Friday, August 20, 2010

just show offs today

Well, since today is my last day at ScrapMatters, there won't be any new products! Just Show Offs to enjoy! So, lets get right to it!

The Show Offs are getting a new little template pack that will be in my new shop next week! But they're all getting it a little early.

If you'd like to Show Off and get gifts and be in the weekly slideshow, read THIS POST and find out more details.


  1. YAYAYA...super excited for you and the "NEW" store! Can't wait to see the template pack too, thank you in advance! FYI...your store at SM is gone already and so is your clearance items!

  2. Hi Britt
    Sorry I have not been scrapping or sending you show-offs or commenting on your blog for weeks and weeks. However, I have been lurcking and keeping-up with your posts and news. Just wanted to give you best wishes on your new adventure. I know your new store is gonna be great! Can't wait to see it!!

  3. Can't get your clearance stuff! I was going to order today but it's already gone! Good luck with your new store!


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