Sunday, May 29, 2011

the talented miss scarlett

Scarlett is getting so big! She can roll over now from front to back, she's been doing it for a week and half now. I thought it might be fun to see a video of my big girl in action.

My poor hubby is sick this weekend, so we're spending our Memorial Day weekend getting him better! Poor guy. Hope you and your families are healthy and out havin' fun!

See ya!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

my family is amazing

Ok, so my family is awesome. I probably brag on them all the time, but I don't care! Last Saturday every single member of my family showed up at 9 am for my little 4 year old niece, Eden's, end-of-the-year preschool performance. I'm pretty positive she was the only kid who had two full rows of supporters there.

I know its not normal for EVERYONE to show up for something so little, but I LOVE that we all support and love each other so much. YAY for family!!!

And speaking of Eden, check out this AWESOME video of her singing Katy Perry's "Firework". It's a CRACK UP!!!

I asked my brother if he taught her how to sing it, and he said no, she just FEELS it like that all on her own! haha!!!

Hope it made you smile. Have a happy Saturday.

Friday, May 27, 2011

get your stack on!

Hey there peeps. It's time for some new products! Lemme show you what's new in the shop this week:

"Alpha of Tomorrow"

This alpha was included in the MouseScrappers birthday activity bundle. But now its available to all!

And I also have a brand new 'stacked' template pack:

"Stacked Templates 5"

Here's what I scrapped:

using the templates

and using the alpha

And check out what the ever-so-talented Britt Girls scrapped:

Pretty fun huh? I think these are my favorite Stacked Templates yet!

Alrighty - time to enjoy the Show Offs! YAY!! They're back!

Thank you all so much for showing off! You'll all be getting a $2.00 Gift Code from me! So watch your email inboxes!!

If you want to Show Off and get a gift too, just read this blog post to learn all about it!

And with that, I'll say see ya later! Have an excellent Friday!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

some scraps

I've been trying my best to get back into my Creative Team work. I'm not the best CTM ever, but I'm trying!!

Here's a couple pages I scrapped for Sahlin Studios and Cindy Schneider!

These are some photos I scrapped of Scarlett one random morning. She's just the sweetest.


And a Disney page!!


Longest title ever! It took me a LONG time to put all those alpha letters on there! haha

Alrighty, that's it from me today. Just wanted to pop in and share.

See you later!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

MouseScrappers Birthday Blog Train

Choo choo!! Welcome to Britt-ish Designs' stop on the MouseScrappers Birthday Blog Train!  You might have just come from Wyld Peas Designs' blog.  But however you arrived, WELCOME!


Here's the freebie I have for you at this stop:


Your next stop is at Natalie's Place Designs.

Have fun blog hoppin' and enjoy all the goodies! If you get lost along the way, there's a master list of all the stops on the blog train over at MouseScrappers.  (I've already noticed a couple dead ends - oops- so you'll probably need to use that link!)

ta ta!  or should I say choo! choo!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

mousescrappers is 2 years old!

Did you know MouseScrappers has been celebrating is 2nd birthday all month long?! I've been trying to learn how to be a mommy and a scrapper this month, so I missed some of the fun but I was able to squeeze in a few games and challenges! You should all go check it out before its over at the end of the week! It's a lot of fun!

If you participate in 15 out of 22 of the games/speed scraps/challenges etc that are going on this month, you get a big Activity Participation Prize Bundle. I don't think I'm allowed to tell you exactly what I donated, but you WILL get a couple gifties from me in there!!

Plus, its all culminating in a special Birthday Blog Hop this Sunday (5/22) and I get to be one of the stops!! I have a special treat for everyone and the other treats on the blog hop are SUPER cute too (I've had a peek or two). So make sure you check back here on Sunday morning!

AND, the fun just keeps on goin'! I've donated a prize to this Scraplift Challenge hosted by This Dixie Pixie. You have until May 24th to get your entries in and you'll get this prize:

Pretty fun, huh? The only way to get these stamps is to participate in the Scraplift Challenge, so go do it!

I've been missin' Disneyland A LOT lately. I'm SOOOO ridiculously excited to take Scarlett for her first trip this fall. Until then, scrapping Disney pics seems to help the park cravings just a bit. Here are a couple pages I scrapped last week for some MouseScrappers Birthday challenges.

This one was for the Cake Smash challenge:


And this one I did for the Bake Me A Cake challenge:


Anyone else out there dying to go on a Disney trip?? I suggest some Disney scrapping. It doesn't completely satisfy that urge, but it definitely helps!

Ok - the baby just woke up and she's hungry!! GOTTA RUN! Ta ta!

Monday, May 16, 2011

let the show offs begin (again)!

Let's start showing off again!!

The Show Offs continue, starting on Friday, May 27, but with a couple slight changes.

Change #1) Show Offs will be every other Friday from now on. You can send your Show Offs in anytime, and it will be included in the next possible Show Off.

Change #2) You will now send your Show Offs to myshowoffs at gmail dot com!

The rest of the rules remain the same! If you're new to showing off, or even a seasoned Show Off, please review these rules and make sure you're sending in your Show Offs correctly.

* Your Show Off can contain ANY Britt-ish Designs product. From a template, to a freebie, anything Britt-ish Designs. Even one little Britt stitch is enough to make it a Show Off.

* Email me your layout or include a link to your layout. Send your email to myshowoffs at gmail dot com. Please be careful to remember to attach your LO.

* If you attach your layout in the email, make sure to size it somewhere between 600 and 900 pixels tall. No larger! (in Photoshop I use File > Save for Web and then go to image size)

* Your layouts need to be in by midnight the Thursday night (Mountain Time) before Show Offs to be included in that week's slideshow. If I get it after that, you'll have to bump to the next Show Offs.

* Please make sure your subject is "Show Off". Two words, and nothing more. It makes it easier for me not to miss any of your emails.

* Please carefully list all the Britt-ish Designs products you used. Please credit the product with its correct name.

* And PLEASE include your name that you want your Show Off to be credited to. Most emails come and show your first name, but many of you used your husband's email or there's no name that comes up, so I struggle to figure out who the emails are from sometimes. I try to remember you all, but with over 70 Show Offs a week, its just not possible.

I think that's everything! If you follow these rules it will make it possible for me to continue having Show Offs every other week!! THANKS!

Can't wait to see your work! Send it in now!! :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

is it already friday?!

Hi there! So blogger has been down since EARLY this morning. My blog was showing up, but I couldn't get in to make a post. That stinks. I've never seen that happen before. But I'm glad its back up now.

I'm ready to reveal what was in my NSD grab bag! All items from the grab bag are now in the shop:

"Thinned Out Alpha"

"Spring Goodies"

"Spring Sampler"

"May Flowers"

"The Stars At Night"

Also new in the shop this week, a couple items that were free on the blog over NSD weekend:

"Carousel Alpha"

and last but not least . . .

"Pocket Full of Templates 6"

Here's a page that I scrapped with the new alpha and templates:

Check out what the Britt Girls scrapped:

Cute huh?! There's SO much you can do with today's new stuff!!

I know I mentioned last week that I'd explain how and when the Show Offs are coming back. But I spoke a little hastily. I haven't been able to decide/figure out how to do Show Offs, now that I'm only working part time. As soon as I've gotten it straightened out I'll let you know. I REALLY want to start Show Offs again, so I'll get on it and hopefully update you very soon!!

Alrighty, well that's it from me! Have a happy Friday!!!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day

Happy Mother's Day everyone! It's my first Mother's Day. Hooray!! It's been a nice relaxing day so far. Scarlett is still getting over her cold, and guess what. She gave it to ME!!! So now we're both a little sick. Boo!! So we didn't get to go see either Josh or my mother's today. We are holed up at home. But I did get us both dressed up to sneak outside for a quick photo. I couldn't have my first Mother's Day without a picture.

Ok - here is your final NSD freebie!! I hope you all have a happy day today.

"Happy Mother's Day Clusters"


Don't forget, today's the last day to shop the sale and purchase the grab bag!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

another nsd gift for you!

Is everyone having a nice nsd weekend? Getting lots of good deals and freebies? Well, I have another gift for you all.

"Pocket Full of Templates 6"

thank you for your interest, this download is no longer available
I'll keep this download active through Thursday May 12. Then I'm putting it into the shop. So download it now!!

Enjoy the rest of NSD! (check back tomorrow for one more freebie)

Friday, May 6, 2011


Hi everyone! Scarlett seems to be feeling a bit better today than she did last night. Thank goodness. The humidifier seems to be helping. She's our angel baby and slept GREAT last night, despite being sick. What a surprise!!

So - I hope everyone is having a great time shopping my NSD sale and has enjoyed the grab bag!

I'm here with my first NSD Freebie for ya!! This freebie will only be available through Sunday (5/8/11). After that it'll go into the shop. ENJOY!!

"Carousel Alpha"

Thank you for your interest. This freebie is no longer available

Obviously inspired by Disney carousels, I realized as I was making this that it would be PERFECT with my "Land of Fantasy" collab. with Sahlin Studio. (on sale right now!!!)

Happy scrapping AND shopping!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

nsd is starting a little early!

Well, my baby girl has a cold. :( Her second cold in three weeks. Poor girl!! But her dumb parents keep giving her our colds. So, I have to release the grab bag and start the sale a little earlier than planned so I can go to bed and take care of her!

SO . . . let the fun begin!

"NSD 2011 Grab Bag"

The grab bag is available through Sunday May 8 ONLY!! Come Monday the items will be divided up and sold separately. So it's only available for a VERY LIMITED TIME!!

Here is the page I scrapped with the grab bag goodies. My first ever page with Scarlett pics AND my first ever page scrapped in between nap times (I'm such a mom! hahah)

And here's what the Britt Girls created:

Don't forget starting now through Sunday May 6 my entire shop (excluding bundles and the grab bag) is 40% off!!!! This is definitely the biggest sale of the year, so take advantage of the great deals.

That's it for tonight. Gotta get back to my poor stuffy-nosed babe.

I'll be back tomorrow with a sweet freebie for everyone. So make sure to check back! (oh & more info on the return of Show Offs is coming this weekend too! stay tuned!!)


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

makin' a come back

I'm FINALLY coming back from maternity leave!! With NSD (National Scrapbooking Day) coming up this weekend, I figured it was the perfect time to stop dragging my feet and jump back into work. Ok, so I'm not JUMPING, I'd call it wading slowly back in. But hey! With a newborn, it's the best I can do.

ANYWAY - as most of you know, NSD is my BIGGEST discount and biggest sale of the year. And this year will be no different!

Make sure you stop by the blog AND the shop this weekend! The sale will be killer. The grab bag will be awesome! The freebies will be thrilling!! It's going to be a very fun NSD Weekend here at!

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