Friday, December 31, 2010

it's time

It's time, people! Time to start a digi-journal! I did one all year long back in 2007, and I regret not keeping up with it. That 2007 digi-journal is such a treasure. I wish I had three more volumes for the last three years. In fact, my digi-journal is what made me start this blog in the first place, way back in May of 2007! I wanted a place to post my weekly pages.

What's a digi-journal you ask, its just a way to keep a journal with a splash of digi-scrapping involved. Your pages can be as simple or as "stacked" as you want!! But unlike your average scrapbook layouts, the focus is on the journaling, what happened that week. Not so much on the photos. This year I think I'll lean more toward the simple style. Keep things easy and clean, but I still have to have a few layered elements probably. That's just my style.

Today I'm releasing a set of digi-journal templates, to help those of you who want to join my digi-journal journey, to get started. Some of you might remember, quite a while back, I released a set of these digi-journal templates, but they've been long-since retired. So here's a brand new, fresh set of digi-journal templates.

"Digi-Journal Templates 2 - 12x12"

And they also come in 8x10 size! My scrapbooks are all 12x12, but 8x10 is the size I do my digi-journal. When the year's complete, I make an 8x10 book through I like this size. It's very journaly to me. And 12x12 is much too much space for a week's worth of journaling.

"Digi-Journal Templates 2 - 8x10"

Same templates. Different size.

Here's my resolution page for 2011. I decided to use the new templates to record my resolution, and feelings about starting a digi-journal this year.

Also new in the shop today . . .

"Queen of the Castle"

"Queen of the Castle" is a fun little mini-kit that was previously a participation prize over at MouseScrappers, but now its in the store available for one and all.

I'm diligently trying to convert some of my Britt Girls into digi-journalers, just ask them! We'll see if any of them follow suit. But for now, look at the creative ways they used these new templates!!

OK, time to enjoy this week's Show Offs!!

All of my Show Offs this week are getting my new templates. I hope lots of you will get inspired and start a digi-journal. Thanks for sending in your work this week. It was so much fun to look at!

Psst! Would you like to Show Off and get free stuff too?? Well, read all about how it works at the bottom of THIS POST.

Hope you guys are all having a lovely holiday season! We have some fun plans to go out to dinner and then play games with family tonight! I'm excited!!! Can't wait to ring in the new year and get a big smooch from my hubby.

Sorry my posts have been few and far between lately. I've been busy busy busy! But all is well in the Leavitt household. We're happily welcoming 2011!

See ya next year. (cheesy, I know!)


  1. I totally remember your digi-journal pages! LOVE THEM.
    This new one is perfect.
    I wonder if I can keep up with it...your templates would make it really easy. HMMMM...
    You might have me sold.

    (Totally random, but my word verification is: tortur. So silly.)

  2. I've been wanting to combine my Disney trip report with a scrapbook and these look perfect for that. Are your original templates also available?

  3. Nope Bev, they have gone the way of permanent retirement. They were super outdated and not-so-cute anymore. I'll definitely be releasing more of these though if you all are interested in digi-journaling!!

  4. I am totally in! I've been looking for an excuse to NOT do photo-a-day next year. Now I can do "a couple photos a week" and journal the rest. Jackpot!!!

    Get ready to hear my life story.

  5. I love the new template size! Hopefully we will see more of them. :)


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