Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Captain EO

Time for another highlight from our most recent Disneyland trip!

We were REALLY REALLY looking forward to seeing Captain EO on this trip. I actually can't even exlpain how excited I was! It was something my parents and my brothers and I LOVED back in the late 80s and we were all freaking out when we heard they were bringing in back as a tribute to MJ. It's something we'd always talked about. "Wouldn't it be great if they brought Captain EO back?", but we never actually thought it would happen! So, when it did, we were THRILLED that we'd be there during the tribute run!

Nerd alert:

Yes, I was VERY excited.

This is me and my brother, Chad.

This is what the theater screen looks like as you're waiting for the show to start:

I'm very happy to report that Captain EO did not disappoint. Josh (seeing it for the first time ever) loved it as well! It was just as awesome as I remembered, if not more so. We were all jammin' out and having a great time. If you go to Disneyland in the near future, don't miss Captain EO!!!!! It's there for a limited run, but no one has really said how long it will be there. I'm hoping at least a year. They could put it in permanently and we'd all be thrilled!

You can listen to a little clip I recorded on my iPhone while I was in the theater. Enjoy!!!


  1. That clip sound so cool! I hope I get to see the show while it's at Disneyland. I've never seen it.

    PS Still want to hear about the magical proposal!

  2. I just love that pic of you showing your excitement - so cute !!

  3. My daughter and I are huge MJ fans so when we went to Disneyland a few weeks ago before moving to Japan we had to see it. :) We actually went and watched it twice. We would have went 3 times if I could have convinced my husband. LOL

  4. I was there last week and saw it for the 2nd time....first time was in 1986!!! I love your blog and always look forward to the Disney-inspired kits since I'm a frequent visitor too!

  5. I also LOVED Captain EO as a child! I love that they brought it back & hope that I can see it with my daughter, she LOVES MJ, as do I!!! We saw it last year on YouTube, but it's so not the same! Thanks for sharing Brittney!


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