Tuesday, January 4, 2011

scrap 'til ya drop!

YAY!! MouseScrappers is having another Speed Scrap Marathon!

And I get to host one of the Speed Scraps!! You can find the entire master schedule of scraps here.

My Speed Scrap is on Saturday night (1/8/11) at 7:00pm Mountain Time (9pm EST/8pm CST/7pm MST/6pm PST/2am GMT). By participating in my Speed Scrap you'll get a very magical pack of word art, which you can see in this thread (scroll down to post #3).

There are TONS of other great scraps and prizes! PLUS if you complete at least half of the speed scraps you get a special bonus prize package. And if you complete the FULL MARATHON, all 14 Speed Scraps, you get ANOTHER prize package on top of that. (**HINT HINT** There is a Gift Certificate from Britt-ish Designs in the FULL MARATHON PRIZE PACKAGE!!!!)

So, clear your schedule and Speed Scrap the weekend away!! It's gonna be fun!

With the baby due in just 9 weeks (can you believe it?!!) Josh and I are spending our weekend finishing the nursery!! But, I'll be at my Speed Scrap Saturday night and maybe a couple of others. We'll see!

Ta ta for now!


  1. loved the kit you used for your review of tangled! ;0)

  2. This sounds really fun! I have an out of town event Sunday afternoon but I'm going to try and pop in the first day and a half. Thanks Britt!

  3. Okay, I'm new to digi scrapping! What is a speed scrap? How do you participate? Where can I get more info?? Thanks Britt!


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