Sunday, September 27, 2009

come and get it!

Hey there!! Just wanted to let you know that the Manic Monday sale at SM has just opened and I've got a sweet little deal for ya this week.

My "Used & Abused Paper Pack vol. 1" is on sale for just 2 bucks!!

I LOVE the look of weathered papers!! Check out this adorable page that Leda created this week using the white paper from the pack . . .

So fun!!

So - grab the pack while its cheap and have fun shopping this week's Manic Monday sale.

It's 10:50pm and I am just now going to start packing. I've been making a pack list and doing other trip prep stuff all day!! But its time to just get out the suitcase and start filling it. I actually can't believe I haven't started yet!

Oh well!

See ya.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

an announcement

Ok - sorry to leave you in suspense yesterday! The announcement isn't a HUGE deal or anything, just something fun I hope you'll enjoy. I've started a Britt-ish Designs twitter feed and I'll be chronicling our Disney World trip using my handy-dandy iPhone! (Don't you love my cute iPhone Mickey? hehehe)

So - follow me on Twitter for lots of fun updates and travel log entries!! Should be fun.

Ohhhh and I do have one other little announcement. I guess its a double-announcement day. I officially finished scrapping ANOTHER trip to Disneyland! YIPPEEEEE Here are the last few pages that wrapped it up!




And with that, I lovingly put to rest the July/August 2007 trip! WHEW . . . on to the next!

Before I go, I'll show you what a I did at the Speed Scrap this morning. Thanks to Fiona (canandianmommy) we had a great time!


Alrighty - gotta go run and errand and then clean my bathroom. OH JOY!!!

Peace out.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Get Stacked!

Good morning everybody! Happy Friday. I have a brand new set of templates to release today and I think you're gonna like 'em!

"Stacked Templates"

I based these LOs on some of my own past pages. I like my LOs stacked, layered, PILE ON the photos and embellies. So this template pack is all about stacked photos!!

And unlike most of my other template packs, I've left the shadow styles on the photo layers. If you like 'em - great. If not, just adjust them, delete them, whatever you want. And as always, my templates always come in both .psd and separated png files.

Here's what I created with one of the templates. I rotated it!!

{I used "Miss Kitty, Hooligans and the alpha from Forester's Wish charity collab}

Fun huh??

And here is what the Britt Girls made with 'em . . .

I love my girls. They always impress me, week after week!!

So . . . hope you enjoy the new templates as much as my team and I have this week.

It's time once again for SHOW OFFS.

Thanks so much to all the awesome Show Offs this week!! You're all getting my new template pack as your gift, so watch those email inboxes!!! I'll get that sent out some time this morning.

If you'd like to Show Off, find more info on how to do it at the end of this blog post.

And I believe that's all for today! I have a fun little announcement to make tomorrow, so stop on by the blog over the weekend!!

OHHHH!! I almost forgot! There's a Saturday Afternoon Speed Scrap at SM at 10:30 Mountain Time tomorrow (9/26). I think I will be there (the prize is awesome), so I hope to see lots of you there too!! What a fun way to spend a Saturday morning/afternoon together!

See you later alligators.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Last minute advice?

One week from today our plane will be landing in Orlando, Florida!!

I can't believe its come so fast!!

So - do you have any last minute tips for me? Packing tips? Our costumes are done for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (you'll have to wait and see pictures to see what they are). I just got two cute new shirts (at Wal-Mart of all places) to wear for just 7 bucks a piece.

(sorry about the crappy phone picture)

I haven't started packing yet, probably save that for the weekend.

Any little tips, send 'em in!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Two-Dollar Templates!

The Manic Monday sale at SM just went live and I have a template pack on sale for just 2 bucks!!

"Hang 'Em High Templates"

These templates are based on some of my own pages . . .

Lemme show you a couple awesome LOs my Britt Girls have done recently with these templates!!

From Kim:

From Fiona:

From Sarah:

So grab 'em before the sale ends Monday night for just 2 bucks!

So - no big deal - but my Disney World Trip Counter is now IN THE SINGLE DIGITS!!! BAH!! I can't even believe it. We're already checked-in (online) to our resort! CRAZY!

So, did you guys watch the Emmy's tonight? NPH rocks. Fun night!!

see ya.

Friday, September 18, 2009

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Not so long ago, in a galaxy not so far away, a digi-scrap designer used the force to create the most awesome kit EVER!!!

"Galactic Alliance"

Those of you who know me, know I absolutely LOVE Star Wars!!! And I've had this kit brewing in my head for the longest time. But I have to say I'm totally in love with the finished product. Here's the page I scrapped with it!! This is my nephew from a couple of Halloweens ago!

He made such a cute little Yoda!! And, as usual, I do have a great add-on freebie for you at the end of this post!!

AND as an extra surprise, I'm also releasing . . .

"We're Just Dating v.3"

Check out what the Britt Girls created this week!

Aren't they great?!?! I know I say that every week, but its true!

Ok - time for SHOW OFFS!!!!

Fabulous work this week Show Offs!! You're all getting my new "We're Just Dating v.3" tags!! Watch your email inboxes.

If you'd like to be a Show Off and get free gifts too, you can learn how at the end of THIS POST.

Well, I guess its time I give you that promised add-on freebie!! ENJOY!


Have fun scrapping your intergalactic LOs!! I can't wait to see them in the galleries!!

Have a "stellar" weekend! hahah

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Ok - forget about the drama of yesterday!! It's time for a SNEAK PEEK at my kit coming out tomorrow morning!! I'm really really really really excited about it!!

I know you guys are going to LOVE THIS KIT!

I just wanted to say a quick thanks to all of you for your warm comments and kind emails yesterday and today!! You really know how to make a girl feel loved!!

See you tomorrow morning!!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I've been banned from the DIS!

OH MY GOOD CRAP!! I just got banned from the DIS for life. Wow. I didn't even do anything. I haven't made one post there today with everything going on. NOTHING.

I got a message saying the following:

Dear designerbrittney,

You have received an infraction at The DIS Discussion Forums -

Reason: Registered to Spam
This infraction is worth 100 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

Original Post:

---Quote (Originally by Pooh46)---
_Britt_ - That photo blending is awesome! What is the blended photo a picture of? I love the jounraling along the border and your layering/cluster is beautiful, as always.
---End Quote---
The photo is of what the floor mosaic in the center of the esplanade. It's kind of a compass. It's very cool!!
---End Quote---

Ok - so my answering a question was Spam? What?!?!! Then I tried to respond to the message and got this screen:

So. Please don't try and PM me or anything over there. Cuz I'm banned forever. Wow. How sad. Sad. Sad. Sad. I never use the DIS for advertising. I'm VERY careful not to. Wow. I cannot believe this just happened!!

I honestly NEVER abuse the DIS for advertising and personal profit. EVER. What a joke. I'm just so saddened. I hope none of my other DIS pals are being banned too!!!!!! So - apparently my choice to move to MouseScrappers was a good one! WOW. I'm just blow away. I'm trying really hard not to have hurt feelings or take this personally. But they like sought me out and banned me. FOR NO GOOD REASON. I wish at least I'd have done something to warrant it!! SHEESH!

ATTENTION Disney Scrappers!

Well, many of you know by now that there's been a big drama-fest at the DIS today. I have chosen not to become involved in the debates, but instead turn my efforts toward finding a new place to have our beloved little group and our weekly challenges. SO MANY of you recently joined in on our fun challenges at the DIS, but we do have to move sites in order to keep it going. So I hope you'll follow us to our new home . . .!

Carol, the owner of MouseScrappers is waiting with open arms! No longer will we have any drama about our challenges whatsoever!! It's crazy that after 74 weeks of challenges, we are having to make this move, but I think its going to be PERFECT for us at MS!! In addition to being able to have our challenges there, they also have all these boards to share your Disney related LOs. If your page is from Epcot, you post in the Epcot section, if your page is from Disneyland, you post in the Disneyland section. Such a fun way to share our work and get Disney inspiration from each other. AND she's welcomed us to carry on our same schedule for challenges as well as share links and preview to the Disney digi-scrap product that we find!!!

I urge everyone who is a Disney Scrapper to come join us there for all the fun! We will NOT be bad-talking the DIS in any way at our new home. Let go of that frustration and annoyance you feel and just come have fun with us at MS!! The funny thing is, that none of us digi-scrappers EVER STARTED the drama that went on at the DIS. But it was always directed at us!! Let's keep ourselves drama free at our new home. K??

Fran is hosting this week's challenge!! It's will be up and running in this board very soon!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

don't forget manic monday

I meant to post about this late last night, but I forgot! haha I have a great kit marked at 50% off today!!

"Brown Eyed Girl"

You might remember Kim's cute page using "Brown Eyed Girl" from my Friday post . . .

And check out this little beauty by Sarah!

And look at this adorable one from my friend Molly!

This kit is super cute!! And 50% off today only.

ALSO I have another kit marked down right now. For those who don't know, ScrapMatters has a Quick Page Exchange every month. One kit is selected and marked 30% off. Everyone uses this kit to create a QP and then enters it to the exchange. If you entered a QP, you get a copy of EVERY QP that was entered. It's a sweet deal! Even if you don't want to do the exchange, the kit is still 30% off! And this month, its one of mine!!

So obviously my "Hooligans" kit is marked 30% off for this month's exchange.

You can read more about the QP Exchange here.

AND . . . I'm reposting my add-on freebie that goes with this kit, so if you didn't snag it the first time, you can get it today!!

Download it HERE!!

Have fun doing a little bargain shopping!! haha

OH!! I'm off to write my brother on his mission in Chile before I forget!! Today's his email day!!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Backstreet's Back!

Ok let the snickers and mocking begin. When I was 14, I liked the Backstreet Boys. But c'mon! I'm pretty sure everyone my age loved them. I decided to share my embarrassing love of this Boy Band for my new "My Story Matters" challenge that starts today.

{credits here}

This installment of the My Story challenges is all about what music/bands you liked when you were 12 - 14 years old! So funny. Now, don't misunderstand me. I liked them when I was 14. I'm definitely not one of those fans who is still excited that they're getting together and touring or something. I'm over it. But when I was 14 they were so cool and I listed to those first couple albums over and over and over. hahaha

One last thing! There's a "Mystery Speed Scrap" tomorrow morning at 10:00 Mountain Time tomorrow!! What a fun way to start off your week!

I have to be somewhere at 11:00, but I'll be there to chat a bit at the beginning!

Have a great day!

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