Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September Already?

Seriously - how can it be September? August went by in a blink!! But - it is September and I have a brand new Guest Britt Girl!! I'm pleased to announce that Fiona (candianmommy) will be a Britt Girl during the month of September!!!

Welcome Fiona!

And I have one quick announcement for any of you who are scrapping your Disney pics. I am hosting this week's challenge over at the DIS boards. And anyone who enters will get this alpha for FREE!!!!

So - if you'd like this alpha too - the only way to get it is to enter my challenge! Come check it out.

OK - I gotta get back to work!! I'll see you tomorrow with SNEAK PEEK of my new kit!!! yipee!


  1. Can't wait for the new Kit...Something Disney maybe?? :)

  2. I actually have Disney Pics to scrap! YAY! That alpha is adorable!!

  3. That alpha is adorable. OH my gosh Britt you are under 30 days!!!!!! :)

  4. This alpha is adorable! I will do my best to get something submitted in time! =)

  5. This alpha is so adorable I might decide to register at the DIS boards and play along! :) Let's see if I have enough time this weekend!


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