Tuesday, September 7, 2010

what fun!

Camping is so much fun. I love to be in the great outdoors. Of course, I like to camp at places where there's a working restroom and a shower, so maybe some of you wouldn't really call it true camping! But we sure had fun this past weekend. Even though the trip was short and sweet, we had a VERY nice time at the Fillmore KOA.

I've never camped at a KOA before, but having a pool to lounge at all day was so awesome! I'm all for KOAs now!

Plus it was really HOT!! We NEEDED that pool just to keep cool.

Favorite moments from our Labor Day Camping Trip:

- swimming
- campfire chats
- dough boys
- cooking (and eating) outdoors
- sunflowers
- bunny rabbits
- playing Skip Bo
- waking up in a tent with my honey

Sure, there are always things that don't go as planned or aren't so nice about camping trips (we had bee stings, stubbed toes, sunburns, WAY too much wind, etc. etc.). But the good outweighed the bad for sure. I'd love to make it a yearly tradition!

Hope you guys had a fun Labor Day weekend too. TTFN!


  1. We love KOA's too. They are a campers dream. :) Glad you had a great time. Our Labor Day bash got rained out. boo hoo Oh well, next year!


  2. We just stayed at a KOA a couple weeks ago and they rock!! Glad you had fun!!


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