Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday 'Holiday Magic' Challenge (time's up!)

The challenge deadline has come & gone!! The winner has been announced. Thanks to everyone who entered!!

For me, Thanksgiving is what officially kicks off the Holiday Season! So, I thought for today's special Black Friday challenge we should scrap a Holiday memory. Now, this doesn't need to be a Winter Holiday. ANY Holiday, from Christmas to Easter. From New Year's to the 4th of July! ANY HOLIDAY at all.

If you're anything like me, you have a TON of photos from those Holiday get-togethers! So make sure you scrap AT LEAST 5 photos on your page!!! You can scrap more if you want (You are allowed to repeat the same photo to get up to 5).

And since this is the Black Friday challenge, I want to see something Black on your page BESIDES the fonts and lettering. Black alphas will work, black elements, black on the papers. Just include some black!

And you need to use at least ONE Britt-ish Designs item on your page. Even if its a tiny staple. Anything from freebies, to templates will do!

Post your Holiday Magic LO in the Britt-ish Designs "Challenges Gallery" with proper credits.

Leave love for some of your fellow challenge participants.

And comment back here in this blog post with a link to your LO.
****VERY IMPORTANT - the link to your LO IS NOT the URL at the top of the page when viewing your LO. It's found BELOW your LO in the "file information". It needs to end with "pid=a number". If it ends with "lastup" or "display_media" that's NOT the right link!!!!!****

So to re-cap, here's what you have to do to enter this Holiday Magic Challenge:

1) Scrap ANY Holiday
2) Scrap AT LEAST 5 photos
3) Include something black
4) Use at least one Britt-ish Designs item
5) Post your LO in the Britt-ish Designs "Challenges Gallery" with proper credits
6) Leave some comments for your fellow challenge participants
7) Comment in this post with the link to your challenge LO (ending in "pid=a number")

(One entry per person!)

This challenge ENDS Sunday night at midnight MST!!! All entries must be in before midnight Sunday night (11/28) Mountain Time!

On Monday I'll do a random drawing and that lucky winner will win . . . .

drumroll please . . . .


Over the next 4 week, anything new I release the winner of this challenge will be getting for FREE!

Make sure you get those entries in on time! Any questions feel free to comment and I'll comment back with the answers. (Don't stress about the rules. I'm not doing to disqualify you over a technicality!! Just do your best!)

Have a HAPPY HAPPY Black Friday Weekend! I can't wait to see your Holiday Magic Challenge LOs start to fill up the gallery!


  1. WOW! WHat an incredible prize. I don't normally win stuff but this is to good to pass up. Off to scrap

  2. Oh this is awesome! What a fun challenge! And allow me to be the first, I hope I did this right!

  3. Britt - I'm not really sure it posted to a challenge gallery - let me know if it went to the wrong place!

    And thanks so much for the challenge!

  4. Great challenge! I am still in a Thanksgiving mood, so I scrapped last year's photos. I feel like a winner already since I am now that much closer to finishing my 2009 book!

    Oh -- and I didn't see how to get it uploaded to the challenge gallery, either!

  5. When you upload your LO, you just need to select "Challenges" from the album drop down menu.

  6. i gotta get cracking then! lol.

  7. i need to get cracking then!


    What inspiration for a prize!! I love doing holiday pages. This was fun. Thanks for hosting.

  9. What a great challenge!! Thanks Britt! Here's mine:

    ps the challenge gallery doesn't come up in my drop down menu either. I put challenge as a keyword.

  10. I posted my LO but I also had to post it to the member's gallery as the "challenge" gallery was not an option. I'll do as scrappin5kids did and put "challenge" as a key word.

  11. Hi, Britt. I do not have the "challenge gallery" on the drop down when I want to upload a page either.

  12. Hi Britt! Great challenge and AWESOME prize! I didn't have the option to upload to the challenge gallery, but here's my LO. Thanks for the challenge!

  13. What a fun challenge! Here's mine

    The challenge gallery didn't show up on the drop down menu for me, either. I even tried going in the challenge gallery & see if I uploaded from there if that would help, but it didn't. :(


    This was very challenging and fun! I loved having to chose 5 pics for one layout! THanks for the opp to win a super duper prize too, Brit.

    By the way, there was still not a challenge option in the gallery.

  15. Ok I fixed it so you should be able to select it from the dropdown menu now! If you've entered up to this point, I switched your LOs to the Challenges gallery for you. Sorry about that guys!!

  16. I kind-of cheated and did a 2 pager (with 5 photos total). I don't have a lot of holiday photos, which is kind-of pathetic. :)

    P.S. My photos are from Memorial Day

    Page 1:

  17. I'm cheating again ... I scrapped this last week. But it's the one holiday I actually HAD 5 photos of! (I'm so lame!) :) You can disqualify me if you want. :)

  18. This was too good a challenge to pass up, and I wanted to play around with some new Black Friday goodies :) Here's my layout

  19. This is my first challenge. Thanks for the chance to win a great prize!

  20. Thanks so much for the challenge Britt!!! I scrapped the X-mas party for the kids, now I have one more page for my photobook 2007!!!

    Link to my page:

    Thanks so much for the chance too!!
    (crossing fingers LOL)

  21. Ok... so I'm not super cool, I use Scrapbook Factory Deluxe to scrap and I'm not sure how to resize my pages for the gallery, so it's a lil blurry. But I just couldn't pass up the challenge. I love Britt's kits SO much! Thanks for the challenge! On my way to leave some love!

  22. Thanks for the fun challenge Britt! Here's mine:
    Off to leave some love!

  23. That is one heck of a prize Britt!!! I will be seriously crossing my fingers for this ;)

    Here is my challenge LO and thank you so much for the chance to win!

  24. Brit,

    THanks for switching my layout to the challenges gallery. That was very nice of you!

  25. I just can't seem to figure out where I can upload my LO to the gallery. Can somebody help me?:(

  26. I'm betting you are using Internet Explorer. For some dumb reason IE and my gallery aren't compatible. Try using Firefox it some other browser and you'll be able to see where to upload and all that.

  27. Thanks Britt, I installed Firefox and it worked!

    Here's my LO:

    I'm going to leave some love to the others now. Thanks for the great challenge.

  28. Ok, I got this to work, finally! Thanks, Britt!!!

    Here is my entry:

  29. Thanks for the challenge, it motivated me to finally start scrapping photos from our trip to Disneyland over the summer holidays. Mine is a two page spread so there are two files. - wasn't sure how to combine it into one.

  30. What an awesome challenge! Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. I am so excited what a great prize! Hope all is well with you Britt and you had a great Thanksgiving.

  32. Hey - I'm in for the Black Friday Challenge! I've never done a challenge before but thought I'd try it out since I had an idea in mind. Thanks for the creative push and the opportunity!


  33. Hi Britt!

    Thanks for the challenge! :) You can see how behind I am on scrapbooking! LOL! Here's my page!

  34. Great challenge Britt
    Here is mine

  35. I went back to New Year's 2002 when my parents took the family to Maui as their Christmas gift. Best New Year ever!

  36. Thank you so much for a chance to win!! I chose last Halloween at DL!!

  37. What a fun challenge! It was just the motivation I needed to scrap something tonight after the Thanksgiving holiday traveling to see our families.

    anyway here is the link

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  38. What a great challenge and a FANTASTIC prize. Here's my entry: Thanks Britt!

    Kim S.
    aka carolinagirl

  39. Hope I got this in on time! I locked myself out of the website ... so flustered messed up my login!


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