Sunday, October 11, 2009

Disney World Day 1 & 2

Well, our flight to Disney World left at 7 am so we were up at 3 to leave at 4 for the airport! When we got there we wanted to get put on a stand-by list for a better connecting flight, so we wouldn't have a 4 hour layover in Chicago. But the nice ticket counter lady just booked us straight on the flight - no standby needed! SWEET! A great way to start the trip.

When we landed in Orlando, the Magical Express airport shuttle from Disney World awaited us. We walked straight through and onto the bus, no need to get our luggage at the carousel, Disney would bring it to our rooms for us! Our bus was so cute. It looked like a Disney Cruise Ship! The video you watch on the bus on the way to the resort was fun too.

We stayed at one of Disney World's value resorts, Pop Century. We got the 70s area and we loved it! My parents were Disco King & Queen, so I grew up loving Disco. And the area was totally groovy!

The built-in twister spots cracked me up! We even saw some people playing it one day.

My favorite thing was the giant Mickey phone, which was right by our room. We had a phone JUST LIKE IT growing up!! I wish we still had it!

The whole resort was super cute. I'm dumb and totally forgot to take pictures of our room inside, DOH! But it was nothing exciting. Your average motel style room. Small beds, but it was clean and had a small amount of Disney decor.

So that night we basically just rested, had dinner at our resort's food court (meh - nothing exciting or especially delish) and explored the resort.

At night Pop Century has such neat lighting.

And that was it for our first night. We went to bed early because our next morning was an early one!

We caught the 7 am shuttle bus to the Magic Kingdom because we had breakfast reservations at Cinderella's Royal Table. That's the restaurant inside Cinderella Castle. We were in line and were the SECOND couple in the park! Josh hurried ahead and actually took the first step of ANY guest in the park that day!! Cool huh?

Main Street looked so cute all dolled up for Halloween.

Then we walked down a bit more and the CASTLE came into view. We both stopped dead in our tracks with our mouth hanging open. WHOA THAT IS A HUGE CASTLE!!!!!

We got our anniversary buttons and still had plenty of time for picture taking and soaking in the magic before our reservation. To all those who recommended starting our trip off like this, we say a giant THANK YOU!! It was so amazing to get in before the masses and to just enjoy the beauty of the castle and Main Street with out any heat!!! We just LOVED this start to the trip!

Then it was time for our breakfast, we met Cindy and headed upstairs.

I'd tell people to try hard to get a reservation at 8:00 or 9:00 instead of 8:30 like us. We didn't get the best table, and missed most of the princesses formal introductions because we didn't come on the hour. After we asked to move to a better table, I was happier. And of course we still got to meet all the princesses and take part in the special wishing ceremony, but I think going on the hour, would have been even better. I would have loved a table near the window, looking out over Fantasyland.

BUT all that aside, we had a GREAT time. Seeing all the kiddies meeting princesses was awesome and our french toast was YUMMY! And they kept refilling my OJ again and again. YUMMMMM If you're on the dining plan, Cinderella's Royal Table takes two table-service credits, but it was totally worth it! We got free souvenir photos of us with Cinderella printed up before we left, brought right to our table. I totally give Cinderella's Royal Table two thumbs WAY up.

So - after breakfast, we headed for Haunted Mansion. It's one of my favorites at Disneyland, and I was excited to experience the Magic Kingdom's version. The Mansion is SOOOO different. I like it. The ride itself is quite different too. I mean, it has lots of scenes identical to Disneyland's, but there are also lots of different parts too.

After that we thought we'd walk over to Tomorrowland and knock that out. Sorry WDW, but your Buzz Lightyear ride doesn't even compare to Disneyland's. WDW's guns are connected to the vehicle, the targets aren't as fun. In general we were pretty bummed by WDW's version. We normally ride Buzz NUMEROUS time at Disneyland, but one time was more than enough at WDW. But after Buzz, we went to the Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor and that was a TON of fun!! We laughed hard and actually went back a second time later on in the trip, we liked it so much.

One thing WDW's Tomorrowland has that I wish we had at Disneyland is the TTA (Tomorrowland Transit Authority). Otherwise known as the People Mover. Riding that was so much fun. I pray they bring it back to Disneyland some day!

We had pretty much no wait times on anything we'd ridden so far! It was a great day weather-wise too. Not nearly as hot as the day before. It turned out to the be the ONLY cool day we were there.

After Tomorrowland, we saw the "Dream Along With Mickey" show in front of the castle. It turned out to be one of my VERY favorite things at Magic Kingdom. I just loved it!! The animated character faces were amazing! The characters eyes open and closed and their mouths open and close as they talk! I've never seen anything like that before. And the whole story line was adorable.

After the show we headed to Big Thunder and Splash Mountain. We got fast passes for Splash and just as we were about to get on Big Thunder, it broke down, so we rode the train 'round the park. I swear WDW's train is WAY BIGGER than the train at Disneyland. When it pulled into the station I was like WHOA!! That's a big TRAIN!

By the time we got back, it was time to use our fast passes, so we rode Splash Mountain. I liked how I got to sit next to Josh instead of single-file like at Disneyland! That was fun. But, holy cow, the sprayers that spray you directly in the face at the bottom of the big hill!! You don't even have a chance of staying dry!! HAHA And the dumb guy sitting in the back reached into the water to splash the lady in front of him and ended up giving me a nice shower of water down my back instead! NICE. Thanks rude stranger. But oh well, I was wet anyway.

After that we had lunch at Pecos Bill's (yummy burgers!!!) and then grabbed a spot for the parade. The parade was ok, but I wasn't in love. It was fairly short too. The music was pretty cute, but . . . meh. I usually LOVE parades, but this one didn't quite do it for me.

After the parade it was time for the "Country Bear Jamboree". I grew up with this show at Disneyland, and thought it would bring back some nostalgia and memories.

zzzzzzzzzzzz . . . oh my word! We were so bored!!! And what's with the "blood" song at the end?!?! HAHAHA Josh and I joked and sang it to each other for a chuckle the rest of the trip!

Then we were off to Adventureland. WDW's Adventureland is a LOT bigger than Disneyland's, and sort of spread out. There's not a TON more to do than Disneyland's, except the Magic Carpet ride, which was pretty fun, but no more fun than Dumbo (which we never did ride at MK because of the GIANT LINE).

Pirate's of the Caribbean was fun. Much shorter than Disneyland's version, but still fun. The queue for it is pretty cool. Very fancy and grand.

When sun went down and the lights started to come on, we plopped our tired butts down for seats for SpectroMagic and Wishes fireworks.

The crowds weren't too bad, they looks worse in this picture than they were.

We made the mistake of sitting too close to the castle, and most of the fireworks were blocked behind the castle (rookie mistake) but its very similar to the "Remember. . . Dreams Do Come True" fireworks at Disneyland so we were ok. And we had an excellent view of Tinker Bell flying.

SpectroMagic was magical. I loved the music and the crazy cooky characters. What a fun parade!!

Very hard to photograph though. OH BTW - I was so hot and tired most of the trip, that I couldn't get my photo mojo going to take many pictures AT ALL. We have Josh to thank for most of these wonderful photos!!

And that ended our first big day in the park! We really loved Magic Kingdom and were surprised how much magic we'd experienced in one day. Being a tiny bit skeptical of WDW in general, being the faithful DisneyLAND people we are, we were happy to find some of the same Disney magic on the other side of the country as well.

Now if only we would have gone in January and skipped the awful heat and humidity . . .

Up next . . day 3 at EPCOT. (these posts take a while, so maybe tomorrow night? We'll see!)


  1. Been waiting for this, fun read so far! Your Splash pics cracked me up. Tell Josh, he did good with the pics. I seem to remember the "blood song" at Disneyland. Doesn't it something like, "There's blood on the saddle..." ?

  2. Loved reading your play by play! But it kind of made me sad because it's been exactly one year since we hoo! All the pumpkin decorations made me think of our trip! Can't wait to go back! Looking forward to Day 3!

  3. Loved your updates on Twitter. Can't wait to read all the play by play! Sorry it was so hot for you. Even my old hometown Orlando friends were whining last week about the intense heat. :(

    Can't wait to see more.

  4. Fabulous pics!!! Can't wait to read about about the rest of the trip!! Oh and totally agree about the Buzz Lightyear ride - totally lame!

  5. I LOVE hearing about you details experience. Thank for sharing the magic with us, so we can be 'there' too!!

  6. Great report so far! Thanks! That Splash pic is awesome!

  7. Thanks for all the comparisons to Disneyland. We go to the CA park several times a year and we are planning on going to WDW in the near future. It's nice to know what to expect and what to skip from another Disneyland pro!

  8. Looks like fun, and I agree that starting with an early MK morning is the WAY TO GO!!! We do Crystal Palace at 8am each trip, so far. So magical!

  9. LOL I loved the Splash Mountain pic. Josh's face is just classic. haha You are so right, our record breaking heat down here right now has been awful!

    You saw a "new" TTA (blue ride as my kids call it). We rode it this weekend and were surprised to hear a whole new recording being played throughout and brand new colored lights on in the tunnels. Unfortunately they were working on Space Mountain so you didn't get to see that inside the tunnel. You'll just have to come back sometime when it is much cooler. Jan/Feb is perfect! ;)

    Can't wait to read the rest of your trip report!

  10. LOVE your recap! Can't WAIT for more!

  11. My trip overlapped with yours and I had the same problem-- I just did NOT feel like taking pictures in the heat!

  12. I love the photos of you guys on Splash! Josh's face in the one is hilarious!

    And I have yet to remember to take a photo of the rooms at Pop and we've stayed there twice now. We love Pop! Glad to hear you guys liked it.

    Breakfast at the castle looks soooo yummy!

    Melinda and I like that WDW's pirates is shorter. I never noticed the differences in the two Buzz's, but then again we usually only ride it once a trip.

    Great photos of Spectro! That is a difficult parade to get photos of. Josh did a great job with the photos!

    I totally get what you were saying about being skeptical because the way you guys felt going to WDW, was the same way we felt going to DL last year.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on EPCOT.

  13. There was blooooood on the saddle ... classic!

  14. loove your trip report! I'll be back to see about epcot :)


  15. Thanks for these posts! Our family is going to Disney World for one day before jumping on the cruise ship! So this is extra exciting for me to read! And I love your t-shirt & looked at Orem & Springville Walmart & they had nothing of the sort :(
    Glad you had a great trip! Thanks for sharing!!

  16. Love all the pictures!! Looks like a fun time...can't wait to see the rest of the trip & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! The 13th right?

  17. Britt, your pictures are stunning! I love the blogging about your trip...soo makes me want to go back!! I have always wanted to do the Cinderella's castle breakfast with my kids, I think we might have to. Isn't the castle stunning!! I want to cry every time I see it, it is so awesome!! It does not in my opinion get better then Walt Disney World, grant it I have never been to Disney Land, and don't see it happening for me, so I will take WDW and laugh and cry at the beauty and fun of it. Did you notice that on Pirates, how much Captain Jack looked just like Johnny Depp!! YES!

  18. You could be a travel adgent for Disney! You have such great tales!

  19. Very cool pics and TR. When I was at DL, POC was closed for the Jack rehab, but the POC at DLRP I think is more like DL, so I got to see the long version - I rode it there 5-6 times loved it so much. Agree about Buzz I was so jealous when I saw the strings at DL. As for the bigger castle, well yes! And they built the park so it looks bigger than it is! LOL Still think DLRP is the best one though. Just stunning! Hey looking forward to the next instalment!

  20. Thanks for the update! I loved reading every bit, and can't wait to hear more. I live in SoCal and have relatively recently become a huge DisneyLAND fan... I've never been to WDW, so your review is especially helpful with the comparisons to DLR. Thanks!
    I actually found your blog on a message board months ago when searching for Disney digital scrap stuff and have been reading along ever since!

  21. I'm so glad you guys had a great time! We did too, but the heat and humidity were awful! One of the cast members said that it was hotter that week than it was all summer long. I know when we went last October the weather was in the 60's and 70's, so that's what we were expecting this year too. But we go back in February for a family reunion so hopefully we'll get some better weather then!


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