Can Fly" mini-kit and made it into Pinocchio's hat!! Thanks for the great idea Yzerbear!

If you'd like Pinocchio's hat, you're welcome to it!! Click here, and then just save the PNG.


And with this page I only have ONE MORE PAGE to scrap from this July 2007 trip! HOLY COW. I'm stoked. Then I can move on to the next trip and try to get that one done.

It was fun chatting with those of you who came tonight!! have a great evening!


  1. AHH!! Its Dumbo's hat too, isn't it?? Thank you!

    Love the LO- wish I could have made the speed scrap.

  2. So cute!! My 3 y/o LOVES Pinocchio!! She likes to put her hands on the side of her mouth and go, "Pinnnnocchio!!" and then says, "Gepetto, that's what he says." LOL

    Adorable LO!!

  3. Thanks so much!! I have the cutest Pinocchio pic that this will be so perfect for!

  4. Thanks so much! How clever...I guess I never noticed they were the same hat!

  5. thanks so much! what an adorable hat and perfect for our upcoming disney trip. hope we get to meet pinocchio!


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