Tuesday, August 30, 2011

i scrapped today

During my constant, grueling, daily battle to get Scarlett to take a good nap, I distracted myself with a little scrapping.

{credits here}

And the extra good news is you can snag this WAY CUTE TEMPLATE from Cindy Schneider for FREE on her Facebook page right now!

Just thought I'd share!!


  1. Thanks Britt for sharing! I love Cindy's templates! Your LO is awesome!!

  2. I love this!! And I must admit the subject matter doesn't hurt one bit! <3 that boy!!

  3. Have you heard of 'Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child'? Best book ever, it totally solved all of my nap woes. I didn't read it until my first child was one, but I used it from the very beginning with my second.
    Love the page and Cindy's templates!

  4. Thanks Holly! We have heard of it. Our pediatrician's office actually recommends it and has copies to check out and borrow. If she doesn't improve by her 6 month check up, I'll be snagging one. I've sort of burnt myself out reading and trying methods though. I feel like the more I try, the wore things get. However, right now she's actually taking a GREAT NAP. A rare occasion worth a little celebration!! HAHA

  5. Ahhh, naps. After 3 children, and 3 totally different sleep habits, I can commiserate. My first one was so good at napping & going to bed, that I thought, "I AM THE BEST MOTHER. EVER." Apparently, God had to remind me that it was beginners' luck, not skill, and gave me my daughter, who was a terrible napper. Of course, now as a teen, if sleeping was an Olympic sport, she'd be the girl on the Wheaties box...


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