Sunday, September 13, 2009

Backstreet's Back!

Ok let the snickers and mocking begin. When I was 14, I liked the Backstreet Boys. But c'mon! I'm pretty sure everyone my age loved them. I decided to share my embarrassing love of this Boy Band for my new "My Story Matters" challenge that starts today.

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This installment of the My Story challenges is all about what music/bands you liked when you were 12 - 14 years old! So funny. Now, don't misunderstand me. I liked them when I was 14. I'm definitely not one of those fans who is still excited that they're getting together and touring or something. I'm over it. But when I was 14 they were so cool and I listed to those first couple albums over and over and over. hahaha

One last thing! There's a "Mystery Speed Scrap" tomorrow morning at 10:00 Mountain Time tomorrow!! What a fun way to start off your week!

I have to be somewhere at 11:00, but I'll be there to chat a bit at the beginning!

Have a great day!


  1. Oh come on Britt... if they were to come back full fledge you'd love them... just like me, Danica, and Leslie would too! HAHAHAHA... okay, maybe not!!! BUT I am PROUD to say I went to their concert!!! teehee Cute page though... weird to think that was so long ago... it seems like forever, but sometimes it seems like yesterday we were crusin around in your convertible jammin to Backstreets Back! :)

  2. hahah I still love them- boy-band wednesday baby! ;p

  3. Oh how I loved the Backstreet Boys, especially Kevin! Kari and I went to their concert and were at the tippy top of the Delta Center and thought it was so great!! We still love em'!!

  4. Hey don't forget your first concert EVER! Paula Abdul! You stood up and danced and rocked our the whole time. It was awesome. 12 years old and loving it. Remember that?

  5. Awww! I loved The Boys back in the day too! hahaha!!

  6. I know this post will date me :P but when I was 12 I was inlove with "original boy band" - The Osmonds! Even now Donny still makes my heart beat a little faster, and Im not ashamed to admit it!


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