Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Last minute advice?

One week from today our plane will be landing in Orlando, Florida!!

I can't believe its come so fast!!

So - do you have any last minute tips for me? Packing tips? Our costumes are done for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (you'll have to wait and see pictures to see what they are). I just got two cute new shirts (at Wal-Mart of all places) to wear for just 7 bucks a piece.

(sorry about the crappy phone picture)

I haven't started packing yet, probably save that for the weekend.

Any little tips, send 'em in!


  1. Buy a water bottle with a filter than fill it with ice that the vendors on the street will give you for free if you ask! Don't forget to ask the balloon handlers to hold their balloons for a great picture! Have the best time ever!

  2. Pick up a couple of the cheapie dollar rain ponchos you can find at Walmart or the like. If it doesn't rain you can use them on rides like Kali River Rapids or Splash Mountain. They will come in handy!

    Pack a few ziploc bags of various sizes. Great to stick a cellphone/camera/wallet/keys/photopass cards etc in for the above mentioned rides. Tons of other great uses too... wet clothing, leftover food (mostly for kids!! lol), etc.

    Stop by Town Hall on Main Street USA and pick up your first visit badge. This IS your first trip to the world!

    Don't try to "conserve" your dining plan snacks and counter service or you'll never use them all! (We made that mistake). The French pavillion bakery (tucked way in back) is to die for and you can put those goodies in a ziploc (above) for breakfast the next morning! :) ...or from the bakeries on main street, boardwalk, mmm I think I need chocolate now! ;)

    Remember that the world is very spread out, so you'll be doing MUCH more walking than at the land. A nice foot soak for in the evening (or peppermint foot lotion) is a little luxury we enjoy Also, plan on a minimum ride of 20 minutes to the parks via bus from Pop...more likely closer to 30 with load and unload times! If you want to make it to park opening or dining ressies on time, this may be a factor.

    Above all, have a great time and know that there is NO WAY to do it all in one trip! In the 9 months I worked there before AK was built, I tried and still couldn't do it all! And I had free entry!!!

    Good luck and have a super time. I hope you come back with lots of ideas for AK and DHS kits!

  3. I agree with everything that DNSmum said . . . she sounds like an expert! We went in May and had a blast. There is so much to pack into each day, which left us really tired at the end (of course that included having to get two kids around). I think you are staying a week, so you have plenty of time to enjoy everything! I suggest trying to stick to one park each day--moving between parks sounds nice, but it takes up a lot of time. A fun restaurant that we enjoyed just on the fly was Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe in Fantasyland. The food was really good and there are lots of seating options. You can also pack snacks each day and take into the park. Not sure if you're doing the dining plan or not, but we didn't and were able to save $$ by packing lunch and snacks. The parades are just awesome. Make sure you find a good spot and just soak it up. The train around MK is a nice way to relax if you need a break. We actually ate our lunch riding the train one day. Ditto on the walking--take very good shoes!

    You're going to have an amazing trip! Can't wait to see your pictures from the Halloween party--it sounds awesome. Have fun!

  4. You are going to have such a great time! Take good shoes - honestly, the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn in the World are Crocs. I have $200 tennis shoes, but my Crocs are the most comfortable. I walked around the World for 8 straight days and my feet only ached a little.

    Anyway, don't miss Philharmagic in the Magic Kingdom - it's awesome. Carousel of Progress in Tomorrowland is my all time favorite attraction - but be careful, you'll be singing "there's a great big beautiful tomorrow" all day long :)

    I personally think that Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios is way better than in DCA. You cannot miss Rockin Roller Coaster, unless you don't like roller coasters :) I love the Beauty and the Beast stage show and Voyage of the Little Mermaid. The parade at Hollywood Studios is great. If you are looking for somewhere to eat in Hollywood Studios, hop into the Brown Derby and split a Cobb Salad - it's the best!

    DnSmum is right about not trying to conserve your snacks. I can't tell you how many times I have come home with tons of Mickey rice krispie treats because we didn't use our snacks.

    Check out all of the countries and everything there is to do at EPCOT. Each of the countries is awesome and usually has an attraction - the ride in Norway is interesting. I love the movie in Canada. Test Track is really fun! Mission Space made me sick, and I don't get sick from rides.

    Allow yourself plenty of time to get where you want to go. Remember, you can't go from resort to resort via shuttle bus. It has taken us an hour to get to where we needed to go. On our trip last year, we ended up taking a cab from The Beach Club to The Contemporary because we were going to be late for breakfast at Chef Mickey's :)

    I could go on and on, but I won't! Can't wait to see what kind of designs you create with all the inspiration from the World.

  5. I just got back from the world. I went with my mom (our first mother/daughter trip!). We went over Labor Day and did MNSSHP. My advice is for the MNSSHP... watch both parades (the headless horseman starts it off...it was great!) and get a great seat in front of the castle for Hallowishes! Everyone actually sat down infront of the castle so it was a great view. Go to the dance parties with characters dressed in costume, go to the haunted mansion where they take a photo of you with ghosts (magic in their camera)and most of all have FUN! Can't wait for you to gather new creative juices from your trip!

  6. Not an expert at Disney but have lived in Florida for the past three years... This is the rainy season so definitely get your poncho ahead of time otherwise you'll pay through the nose if you buy them at the park. Bring a hoodie for restaurants but leave the heavy clothes at home. It's been in the nineties this week. Yuck!

    I hope you have a great vacation!

  7. Best advice I can give (from a Florida Native):

    When going to the Magic Kingdom, make sure and go allllll the way to the front of the monorail and ask to sit in the VERY FRONT! Up to 4 people can sit in the cabin with the pilot. You may have to wait for the next monorail, but it's totally worth it! Make sure to get your Co-pilot License from the pilot!

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  9. Take chewing gum if either of you chew it. They don't sell it at WDW (that I've seen). I just heard a tip this week on a podcast that if your camera or camcorder battery dies, they will charge it for you in Exposition Hall on Mainstreet. I agree on the snack credit tip.. don't conserve, just use them up on snacks and then you can pay with cash later. If you need to check your dining plan credits, your resort can print you out a list of credits used so you'll know where you stand. I'm so excited for you! Try to send us some pictures along the way!

  10. If you can't get a bottle with filter, Disney water tastes awful so bring some flavored water crystals if you plan to use it! Otherwise, lots of cash for bottled water, or use the snack credits. You will drink a lot every day!

    LOL and I think I probably hit you hard with tips over the last few weeks so I've run out. Hmmmmm you know, you can never have enough tips.

  11. I only went to Epcot back in January (I know, right) but I had reasons 1. it was free 2. my friend brought her newborn (hence that was the only reason I was in FL)

    Anyways, sitting over on the stairs in canada (where the totums are) for the fireworks is a pretty decent view. :) Not many think to go higher, they think to get closer to the wall.

    Take really good shoes.
    Get the funnel cake in "america"
    I've heard the sushi in japan is really good. And check out the Kimono's, they are beautiful!
    Watch the gymnasts in china (skip the food, it's not fantastic)

    The characters HIDE. I stumbled upon Donald and Jasmine, Aladdin and Genie. So keep your eyes out. I know they give you a map and time sheet of where they usually are, if you want the autographs, pay close attention to it (Not sure if they do that at Land)

    I loved the crash test dummy ride. And Space Mission is AMAZING! It bangs you around pretty good, but man, it's awesome. And I don't like rides like that. Go in the intense ride. Specially if you do like things like that.

    OH! The fish and chips you MUST HAVE! They were really really really really REALLY great! And you got TONS for what you paid. At least, I felt that I did. Totally worth the money, and they get busy, so go at an off time.

    As you can see, there is lots to eat there.

    Have fun! :)

  12. Love those shirts, so cute.

    Everyone has given such great info.

    I'll 2nd the don't skimp on using your snack credits, each time we are scrambling to use them up. Also make sure and use all your dining plan allows you. Even if you are not hungry for desert after lunch or dinner get it to go for a snack later. Skool Bread in Norway is awesome as is Rice Cream... ohhh I'm drooling just typing this. Fish and Chips in England are amazing if you like fish. French Bakery has the best and cheapest treats around.

    Wolfgang Pucks in Downtown Disney is the BEST counter service meal on property, it was delish comfort food that we were surprised was considered counter service.

    Little known secret, any restaurant will give you a cup of ice water with a straw and lid. If you are not water picky it's great and free!

    TOT is way better at WDW than Disneyland.

    Also.. from a D-Land lover, Fantasmic is lame at WDW. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it at D-Land and won't bother to ever see it again and waste time fighting crowds at WDW. We even did a dinner for the priority seating, never again. It's totally different and so not as good. I know some people will for sure disagree with me but I was really disappointed with the WDW version. Ride rides instead or better yet stay clear of the Studios the night Fantasmic plays.

    Bring rain gear, you will need it. As a gal who grew up in Orlando it rains and it rains HARD this time of year. And it won't be cold rain it will be hot muggy curl your hair rain. :)

    I think you said you are staying at Pop (our fav) Bring an over the door shoe organizer type thing to hang in the closet near the bathroom sink, it's a small tight area and it's nice to have a place other than the counter to stash all your makeup, hair stuff, etc.

    Did you make an early ressie at Magic Kingdom at Crystal Palace or Cindy's??? Nothing better than getting in EARLY to the MK and seeing Main St. EMPTY! Seriously brings tears to my eyes and a must do on our trips.

    I'll 2nd riding up front in the Monorail, if you have to wait for the next one, totally worth it.

    Single rider, Single rider, Single rider!

    Totally get your first visit button!

    Make sure you have stuff you will need if you are going into the park upon your arrival, bags take on average 4 hours to arrive from the airport.

    I can't wait to see pics and see what your super creative mind will come up with after your trip. Have a blast and say hey to Mickey for me!

  13. I don't have any advice but I'm so excited for you guys! I can't wait to see your pics. Maybe we'll have to get together when you come back so you can tell me all about it. Have fun and be safe!

  14. So everytime you talk about WDW I get so jealous. I can't believe it is only a week away. You are one lucky girl!!!

    I have no advice - having never been there myself - except have the time of your life!!!

    Gotta love Wal-mart for a $7 shirt that is so adorable.

    Seriously so jealous!!! Have a blast!

  15. If you like rides - get the fast passes right away. We didn't really understand what they were all about, so ended up waiting in line for a LONG time to ride Soarin at Epcot. Comfy shoes are a must. I really don't have any other tips as I've only been once, but am excited for you. WDW is absolutely amazing. You will have the best time of your life. Can't wait to see pics and of course as everyone mentioned what awesome Disney themed kits that will come from your creative mind - especially after this!!

  16. Hi Brit. I'm so very excited for you and your husband and I soo can't wait to hear all about your trip. Disney in Orlando is amazing. Some of my tips - I agree with people regarding the dining plan don't try and save you'll have plenty. We always end up with extra and we'd use it in the hotel for snacks for the plane.
    I would tell you the same thing go to one park a day it is much easier - get the schedule online for the parades and events at night that you want tosee and plan your days. I end up changing our plan the week before. It is so much easier. You'll see how time flies each day. DON'T MISS FANTASMIC in Hollywood Studios it is amazing. These are the things I'd do first in each park before the wait's add up. In epcot go right to Soaring it is amazing and many times the fast pass's are gone for the day before noon. In Hollywood Studios go right to Toy Story Mania same thing long waits for that. In Animal Kin hit the safari first and then over to the roller coaster. And do not miss bugs life show - amazing!!! Magic Kind - do see philmagic - awesome! And hit splash mt first! I think you'll have time to do all in a day. Hopefully you have extended park hours. I would suggest getting to the park before it opens at least one day - fantastic interaction with characters. Oh yeah, and in Hollywood studios make sure you go into animation station for the show because after the show you come out into a area with memoribellia and about 12 characters show up for pictures - mickey socer, bolt, army men from toy story, incredibals, chip and dale, minnie, etc. EXCELLENT and a well kept secret:-) ENJOY ENJOY!!! WE SO LOVE DISNEY and I am so looking forward to hearing about what you think:-) Oh yeah, Mickeys Halloween party AWESOME!!! Parade spect. at night:-) Be safe and I too look forward to so orlando disney inspired things:-) I'm just so excited to hear your take on it. Have fun Melissa

  17. oh yeah, one other thing if they tell you you need to get to fantasmic two hours earlier, not true we walk in each time at the last call and get a seat in the top of the theater which in my opinion is the best seats, high enough to see and can use the zoom camera for great pictures and no one in the way of my camera. I've also heard the dinner package for the show is soo not worth it, talked to people there who have done it. I hope all the tips help you guys. Melissa

  18. Hi again, I'm thinking of a million things to tell you this morning - we have been going for a 10 day trip for the last four years in March - so trying to think of all the tips I can - if you do have the dining plan use it for dinners - best bang for the buck we had AWESOME meals in Epcot on many nights - Canada and Japan the best we thought - expensive meals all on dining plan AWESOME!! If you have the dining plan and want to do meals with the characters I would higly suggest the breakfast at the Polyn Hotel with Lilo and Stitch - THE BEST. Singing dancing interactive with the guests - great views of the castle at magic kingdom and Mickey too. Stitch is a character and best show for character breakfast, watch out when Stitchis in time out- he may drop a tray on you. Also if you did get reservation for Cinderella castle breakfast the princess's are wonderful you get to see them all and the food is wonderful - very very pricy but if you do it with the dining plan not so bad - have to figure out what you want to do - if you can't get into that one Epcot does a breakfast with the princess and it is great oo plus you get into epcot before the park opens and you can get some amazing pictures with no people around:-) Just be careful wit the breakfast's it eats up your dining credits - it uses 2 credits each - so I'd do stitch and the spcot breakfast and use the rest for dinners - if your into the characters it is worth it if not eat the dinners yummy.

  19. Lauri (a.k.a. golden1023)September 23, 2009 at 6:15 AM

    Holy Cow! I am glad I read these suggestions because I still have 2 months to think about my packing!!! My suggestion is only for packing. I swear by the travel space bags!! Especially since you are flying and airlines charge for bags!!! Last trip I packed 1 adult and 3 kids (plus diapers) in 1 suitcase!!! Granted I did laundry but any little bit helps.

    And don't forget to throw a tote or duffel in there for ALL of the souveniers you will buy!!! Please take lots of pics to scrap with for your new Jedi kit!!!

    Oh yeah, my new thing to pack this time is a small set of binoculars for the Kilamanjaro Safari in AK! Make sure they have a strap on it, as so does your camera because it is VERY bumpy!

  20. I wanted to add that the monorail is no longer allowing passengers to ride in the front...we tried over Labor Day. :-(

  21. Have fun!!! We'll be going in October, too, so Happy Disney Style Halloween! WooHoo!!!
    And just think of the scrapping possibilities ;)

  22. Pack the kids' clothes in gallon ziploc bags and label them by day. Makes for easy prep in the morning and you'll have baggies for misc stuff when you pack to come home or if swim clothes aren't completely dry, etc.

  23. Ohhh i forgot to say that MNSHP is AWESOME! Make sure and see the parade and crossing my fingers for you that the headless horseman will ride. (they don't do it in yucky weather- safety reasons i guess)

    I heard the best place to see him get up to a fast pace is on Main street where he is on a straight away but we saw the parade in between Hall of Pres and the bridge to the Castle( Liberty Sq area) and it was perfect. The parade is my FAV all time of any WDW parade. It was so cool. Totally different from most.

    The fireworks were awesome for the party too.

    One more thing I thought of... get a small pedometer for your shoe it's fun to add up all the miles you've walked on your trip for the week. We average about 5-7 per day unless we are at Epcot and then it's more. CRAZY fun!

  24. Sounds like you have some great words of advice here! The only thing I can add, is to have fun and enjoy yourself! sometimes too much planning can ruin the whole excitement! Take it all in, to remember later! Be safe! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get home! ((HUGS))

  25. Wow Britt!! I can't believe your trip is only a week away!! Woo hoo!! You've gotten some great advice and tips. The only thing I was going to add was about refillable mugs. They are about $13 now I think and you can get unlimited refills at your resort. Being there as long as you will be you will probably get your money's worth. They're great too if, say you want to use a snack credit for breakfast, but you want juice or coffee too. I don't know that I've ever been there for a long enough stay that I've gotten my money's worth, but my refillable mugs are one of my most favorite and most-used souvenirs.
    You will LOVE Pop. We've stayed there twice and it is just such a fun resort. So much to look at and lots of great photo-ops!
    Lately when I look at my (or anybody's) Disney layouts I think, "It won't be long until Britt is there," or ...."doing that." I guess I'm excited for you because I know how much you will enjoy it, but also APPRECIATE it and take it all in. I know you are going to come home super-inspired and quite honestly....I can't wait! Hope you guys have a MOST MAGICAL trip!!!

  26. Take a variety of comfy shoes. Even if you have the best, most comfortable shoes, after 2 days of walking "around the world" you will want to switch it up. Also, bring a pair of flip flops for around the hotel.

    Don't go expecting Disneyland. It is totally different (even the layout of Magic Kingdom), so get a map.

    Have FUN and try to give yourself a little down time.

  27. An advance welcome to my hometown! I hope you'll have a wonderful time visiting us.

    You have gotten great advice for the attractions. My tip is for the weather. I'm living in it now :) and it's HOT and muggy here. Central FL doesn't cool down until mid-October at the earliest so be sure you have lightweight clothing that will breathe. Our humidity is brutal -- you will sweat buckets, but because of the humidity it doesn't evaporate.

    Because of all that sweatin' you will need to drink tons of water. Seriously, plan on the water. We usually bring our own sports bottle and refill as we go from the water fountains. They sell these little water bottles with attached electric fans -- they are great if you can find one at Wal-Mart ;)

    I second the advice on the rain poncho. This week has been dry, but typically around 4 pm we get major thunderstorms. They only last for an hour or so, but many of the outdoor rides have to close. Hit Wal-Mart for your ponchos before you go -- the ones in the park are way overpriced, and umbrellas are a pain to carry on the rides.

    If you are planning on water rides, wear fast-drying clothing -- you will stay damp all day if you don't (that darn humidity again).

    It doesn't cool off too much in the evenings...but early mornings are pleasant.

    If you have a chance, you should pay a visit to the Grand Floridian hotel, I love that place :)

    This is a great time to visit the parks. The crowds are as low as you'll ever have at WDWat this time of year.

    Have a wonderful time!

  28. Hi Britt! I hope you have a wonderful time. We are major park hoppers. We usually pick one park for the day and then we go back to another park for fireworks or parades at night.

    I agree with a previous poster about Wolfgang Pucks - not only is it yummy but you get the most for your money there. I hate wasting counter service on the food at the resort. We also like Cosmic Rays for counter service. You picked great places for your table service.
    Day 1: Breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table (if you res is early, go as early as possible so that you can take pictures in front of the castle with no one else there!)
    Day 2: Lunch at Coral Reef (so cool)
    Day 3: Dinner at Boma (Yummy)
    Day 4: Dinner at 50s Prime Time Cafe (make sure to give some attitude back to the waitress/waiter - it is more fun that way)
    Day 5: Lunch at Sci-Fi Dine-In (you can actually turn off your flash and take come cool pictures of the screen)
    Day 6: Dinner at The Crystal Palace (always fun and yummy)
    Day 7: Dinner at Le Cellier
    (This is our all time favorite restaurant!! - if you love steak - it is really great here. This is also our favorite restaurant to take pictures of the food before we eat it. The plate presentations are beautiful.)

    MNSSHP - the parade is really great. Also take advantage of the the photo op of the characters in costume. We have been 3 times and we love it more than MVMCP.

    We had a great time at POP - we were in the Playdough building. Make sure to get up early one morning and take pictures of and with the icons.

    Oh - we also bring a laptop and dump the pictures off the cameras each night.

    Okay - I will stop typing because I could go on forever!

    I will leave you with this - I am sure you have heard this before but everything in Disney World is designed to move the flow of traffic to the right - so when in doubt - GO LEFT. It really works to avoid crowds and get in shorter lines :) Don't forget Fastpass - especially for TOT, Rock n Roller Coaster, Toy Story, and Safari.

    Have a great time and safe trip! I can't wait to hear about your trip.

  29. Use a spreadsheet of what days you have what reservations and what days you are going to which park and when you are going to see the parades...that way, you don't miss anything you planned to see :)

    The WDW parks are larger than the DL parks....especially Epcot. If it rains, Epcot is the best park for a rainy day....most of the rides are inside.

    Wear socks with your shoes....the average walking is about 13 miles/day at WDW. Leave your flip flops at home.

    Did I understand you are staying at Pop Century? Plan for 30-45 bus rides to and from. A downside from DL where you can walk from the Grand Californian and be in the parks.

    Have fun!!!!!! Check out the parks so you can keep making more new kits!!!!!!

  30. Ok.. is it so silly that I'm giddy for someone I've never met going on her first trip to WDW! :)

    Not only that I keep checking back to see what awesome tips you are getting.

    Totally agree with everything Disney Baby said.. and GO LEFT!

    Two more things i thought of today...

    I also take a little pop up bin or basket for chargers, cell phones, room keys etc so they are always in one place.

    I also use a magnetic clip to hold together all of the many papers that you will have. Itinerary, agenda, meal ressies, etc. It keeps them all in one place and handy.

    Just saw your dining ressies, Awesome!!! you picked some of my favs and one that we've tried forever to get into and have not yet, the one at Canada! Make sure and try the carrot ginger soup at Boma's.... so good!

  31. Yay! We're leaving in 3 days, so hopefully we'll see you there. Thanks so much for all the great tips!

  32. How exciting for you Brittney! You are so going to love WDW! I just love, love, love Epcot and really suggest having lunch or dinner at the World Showcase. I totally agree with some of the other posters about Canada. We ate at Le Cellier Steakhouse on our last visit back in 2007 and it was out of this world. I've also eaten at Tutto Italia Ristorante in Italy-which was also quite yummy. I definitely suggest making your reservations ahead-and I always like to eat at times when others aren't eating. That way, you can get on some more attractions while everyone else is eating at say 12 noon and 6 pm.

  33. Magic Kingom
    - get out by noon and take a quick resort break from the crowds and the heat. Come back after dinner and enjoy the park at night :)

    Animal Kingdom
    - the best stuff happens at opening. Head straight for Kilimanjaro Safaris first. Make sure you have a cell phone this park is HUGE and we lost each other a few times.

    - go nice and slow. Epcot is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the sights. Take time to talk to the cast members visiting from other countries, they are fun to chat with.

    Hollysood Studios
    - hit toy story mania early as many time as possible. shows are a great way to beat the heat during the day as most are shaded or air conditioned.

    Hope you have an awesome time!

  34. It looks like all the good tips have been given!! So my advice is...HAVE FUN!!!!!!

  35. We just got back from the World and I'm so excited for you to go, as I'm sure you will come back with lots of inspiration for scrapping.

    One really fun thing we got to do on this trip was the Picnic in the Park at Animal Kingdom. I probably wouldn't pay out of pocket for it but as a counter service on DDP it was great. You choose your picnic foods and they prepare it for you and put it in a grocery type bag that you can reuse. They also give you a map for all the picnic table spots around the park. We sat in the spot that had a clear view of The Tree of Life and it was awesome.

    As others have said take along rain ponchos. The Disney ones are way cute, but you end up toting them around, instead try dollar tree ones, then you can trash them when the rain has stopped.

    At park closing you could always pick out the Pop bus line .. it was the longest! Our solution was to take our time leaving the park, better to wait inside where it is fun and interesting than to stand in a bus line.

    My advice for Disneyland people visiting WDW for the first time, is to do all the things that are different than Disneyland. For example Soarin' is exactly the same as California, so unless it is a ride that you absolutely love and have to do, ride test track instead or mission space. Experience new things, it will make your trip more memorable.

    Don't miss the movie at the American pavillion in Epcot, to me it is a spiritual lift and I never walk away dry eyed from the experience.

  36. My advice, from a current cast member, is COME SEE ME! ha ha! also, like said before, you cant sit upfront anymore on the monorail, not since the accident over the summer, but i suggest taking the ferry to magic kingdom, its nostalgic and takes about the same amount of time as the monorail.

    definitely see both wishes and halowishes, they are both different and amazing! (what day are you doing the party? im not working the friday one)

    You surprisingly will get a lot of things done while you are here. My family got things done really quickly! so much so that they got bored in the evenings at times. defintely see fantasmic! its amazing! same with illuminations, but i think wishes is my favorite hands down.

    the only ride you should need a fast pass for is toy story mania, which is way fun, but youll need to hurry hurry to get the fast passes, cuz everyone goes that way! the indiana jones show is one of my favorites! american idol is cool for the experience but the talent isnt always impressive. if you do it, go to the last showing, its usually the best(but most crowded). well, i think most people gave a lot of advice but i have the most important one that i told my family and it helped us so much! when you get to a park or are wondering what to ride, check the ride times on the times board. it is the best tool in the park! you need my number as well so you can call me if you need anything!

  37. On our trip last spring I brought my laptop (mainly to be able to view the MANY pics I take) but also so I could journal about the activities of the day. Every night after the kids were asleep, I'd write out everything we had done that day, because I knew once we got home I would quickly forget the details. I did a 12X12 shutterfly album of all my disney layouts and in the back of the album I included 7 pages of journaling, one for each day. I know that probably no one will ever read all that but me, but it is a treasure for me to have record of all the fun things we did! Have a great time!


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