Wednesday, November 10, 2010

in the market for a desk?

I just listed this online to sell, but I figured I might as well give any local blog-readers a chance to buy it too!

We're selling this big cool wood desk that we just don't have a place for. (it's hard to get rid of real-life grown-up furniture you actually like but don't have any use for). Remember this old layout?? It's me in our old house with the desk we're selling! Or what about this one? It's this desk in our current house before I got my new white Ikea desk.

ANYWAY - here's the details:

For sale: good-looking wood desk. Measures 30" tall, 57.5" long, and 30" deep. In pretty good condition. Normal wear & tear on the edges, but no major problems. The right-side drawer is actually a keyboard pull-out. Selling to someone local who can come pick it up only!

Asking $65 (firm).

Email me (designerbrittney at gmail dot com) if you're interested!!

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