Friday, May 13, 2011

is it already friday?!

Hi there! So blogger has been down since EARLY this morning. My blog was showing up, but I couldn't get in to make a post. That stinks. I've never seen that happen before. But I'm glad its back up now.

I'm ready to reveal what was in my NSD grab bag! All items from the grab bag are now in the shop:

"Thinned Out Alpha"

"Spring Goodies"

"Spring Sampler"

"May Flowers"

"The Stars At Night"

Also new in the shop this week, a couple items that were free on the blog over NSD weekend:

"Carousel Alpha"

and last but not least . . .

"Pocket Full of Templates 6"

Here's a page that I scrapped with the new alpha and templates:

Check out what the Britt Girls scrapped:

Cute huh?! There's SO much you can do with today's new stuff!!

I know I mentioned last week that I'd explain how and when the Show Offs are coming back. But I spoke a little hastily. I haven't been able to decide/figure out how to do Show Offs, now that I'm only working part time. As soon as I've gotten it straightened out I'll let you know. I REALLY want to start Show Offs again, so I'll get on it and hopefully update you very soon!!

Alrighty, well that's it from me! Have a happy Friday!!!


1 comment:

  1. Britt, seriously, relax with your husband and child some more... you won't get back that time. We can all wait some more until you are ready! You deserve the time off. - Mary Kate


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