Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hi guys! Here's a lil' peek at what's coming tomorrow . . .

I can't WAIT to show you what I'm releasing. I think you guys are going to flip!

Well, life at the Leavitt house is slowly improving. We FINALLY finished installing the baseboards, getting them caulked, and then painting all the trim! It doesn't sound like a ginormous job, but it took us a long time. But we are now at the point where we can finally move furniture back in! Tonight's the night we clean up, and move our stuff back! No more eating, living, resting, EVERYTHING on our bed. My sore pregnant body could not be more excited to have a SOFA! I'm so excited. I can barely believe its actually happening. I know, who knew you could be that excited about getting your own sofa back!?

There's still quite a lot to do, to say the room is "finished", but at least it won't look like a construction site in here anymore.

There's still a ton to do in the nursery as well. I promise photos are coming.


  1. OOhh!! First to Comment !! Yeah Me !!! :) Do I see a Pasqual in that peek ??? :) Can't wait !!

  2. I'm guessing it has something to do with your movie review. Totally excited to see what you are releasing tomorrow!!

  3. OMG I have been waiting to see when a Tangled kit would come out!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOO EXCITED

  4. This was my DD FAVORITE movie of all time!!! I am so EXCITED!!!!

  5. I'm dying to know if you guys have picked a name for the baby yet? Let us know :P

  6. Well, it is a nice sofa.....reminds me of your "get a new couch" sale promo.....haha, you should have a getting ready for baby promo thing! DYING TO SEE PICS!!!! SO much for Monday, you got me all excited.


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