Thursday, December 3, 2009

bad blogger this week!

The reason I haven't posted on my blog since last Saturday is I've been crazy busy AND I'm out of town right now! I'm in Arizona visiting my cousin and her family! She flew me out to take her family photos!! We got a GREAT deal on a flight and it was cheaper to fly me out than hire a photographer. We've been having a blast.

(sorry for the not-so-high-quality pics, these are all from my iPhone)

Anyway - just wanted to pop in an say hi and explain. :) hehe

See you tomorrow for new releases.


  1. Love that last pic especially! Just so cute!

  2. cute pics!! where did you get those awesome photo hangers in the background? or did you make them? love it!

  3. That's at my cousin's house. I believe she made them with ribbon glued to regular frames. Aren't they cute?


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