Sunday, November 1, 2009

before I fall asleep . . .

I'm sooooo tired. This Daylight Savings switch today has me totally pooped. Yes, I got an extra hour of sleep this morning, but it feels so LATE right now. Not like I usually feel at 11pm. This is my normal bed time.

ANYWAY - before I zonk out, I wanted to let you know what product I have on sale for Manic Monday.

From now until the end of the day Monday, November 2, you can get my "Pirate Princess" mini-kit for 2 bucks!!

Check out some ADORABLE layouts my Britt Girls just created with this mini!!

By Leda:

By Melissa:

Fun, right?? I thought this kit would be a very fun after-Halloween sale item!

Hope everyone had a fun & safe Halloween! I JUST LOVE Halloween. I'm totally sad its over. I'll try and post Halloween pics tomorrow!

Goodnight everyone.

1 comment:

  1. I am anxiously waiting Halloween pictures! I saw your cute costume pictures on Twitter!


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