Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Movie Review: Tangled

I promised last month that I'd do a Tangled review, and I'm finally getting to it!! Josh took me to see Tangled on my 30th birthday! And I absolutely loved it.

I have been pretty excited to see this movie since I first heard about it. A new Disney animated fairy tale is something to look forward to. PLUS, a new BLONDE Disney Princess! Woo hoo!! Go blondies.

It's a good thing I was already excited to see it, because the trailers I saw didn't really sell me. Disney was definitely trying to market this movie as less of a fairy tale, and more of a funny adventure. I'd heard good things from my family members and nieces who had seen it, but I basically went in not knowing if I'd love it or not.

Tangled exceeded my expectations. While it is funny, and full of adventure, it doesn't disappoint in the romantic, sweet, fairy tale-ish department!

I didn't know it was a musical, so that was a happy surprise. The music and singing was good. I think Princess and the Frog's music was better, but Tangled's was still very good.

I really loved the story, the animation, everything was just beautiful. Seeing it in 3D definitely enhanced the experience, but if you don't get a chance to see it in 3D don't feel too bad. If you're taking little ones who won't keep their glasses on, you should definitely not try to battle glasses for the whole movie. Just go see it in 2D. You'll still love it and it'll be cheaper anyway!

AND Rapunzel is blonde with green eyes!! Just like me! So of course I like her.

If you remember, I posted on my birthday that my 2 year old niece told me a big spoiler about the end before I had seen the movie (I forgive her. She's only 2 and was just excited to tell me about the movie). But even knowing what was going to happen, I was still surprised and entertained throughout the whole movie. I loved it. Definitely a 5-star movie. GO SEE IT!!

If you're debating on whether to wait and rent it or buy it, I'd say take a trip to the theater! It's one of those really fun movies to see on the big screen!! And I'll definitely be buying it AS SOON AS IT COMES OUT!

Talk about a gushing review, huh? I know. I'm pretty easy to please. But I really did love it. And I think you guys will too!


  1. We LOVED Tangled too! I think it's my DD's favorite movie right now. She had a serious Rapunzel Christmas. She got a TON of Rapunzel stuff! LOL

  2. My daughter LOVES this movie. It instantly became her new favorite.

  3. I asked you before, I will now do it again... are you gonna make a Tangled themed kit? LOL! What a great movie... it is definitely at the top of my list and my husband even loved it!

    I am also gonna make your MS SS a priority this weekend. With no one around to help me with my kids, I am gonna have to participate much less than last year. :( I don't think I can make the half way mark, but we'll see how it goes.
    - Mary Kate

  4. I loved it, too :) Now, more book reviews! I liked reading some of the books you recommended. Sometimes it's nice to get outside the box of the regular stuff you read and the Gemma Doyle series was fun. Any other suggestions?

  5. Hey, we watched Tangled yesterday and we really loved it! Even my son, who doesn't like the romantic stuff, liked it very much!

    And I tell you what: I'm a Brunette with short hair and green eyes and I'm satisfied with the blonde princess, too! :-D

    Greetings from Germany, Silvie


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