Sunday, October 31, 2010

she lives!

Hi guys!! SO SORRY this post is going up two days late!!! I was not prepared for how tired I would be when I got home Friday morning. I literally went straight to bed and slept ALL DAY! Then yesterday all I wanted to do was lie around on the couch with Josh. I couldn't make myself get up and work! And today it's taken me like all day to get Show Offs saved and the new stuff loaded into the store. I feel like I'm in slow motion!!! SO . . . here is Friday's post, 2 days (almost 3 days) late! SORRY AGAIN!!

New release this week:

"Breezy Holiday: Revisited"

This new kit is a revisit of my Breezy Holiday kit! When you put "Breezy Holiday: Revisited", the original "Breezy Holiday" kit, and "Take a Sweater Alpha" all together you get one AWESOME mega-kit!! And I've got them all in one bonus bundle if you don't have the originals yet!

"Breezy Holiday - Bonus Bundle"

Check out what the Britt Girls created with the new Revisited kit and all the other goodies in the Bonus Bundle:

OK . . . time for Show Offs!

All the Show Offs this week are getting a Second Chance Gift. What that means is they get to pick one of the choices I give them from past gifts! (If you don't see your LO in the slideshow or your don't get an email - please email me and let me know!)

The Show Offs this week get to choose from: "Ultimate Disney Hat Collection", "DisneyDoodles", "Embossed Papers", or "Strings 'n Things: Fall".

If you'd like to Show Off and get gifts - just read THIS POST and find out what its all about!

And one last plug before I sign off - my Britt Girls could really use your votes in this week's Battle of the Creative Teams poll!

Please VOTE NOW!!! Thanks guys.



  1. Love the new kit Britt! Will def. be grabbing that. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever time my showoffs right lol I seem to not do them when you offer the hat collection lol Thanks for all you do!

  2. Hope you feel better really soon! My daughter's birthday is March 11 so I hope you deliver on your actual due date! Congratulations!


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