Friday, June 18, 2010

new template new alpha

It's Friday once again! Time to release some new schtuff!

"All For One Templates"

and . . .

"Jellies: Alpha 2"

Here's a page I scrapped with both of my new products:

(click to enlarge)

And from the Britt Girls:

Aren't my girls great? Thanks so much for your work this week ladies!

Ok . . . time to view this week's Show Offs!

If you want to be a Show Off, scroll down to the end of this post for more details.

Thanks for sending in your work this week everyone! The Show Offs are all getting my new "All For One Templates".

Hope everyone has a great Friday and a great start to your weekend! We are going to see Toy Story 3 tonight!! I'm so excited! I feel like I've been waiting to see this movie forever!



  1. Cute new products!!
    I can't wait to hear your review of TS3! I'm so excited to see it but we have a super busy weekend, so we won't be able to for a bit still.

  2. Love your new alpha! , Thanks for the show-off gift. Making a LO for ya is always on my must-do list for the week! Can't wait to here your thoughts on TS3!

  3. Soooooo????!!!
    I've been waiting for you all day to post on how TS3 was!!!!


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