Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Any readers out there?

Did you guys know I'm in a Book Club? I've been in one for years, but recently we had a little summer hiatus. All my aunts and a few cousins from my Mom's side of the family make up the club. And tomorrow night we are picking it back up again! YAY!!

This month my mom is hosting, so the book was her choice. We read "Mrs. Mike" by Benedict and Nancy Freedman. Anyone out there read it? It was first published in 1947, but was released in the 80s, and then in 2002. It's sort of a "young adult classic" novel. It REALLY loved it. There were some parts where I just couldn't put it down. Totally great book. I can't WAIT to talk about it with all the ladies tomorrow night.

I decided I'd review the books I read each month for book club here on the blog too, in case anyone out there is looking for a good book to read. "Mrs. Mike" is an easy read. Like I said, I'm pretty sure its considered young adult fiction. So, you will be able to read it quickly. I loved learning about the Canadian Wilderness and the native people there. I've never read a book set in this type of setting. It was fascinating. The story is about Kathy who travels from her home in Boston to visit an Uncle in Canada and her life changes forever. Sometimes I was laughing, sometimes I was cringing, sometimes I was reading as fast I could to find out what happened next and sometimes I was even crying. There are parts where it seems to get a little slow, but just keep reading because it will pick up and have you breathless again very soon!

Mrs. Mike is a great read for any age. I'd say even a 13 year old reader would enjoy it. It's squeaky clean. Nothing inappropriate at all. I give it an A!

So, on Wed. night I'll be at book club, so i won't be able to be at the Speed Scrap at SM.

Amber is hosting and there's an awesome Thanksgiving word art prize! So everyone should head over and Speed Scrap. I'm sorry I'll have to miss out on the fun.

And one more little announcement before I sign out. ScrapMatter is looking for a new team of "ScrapMatters Girls". Basically the SMG as we call 'em, leave comments in the gallery, nominate the Layout of the Week and Layout of the Month, monitor the gallery, welcome new members and conduct interviews for the SM blog each week. It's a VERY fun position on the SM team!! And for the work you do, you get gift certificates and all kinds of great stuff.

The call ends this Thursday, so hurry and apply if you're interested!!

Ok I have a million things to do, so I gotta go. I have the HUGEST pile of laundry to fold. Not to mention tons more to send through the wash. I have to clean my house! Josh and I are hosting our annual family Halloween Party on Friday. We have started the tradition of having a Halloween Party with my family and Josh's family every year. It's a TON of fun, but there's lots to do to get ready. I'm doing pretty good making my way down my party to-do list, but I am not looking forward to cleaning.

Gotta run!


  1. I just read that a few months ago. My mom was out here (okay so it was 6 months because she came out when I had the baby) and on our required trip to the DI, she found a copy of that book. I guess it has been her favorite book since she read it as a young adult (probably late teens or early twenties) and couldn't believe that she hadn't told me to read it yet. So she bought it for me, I read it, I loved it. I've already loaned it to my neighbors to read as well. :)

    If you liked that one, you would also definitely like "The King's Daughter" by Suzanne Martel. Hopefully this link will work - [url=http://www.alibris.com/booksearch?qwork=3556959&matches=29&wquery=the+king%27s+daughter&cm_sp=works*listing*title]The King's Daughter[/url] I don't think you can buy it in stores anymore, but you can buy used copies online from Alibris. It's kind of the same type of storyline and also really good. The Provo library used to have it but they don't anymore. Anyway, if you liked Mrs. Mike, you'd like this one.

  2. Looks like the url didn't work. But you could copy and paste if you wanted to. :)

  3. Be sure to post pictures of everyone's costumes! A few years a go you went all out on Halloween decorations - are you doing that again?

  4. Thanks for the book suggestion! I added it to my good reads list. :)

  5. Thanks for the recommendation; I just reserved it at my library!

    And I'm so excited you're going to include your book reviews on here; I love to read. :-)

  6. Always looking for a good book - thanks for the tip. I have never heard of this one.

  7. thanks for letting us know! I'm always trying to find good books. I'm not in a book club or anything but we do have a few of us at work that exchange books..soo I guess im part of a book exchange??? lol I just read an adorable book I think its Sunday at Tiffanys or something like that. Its about an imaginary friend..I just loved the book

  8. Had to tell you that I just finished this book this afternoon, and wow, it was amazing. It was a little slow in the middle (and now that I reread your review, I see you mentioned that) but the ending left me so happy and satisfied I can't stop thinking about it. Beautiful book; thanks for the recommendation.


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