Friday, March 4, 2011

not your typical friday

It's an unusual Friday here at Britt-ish Designs. No new products. Just straight to this week's Show Off Slideshow. And its the last Show Offs until after maternity leave. I feel like a TV sitcom having a season finale or something.

Besides a few weeks here and there when I was on vacation, I've basically had Show Offs every Friday for over 3 years now! That's over 156 Show Off Slideshows and over 156 gifts!! Holy toledo! It will feel weird for me (and probably for you regular readers) not to have them for a while. But never fear!! The Show Offs will not be gone for long.

Here's this week's slideshow:

Thanks soooo much to all those who Showed Off this week. You guys came out in full force! Every Show Off is getting a $3.00 Gift Code to spend in my shop. Watch your email inboxes for that code, ladies!

Just to reiterate, there won't be anymore Show Offs until after my maternity leave. I'll keep you posted as to when they'll start up again. So - no sending in Show Offs for now. :) But trust me, we WILL start up again. Don't worry!

It seems weird to have such a short Friday post, but that's it for today!! Everyone cross your fingers that this little girl comes soon. We are finally feeling as ready as we can be! Last night we put together her swing. It's fun doing all the pre-baby prep stuff. But I'm ready for her to come now!!! haha

Anyway - have a wonderful weekend. And I'll see you guys soon.


  1. This IS strange (not having show offs) but I am so happy for you Britt! I know your heart will be filled with pure joy and more love than you could have ever are blessed! Enjoy your time and thank you so much for those 3 years and all the gifts!!! You have a heart of gold!Cna't wait to hear your story and see pictures of your precious little girl!(((HUGS))) Fonnetta

  2. Thanks Britt and lots of love to you and your baby! You're in for such a wonderful time! ~Dolores

  3. Thank you so much for all the show offs! You are so sweet and kind. :) I know you will make a great Mommy and I can't wait to see you in that role!! I hope she doesn't keep you waiting too much longer!

  4. I hope you have a wonderful break with your new little girl (when she makes her arrival.) I will be anticipating the news.

  5. Hi Britt!! So excited for you!!

    156 showoffs is awesome as well!! Do you know that if 100 people entered each time and your little gifty was worth $3 each time (I know sometimes its more) you've actually given away $46800 worth of product!!! That's just awesome!


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