Sunday, September 20, 2009

Two-Dollar Templates!

The Manic Monday sale at SM just went live and I have a template pack on sale for just 2 bucks!!

"Hang 'Em High Templates"

These templates are based on some of my own pages . . .

Lemme show you a couple awesome LOs my Britt Girls have done recently with these templates!!

From Kim:

From Fiona:

From Sarah:

So grab 'em before the sale ends Monday night for just 2 bucks!

So - no big deal - but my Disney World Trip Counter is now IN THE SINGLE DIGITS!!! BAH!! I can't even believe it. We're already checked-in (online) to our resort! CRAZY!

So, did you guys watch the Emmy's tonight? NPH rocks. Fun night!!

see ya.


  1. I loved these layouts by your CT gals so I had to grab these templates after I read they WERE in separated png files!!! YAY! Thanks for that! =) I'm loving this Gallactic Alliance kit and being able to use it for Kennedy Space Center pics is AWESOME!!!! I have to find them all to scan them in, but I've been waiting for a really good kit to inspire me to do it! =) Thanks so much and I can't believe it's only a WEEK now before you go!! AWESOME! I hope you'll give us updates on your trip while you are your "free time". HA! =)

  2. Woo Hoo! We're down to 6 days! We did the online check in and we've actually started packing some things. We're so excited!

  3. ooooh Britt I'm so excited for you. You must be absolutely giddy!

    Don't forget fast passes and single rider lines! :) Do the Kim Possible challenges they are super fun and nice for some down time activity and to see the countries.

    I'm sorry I never got to you with an email on tips. Life has been nuts and this time as flown by. One neat thing we learned by accident last trip was to do a LATE dinner reservation at EPCOT (8:50pm) we were at Chef's de France and could see Illuminations. We had a long slow dinner then walked out of the park with it empty, it was beautiful and neat to be some of the last in the park.

    Can't wait to hear updates and see pics. :)

    LOVE the new kit BTW, we just got back from D-Land (we forgot our kids this time) and brought them back light sabers, perfect for some snaps of them! :)

    Have a BLAST!

  4. oh i did see part of the emmys...NPH or doogie does do the best job i've seen in awhile! lol.


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