Tuesday, November 10, 2009

5 other lives

I'm taking a fun blogging prompt from my pal Tangie's blog . . . If you had five other lives to lead, what would you do in each of them?

This struck me as a great blog idea because I've always had so many interests, sometimes I feel like I need 5 lives to do them all.

1) I'd like to try a life as a New York City girl. I LOVE NYC and always dreamt of living there.

2) I love kids and would love to have tried a life as a 1st Grade Teacher.

3) I still sometimes wonder if I shouldn't have majored in art and become an artist.

4) I would like to try life as a librarian at some very old very cool library. And be a "great reader" as they say in Pride & Prejudice.

5) I've always had a dream of writing a book. Maybe some day. I tried once. Its a LOT of work! So for my 5th life, I'd be an author.

Looking over my list, I realized these aren't the most wild or adventurous lives. But that's me! What 5 lives would you lead?


  1. You already ARE an artist! :o) And I always said you'd be a great teacher. Life in NYC? How fun would that be? And you can always just start writing. I think I'd pass on the Librarian and say how about a Disneyland tour guide instead.

  2. Britt!! You're not even 29 yet, there's plenty of time to try all those things! :D

  3. I agree with Marg who beat me to saying you are an artist! I love your fabulous digi scrap work!

  4. Have to agree... you ARE an artist!

  5. Fun post!! You are an artist - I saw a picture of that painting you did for Gracelyn!

  6. hmmm.... so when you gonna do a NYC kit? HAHA I knew you loved NYC and I've been waiting for one because I have LOADS of pictures that I want to scrap with them... :)

  7. Definitely agree with others ... you ARE an artist!

    Mine ...
    1 - Graphic designer
    2 - Corporate event planner
    3 - Coordinator for a humanitarian group or charity
    4 - Public speaker
    5 - Family history researcher/writer


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