Monday, June 21, 2010

manic monday

Hi there!! Just another Manic Monday . . .

I've got a set of Quick Pages marked down to $2.00 (that's like 64% off)!!

"Dreams Do Come True Quick Pages"

Hope your Monday is more fun than mine!! I just got home from a super long dentist appointment where I had like 5 little cavities filled. My entire right side of my mouth and tongue is still crazy numb and probably will be for a while still. :( NO FUN whatsoever!!

I know many of you are waiting to hear what I thought about Toy Story 3 and I promise I'll write up a little review on it. Hang in there!

Have a great Monday!


  1. Hope your mouth gets feeling better soon! Last month I was in the dentist chair for 3 hours!! I thought I was going to die! I finally saw "Toy Story 2" last week. Can't wait for your review!

  2. Hi Brit. Hope you are feeling better tonight after the dentist. Too funny when I read your post today, I also had a bad dentist appt. today - so much novicane that I couldn't blink or close my left all for two hours:-(
    Thanks again for all your great designs.

  3. YUCK on the dentist part of your day! Hope you feel better soon! Off to buy some QPs! :D

  4. :( Hope you feel better soon! If you're pressed for time, you can just cut & paste my Toy Story 3 review. "AWESOME!" Not long enough? "One of the best movies I've seen in a long time!" There :)

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